10 Best Browsers for Android You Must know

10 Best Browsers for Android You Must Know

Android is the right now, one of the best Smartphone platforms. It has become the largest used Mobile operating systems while China, India and the USA being the top User base. There is something about Android which has attracted people towards itself if we will speak from the perspective of users. People love to play with themes, various apps in Playstore and the games which are popular. You may ask why Developers like Android.

Best Browsers for Android You Must Know

Well, first of all, Android is an open source and community driven. It is also backed by the technology Giant Google. It is the most used platform, Developers, as well as Business owners, have access to the huge base of Market. Another thing what people most like about Android is Browsing Internet. So In this post, we will talk about and review some of the best Android Browsers you must know.

1.Google Chrome

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

When Google Chrome entered the market, it took control of it without any opposition. Google Chrome needs to install in the pc. However, in Android, it comes preinstalled. Chrome is based on the Chromium engine and integrated automatically with logged in Google account. Just like Pc, it’s very stable and secure browser with lots of privacy tools too. It even comes with, Private mode and Desktop mode too. As it is synced with Google account, all the passwords are synced too, and you can use them from other devices too. Not only passwords, but it also syncs your history and bookmarks in your Google account so you can use them in other devices too. If you don’t like Chrome, you cause other Chrome-based browsers like beta Chrome, Dev Chrome, and Google Chrome Canary and the lite version of Google Go.

Download: Google Chrome


Best Browsers for Android You Must know

Before Chrome came into existence, Firefox was leading the Race of Browsers. In Android too, Firefox is not well behind others. Despite the facts, there are many other Browsers who fight to take of 2nd position. The Firefox is the one to deserve it. Let us Justify, Why Firefox is good for Android Devices too. Before we do that, please be sure that we have ranked them based on their performance and reviews not the ratings or download hits in Play Store. This Browser is best when we talk about privacy and fast browsing. It is based on Firefox Engine which is known for Smooth and Fast browsing too.

Just like Chrome it also offers Sync so you can keep them for PC or other devices too. It helps you sync Bookmarks, Passwords, and History as well. Firefox also has a wide range of browsers Focus and Rocket for Privacy and Security too. It also has a lite version browser too.

Download: Firefox

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3.Microsoft Edge

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

Microsoft too sensed the uprising of Android in the industry of Mobile Platform, and it has launched its best in play store. It is another Tech Giant next to Google. As Android is Part of Google and Open source, Microsoft opened a Mini store inside play store. Microsoft is often trolled for Edge for being a Bad performer in PC. However, things are different In Android, Microsoft willing to capture a market in Android Platform it has launched Various Tools including Microsoft edge. You may be thinking why we decided to test Microsoft edge as it is a bad rated browser in Pc. Still, we have a very clean Answer to it. Edge is After a Product of Microsoft, and they have some of the best developers in the world.

The best thing what grabbed our attention is that it became popular in a very short frame of time. It crossed 5 million downloads in a couple of months of its launch. When you open it for the first time, it may ask to log in it will help them sync data across devices. It too comes with an ad blocker, and it will show the latest news when you open it also what’s trending over the internet. It’s smooth and very versatile browser even it can handle heavy scripts, but it won’t run to any sort of errors.

Download: Microsoft Edge

4.Opera Browsers

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

Opera is another Giant of Browsers for a long time before Chrome came into Existence. It dates back in those days when People were using Java Phones with Opera as Browser. Opera continued its Legacy over Android and iPhones too as it was already popular for its performance over pc and Java phone. It becomes popular in Android too with 200 million till now. It also comes with Data Saver and Other privacy option to keep your data safe. Opera also has Mini and Meta Versions available in the Play store.

Download: Opera Browser

5.UC Browser

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

UC Browser, a part of UCweb, is another Browser with over 500 million+ in the play store. This one is too popular from the days of Symbian Phones and Java phones. As it was already popular among users, it didn’t take much time to become a top app in Android too. Apart from very smooth browsing and private mode. It also features some exciting tools like Adblocker, Data Saver, Qr Reader, Text Reader, Media Player and lot more. The best part is, this browser will never let you down. If you are looking for a mini or Lite version, it also got one of them.

Download: UC Browser

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6.Dolphin Browser

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

Dolphin Browser is one of the few browsers with lots of features. It is another Fast and Stable Brower with Private browsing Feature. It has cool features like fast downloading, themes, Multi-tabs, Adblocker and Lots more. All you need to do is download specific Addon for it. It also supports the latest html5; Flash Player even Has Video Downloader for better Browsing Experience.

Download: Dolphin Browser

7.CM Browser

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

CM Brower is one of those who has crossed 50 million downloads at PlayStore. It comes with a very powerful Adblocker, Privacy option and super fast downloading. This Browser is a Part of CM which was popular for its CM Booster and Antivirus App. Just like Dolphin Browser, it even has a video downloader which can download video from a lot of sites. Browsing Experience is pretty Decent along with private Browser; it is perfect.

Download: CM Browser

8.Brave Browser

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

Brave Browser is one of the Few Browsers with over 10 million Browsers and is expected to grow. This Browser also comes with lots of features like fast mode Browsing, Adblocker, Data Saver, Pop up- blocker, Battery Saver, Tracking Protection, CookieBlocker and a lot more. This is the only app which has Script Blocker and Https Everywhere Feature. It has very good Private Browsing with good third-party cookie blocker.

Download: Brave Browser

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9.FireFox Focus

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

This is another Product from Firefox, keeping in mine the Security and Privacy of the users. FireFox is known for its fight for privacy from 1998. If you are looking for Maximum Privacy Browser, then you should go for it. It has crossed over 5 million downloads in a very short frame of time. It comes with best adblocker ever as well as tracking protection. The history is very easy to clean, and it will take of Privacy issue itself.

Download: FireFox Focus

10.Puffin Browser

Best Browsers for Android You Must know

It is considered to be the best option when it comes to web browsing on your Android device. This free web browser has more benefits to experience like fantastic support as well as speed for flash player to play the flash contents. In general, it also mainly comes up with the gamepad as well as virtual trackpad along with the option to block automatically the pop-ups.

Download: Puffin Browser

In conclusion

In this article, we have selected all the best android browser. How do you feel about our list of the best android browser? Tell us your question and suggestions in the comment box. If we have missed any browser for Android which should be in this list, then please let us know.

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