10 Best DSLR like Bokeh Effect Apps for iPhone

10 Best DSLR like Bokeh Effect Apps for iPhone

In this modernized world, all are crazy in taking photos in iPhone portrait mode. There are plenty of photography apps are there which are most used and popular. Mainly these apps are used in different aspects of photography which includes bokeh or blur image, which means some of the scenes are out of focus or outside the depth of field. Here for photographers, it plays an essential role since their expectation of output is for good bokeh here the background blur part appears soft and smooth instead of the lousy bokeh results in harder edges.

To make this process as more accessible, Google play store has many numbers of photography apps for android phones. These apps will be very much helpful to produce beautiful bokeh effects of images. Let’s discuss some of the apps.

Best DSLR like Bokeh Effect Apps for iPhone

Lest start the article of 10 top DSLR like bokeh effect app for iPhone to get portrait mode. Most of the apps in this list are tested and trusted.

DSLR Camera Blur Background Bokeh Effects

This is a professional app which has a number of bokeh tools for photo blurring, here the process is easy and is just to select the parts which need to be blurred by finger and touching, and here the blur picture editor has the manual point blur and as well as auto blur filter effects. Here the level of the blur and brush size can be adjusted.


It is very much popularised since here the main feature available here to soften the background is Lens Blur to produce good bokeh. Here there are many other features available individually for Image tuning and for color adjusting.

  • 28+ Tools and Filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective
  • Opens JPG and RAW files
  • Save your personal looks and apply them to new captured or save photos later
  • Selective filter brush
  • All styles can be tweaked with fine

Insta Bokeh Blend Camera

This app doesn’t have many features, but the working is different method is by applying virtual layers to images. This is one of the best apps that you can choose your favorite bokeh and blend effect of your captured images.

  • Best camera app with bokeh effect. 
  • Add different bokeh & light effects to your images
  • Adjust the transparency to different effects of bokeh & light.
  • Very user-friendly to Rotate different bokeh & light effects.
  • Direct Share photo on Instagram or other social sites.


It is one of the easiest apps and which offers many filter effects and which also helps to produce natural DSLR style images with background blurred photos. Here the focus area is selected by simply marking the desired area, and this app is applied, and the output is shared through the mail.

  • Smart focus area selection
  • Background blur effect
  • Filter effect
  • Double photo
  • Easy share on social sites

Camera Zoom Fx – Free

When compared to other apps it is one of the general android photography apps while applying this app the multiple shooting modes and power settings are controlled by camera2 manual controls.

  • Easy to use pre-designed stunning stickers and frames
  • Draw, add text and create your own memes on images
  • All edit features like Crop, rotate and straighten your photos
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth on camera zoom Fx
  • Direct Share images to Twitter, Facebook, and other socials sites

Realbokeh – Light Effects

Here adding the light effects and filters for good bokeh is very easy. This has many options to change bokeh shapes, light effects and color with color picker and the process are easier to undo and clear all.

  • 30+ beautiful bokeh shapes, 30+ light leak effects, 20+ image filters 
  • Draw multiple bokehs with the finger touch on your Apple device
  • Apply multiple bokeh shapes to one captured photo
  • Change bokeh size, Change the opacity 
  • Multiple bokeh colors with easy color picker (25+ colors) 
  • Easy undo-redo and clear all, Save photos at full resolution
  • Share to all popular social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr etc

Photodirector Photo Editor App

This app will be very helpful for the professional photographers to produce professional results. Here linear and radial blur tools are used for the photo effects of bokeh.  An advanced camera module with light effects is used.

  • User-friendly app to edit, adjust, enhance and create photos
  • Smart object removal to remove photobombers, an unwanted object from your photo with content aware object removal.
  • Simple to add HDR, preset effects and overlays
  • Skin smoother to enhance portraits
  • Collage maker, 15+ picture frame, edit adjust and share immediately

Google Camera

It also called as Google’s standalone app, and this app is available in only on nexus and Google play edition devices.  They offer only limited features which are more effective.

Photographer’s Companion

This is the professional photographer’s app and which is mainly used to calculate the depth of field and also for hyperfocal and simulation of bokeh. This app is also helpful in calculating sunset, sunrise and moonset and moonrise.

Bokeh Photo Blender Camera

This process is different compared to others that is photo overlapping process is done by blending two photos together as well as bokeh effects can also be added. Color balancing and brightness option are also done to enhance the bokeh effects. This entire process is easy and simple to use.


There are tons and tons of DSLR like bokeh effect camera applications available in the market that can be used in order to increase the features while capturing images on a regular basis. Most of the free DSLR application provides a wide range of feature in order to help users to capture an effective image. Download and use in your apple phones to enhance your camera quality and also write your query or suggestion regarding this article in below comment box.


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