10 Best Cricket Games for Android

10 best cricket games for android

This is indeed good news that for the cricket lovers can now have cricket on their mobiles. The one is possible because of the smart mobile phones getting remodelled with the 10 best cricket games for android. The list is long but is really amazing to play where ever and whenever you want with the joy of having the best of cricket team which you can play without any objection or time limit.

Looking forward to the best of cricket games for Android

If we look at the number of online cricket games then Android has made it better with every single game we look after. Still, the 10 best cricket games for android are listed as below.

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1. The real cricket 18

The game is just released and is considered the best one for Android. The one offers with a variety of game modes like that of quick matches, 20- 20, world cup, under 19 and even more. This features with updated teams, shots, helicopters, sweep, and uppercut, cover drive, on the drive, flick and numerous others. The batting gameplay is just relaxing and mind-blowing. The best part of it is the graphics of the game which makes it feel on the 7th heaven. Real cricket offers many of the choices like bowling deliveries, field placements, batting shots and even more. The one is going to give the experience of playing real cricket on mobile.

2. KKR cricket 18

Latest one designed for Android and the designer is India games featuring quick match mode, event mode and even the tournament. The game can be played on with 2, 5 and extending to 20 over matches. This is not just for bowling but at the same time, the process is permitted for batting. In the mode, the player needs to set an objective for scoring 10 runs in an over and take a wicket with not generating more than 5 runs. With good graphics, the gameplay and animation are just ok.

3. MS Dhoni the untold story – official cricket game

This stands to be another best of cricket game for Android released by the Hungama games. The game features with a huge number of game modes and even you can play it offline. This features with real-time multiplayer mode and that is great and appreciable. It has crossed over 5 million downloads on the Google play store with making cricket a popular game now online.

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4. RCB epic cricket

This is the newest kind on Android and made especially for RCB fans. The games come with IPL 2018 season mode, hot events, IPL tournament championship and even the multiplayer mode. You can take the chance of playing the game offline as well. Looking forward to the features comes on with cool graphics, full match gameplay with cricket of all shots to help your team achieve success.

5. Hit cricket

This is another top class game for Android and the concept lies on are completely different from other cricket games. The game is based on a strategy where the player creates his own team, purchases players in the auction, sell players for cash, play tournaments, leagues and normal matches with competing the players from all over the world. You need to choose the right 11 for the match and best strategy according to the ground opponents, for instance, play aggressive or normal or defence. This is a great cricket game for android.

6. Sachin saga

This is launched by Sachin Tendulkar with two different modes with legend and event. With legendary mode, you can get complete tasks/ targets like score 25 runs on 30 balls. In event mode, you build your dream team and play with 11 squad team. This has good graphics but does have a dull gameplay. The game requires an active internet connection.

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7. World cricket championship 2

This is one of the best cricket games for android with maximum users globally. The game features with ODI matches, Test matches, 140 different batting animations and 14 different bowling actions. all teams and many more. Graphics of the game and much better and you can take the pride to play 50 over, 10 over, and 5 over matches.

8. World cricket championship Lt

This is the original version of WCC series by next wave multimedia. If you carry on a low-end device then take the chance to play the one on your android. It has a size of less than 50 MB. You can play world most popular 3 cricket games on your phone – world cricket championship, world premier league, super fantasy cricket league.

9. Super cricket 2

This is another amazing game and is rated among the 10 best cricket games for android. If you love batting then just take chance to play the game. Super cricket 2 is in 3D with some new challenges with a 360-degree shot selection.

10. Smash cricket

This is another amazing game from android featuring six unique game modes like a challenge, chase down, super series and many more. You can also play the game offline as well as online. You can play online with your friends and become world champion on Smash cricket. Here you have 100+ unique challenges, twenty 20. Here you have also some games mode like World Cup mode, Championship mode, Premier league, Twenty 20 and Smash Challenges. 

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Final words

In this list, we have selected all the best and most reviews cricket games. How do you feel about our article? Tell us your question and suggestions in the comment box.

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