Top 10 Fastest and Best Browser for iPhone in 2019

10 Best Browser for iPhone in 2019

Safari is one of the fastest Browsers for iOS right now. Still, People are not happy as its lack of many features people are looking these days. Major Browser apps from PC and Android are moving towards Apple Store to capture a major chunk of their market. As the user base of iPhone is growing rapidly and people are more inclined towards Versatile Browsing. We will Discuss today some of the best browsers in Apple iOS.

However, to ensure we enlist the best browsers we have compared them in various Segments. This List will be comprised of both Free and Paid Browsers and why they are part of this.

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Best Browser for iPhone

We have listed iPhone browsers in this list based on popularity. You can try any of them; all listed browser is safe, secure and free to use. With this, we begin our most important article best and free browser for iPhone.

Google Chrome

We don’t need to say much about this browser as everyone is aware of it. Still, as we are comparing, we need to justify our point. This is one of the most popular browsers across All the platforms. First of all, this is the fastest Brower of all comes with multi-platform Data Sync. It also has the desktop mode, if you like to see how it looks in the desktop along with a Private mode. This comes with best Privacy Options but lacks Adblocker.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the oldest Browser company which has passed all of the market Floods. I can still remember using this browser in my Symbian Phones and Java Phones. If I can, so many millennial can do it too. It has a Huge Share of the Browser market in all the platforms including iOS and Mac Devices. This Browser comes with cool features like ADblocker, Data Saver and Battery Optimization for smooth Performance. This Browser has never disappointed for Decades, and it is still doing it for iPhones too.

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Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the best debut Browsers in the App store. Just like Opera, it also has Lots of Features which has attracted people towards it. This Browser has Adblocker, Data Tracker, Data Optimization, Battery Saver, Bookmark Sync, Offline Reading and lots of other Features. It even has a very simplistic and Attractive Interface which makes it even much better.

Dolphin browser

This is another Feature rich Browser like Brave Browser. The best thing about this app is its Clean and attractive Interface, Which is enough for a First Impression. Apart from that, it has other cool features like Gesture Customization, Multi-tab browsing, bookmarking and incognito Mode too.

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Puffin Web Browser

This is a kind of Special Browser with lots of Customization. Puffin web browser will never disappoint with smooth browsing. This Brower comes with very powerful Data Saver and Adblocker. It even comes with very effective Cookie Blocker and track Protection. As it allows an out of Customization, you can choose a good theme or download one for yourself.  Yes, this is free too, and no in-app Purchase required.

FireFox Browser

Firefox is another Giant in this Arena. Just like it has conquered a lot of user base in both PC and Android. It has huge Popularity over iPhones too. They call themselves as the people’s Browser, so they have very detailed settings related to adblocker, SSL, Popup blocker and lots more. Firefox also offers Multi-platform Data Sync. It will also help you to save your Password online even Bookmarks so you can use them in other devices too.

Firefox Focus

Firefox is not a new player and has also received lots of Awards too. It has launched another browser with keeping an eye over Security and Privacy. This one has a lot of Options dedicated to Privacy, and this one comes with more advanced Features dedicated to Fast and secure browsing. You don’t have to mess around with Setting it comes pre-configured to figure out handling most of the third party cookies and Trackers too. This one’s a lite and Efficient Browser if you are concerned more about security.

UC Browser

UC browser is one of the most used Browsers in Mobile Platform. This too dates back to those days when people were using Symbian and Java Phones. UC has been in the market since those days. Just like its Android Counterpart, this one is feature rich along with browsing. This comes with the Text viewer, Music Player with background playing facility, Video player, Qr Reader and even more. This App will never fail to surprise you. However, apart from all these features, the browsing is still Excellent.

Microsoft Edge

Finally, Microsoft got its Browser for iPhones too. Despite the Fact, the PC Browser is largely criticized; still, it is up in Android and iPhone. It has focused on seamless Browsing Experience for the Smartphone Devices. This browser works in sync with Desktop Edge Browser; with just one click you can continue Browsing in Desktop too. As it is synced with Desktop Browser, you can see the notes saved across platforms or the Pdf Files. It is simply a straightforward Internet Browser to ensure a smooth Browsing Experience.

Endless browser

One should know that Endless browser is considered to be the best third party browser which offers mainly HTTPS. However, it does not come up with good design, but still, it is not a big deal to have a look at. This is said to be the best ones when it comes to security as well as privacy browsing most of the time. Also, the application helps to destroy the cookies and clear local storage as per your needs.

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In conclusion

In this list, we have selected all the best, trusted and free internet browser for iPhone. How do you feel about our article? Tell us your question and suggestions in the comment box. If we have missed any internet browser for iPhone which should be in this list, then please let us know.

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Fastest and Best Browser for iPhone in 2019”

  1. HI, Thanks for this useful article on the browser, from the beginning… I am using safari browser in my iphone. but now I know about some other best iphone browser. can you please suggest the best browser for iphone in your list.

    • Thank for your good words. Such appreciation boosts our dedication towards our work and makes us serve you the best we can. Here I am going to suggest you the best browser for iPhone in our list. Chrome Browser is the best browser if we talk about the non-inbuilt Browser for your iPhone. Stay tuned with us for more latest tech news.

  2. Thanks you for this wonderful article.This is very useful to me.
    Can you please suggest me the best browser for android as well ?

    • Thank for your good words Ankit. Such appreciation boosts our dedication towards our work and makes us serve you the best we can. Here I am going to suggest you the best browser for Android as well. Here If I talk about the best browser for Android, Chrome Browser is the best browser for your Android. Stay tuned with us for more latest tech news.

  3. Great work trickedge. This is a really helpful article for me. I have been an i phone user since a very long time. Can you please suggest me the best camera app for i phone?

    • Thank you Bud! Very soon we’ll update you with the Mcent Browser through our upcoming article on Mcent Browser. Till then stay tuned with Tricks Edge.

  4. Hi thanks for this article.This article is very helpful for me. I also shared with my friends. Can you please suggest me the best download manager for iPhone ?

  5. This is quite interesting, but I am surprised that I haven’t found safari in top 10 list!

    Safari is the number one priority for iPhone users!

    • Thank you for your reply first. Saubhagya Singh, I hope you have read this article with your full attention. And I think you might have skipped the first para of this article. In this article, we have covered Top 10 Best Browsers for iPhone apart Safari Browser. Read the article again and you’ll get the answer to your question. Thank you and stay tuned with Tricks Edge for more tech related stuff and updates.

    • Thank you Shrey for this wonderful question. I would love to give an answer to your question. Yes, there are many Lightweight Browsers for iPhone. Like Opera Mini, Puffin Web Browser, UC mini, Dolphin Browser. You can go with the UC Mini and Opera Mini. These Browsers are the best browser for Android Platform as well. Stay tuned for more latest technology updates and tricks.


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