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Kissanime, Anime Heaven, GoGoAnime, Anime Stuck, 9animes, etc are anime downloading websites are crosses every anime addicts mind when it comes to downloading animes. Downloading animes is quite easy to do nowadays. You can also stream animes in 720p HD and 1080p full HD.

Even if this is the first time you have ever heard the term “anime”, I can guarantee you that it can be the best thing that could happen to you, today. Anime has great popularity amongst all age group all over the world. And if you are already aware the grandeur stature of anime and are already a great fan, you might have already stumbled upon the trouble of downloading them. Well, Good News, we have taken this trouble in our hands to get you the best sites to download anime.

If you are a fan, I can bet you have already used anime downloading websites like KissAnime or say, well 9anime or AnimeLand or anime heaven. But we have brought you a whole new lot of anime downloading websites along with some great popular and rather quite useful websites at your doorstep.

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List of Anime Download Sites

Anime heaven

Homepage of Anime Heaven

Truth be told, I personally recommend Anime Heaven since I have been using it for quite some time for anime downloads. I have tried quite a tonnes of anime downloading sites but I somehow find this site the best option. And it should also be told that these sites are just amazing when it comes to finding animes and getting them into your downloads. These sites stream all the anime movies completed anime series and on-going anime series. Their simple interface and face sites are something I really find very heart-catchy. There is only one pop-up ad I find while downloading animes from this website. Downloading them is super easy, just search for the anime you want to have, select the series or the movie name as it will surely pop-up, then you have to select the episode you want to watch and then the streaming will start. IDM uses can download the stream as the download dialog box will show on the right top corner of the streaming window. You can switch to different servers to stream animes in dubbed or subbed versions.
I should also let you know that this website contains 18+ contents, otherwise, this website is one of it’s kind for downloading or streaming animes. Also, note that the server speed is quite fascinating. I never once found myself in any slow downloading or streaming connections. It is the best anime site.

Kiss Anime

Homepage of Kiss Anime

If you are an anime fan and can’t survive without a good dose of different anime, I bet you have already for just once must have visited this great website for anime downloads. Kiss Anime is a video streaming platform for anime. It contains mirror links as well and I personally really never had seen them failed. Along with this, they contain anime subbed and dubbed version, obviously dubbed version is only published once it is out online officially. You can even download them in various ways. While you are working on your PC or your laptop and using IDM, download link with automatically pop up with you play the anime stream. While using an Android smartphone, any downloading app can catch the stream automatically or just use Chrome to stream and download the streaming anime. The animes are in great quality and absurdly small sizes. This website is a must go-getter anime downloading platforms out there for PCs and for androids. And also, for those who are addicts and can’t standby not watching animes, knows for sure how annoying and irritating it can get while downloading animes as the website can sometimes be absurdly full of non-sense pop-ups and ads. Good News, again, hopefully, you won’t be caught up with ads and pop-ups while using Kiss Anime. 
And again, well if you are somewhat not 18 years old or over, then this website is something I don’t like to refer to you.

Anime Stuck

Homepage of Anime Stuck

Anime Stuck is again another highly recommended anime downloading and streaming website out there available. Funningly, Anime Stuck’s website’s black theme interface might trouble you as it always did to me but I hope that won’t be a great issue. Now back to the subject in hand, this anime streaming and downloading site also contains cartoons and schedules and classified into type, status, year, genre, and language. Additionally, it’s filter option can help you search for new and exciting yet unacknowledged animes for you. Well, talking about backlashes you can have is the pop-ups. Seriously, it contains quite some pop-ups. It’s annoying, yes, very much, but it’s still something anime addicts can happily go through with a big smugly smile on their face, haha!

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Homepage of GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is another one of my most favoured anime downloading websites. You really need this website, trust me. Unlike every other website listed above, this anime streaming and downloading site enables you to save the links of the download. It’s quite useful if you are having a temporary internet speed crisis or facing low data count on your number. Additionally, you can share the download link with your family or friends via many different ways like WhatsApp. This way your friends who are too lazy to go through the website and download the anime all by themselves or are just unfortunate to not find a working download link can stream or download animes just by a single click. I personally used to save my favourite Dragon Ball Super episodes on a notepad and stream them whenever I want using MX Player.  Also, you have a wide range of video quality available for the animes if you prefer to use GoGoAnime. I personally used 720p HD downloads, but you can also have 1080p downloads access through this website. Additionally having tonnes of streaming links enables you to download animes using various streams if you find few streams blocked in your country.


Homepage of 9Anime

This website is included in this list for a very specific reason apart from being a great and very useful app for downloading animes on the go. Personally, this website is something I took as a bliss since it’s anime collection database is huge. Additionally, on-going season episodes of your animes are included in the database quite fast. Now, back to the reason why this is my personal favourite is because of the app I’m quite sure you all have heard of is Videoder. It’s quite popular and without stating much, the app supports downloads from the 9anime website. So, all I needed to do was to search the anime, then select the season and then it’s an episode that I wanted to download and BAM! Select the download logo on the left right corner of the screen, select the video quality and download any animes that you want. Quite easy and intuitive it sounds, right? And yes, it is. One drawback of 9anime that really kinda pissed me off was the ads and pop-ups. But if you download any anime movie or series down to any of the season and episode in whatever quality you want and for totally free, then ads and pop-ups ain’t gonna stop us from loving this website. Having an app on your smartphone that you can use to fast download wide range of animes is heaven like feeling for an anime addict. This website won’t ask you to sign in or anything and won’t cost you a single penny from your wallet, now ain’t it sound so good.

Soul Anime

free anime download sites

Soul Anime is another one of my favourites of websites to download animes online. You can clearly see that it’s interface is one of the kind. Downloading is simple and intuitive. This website provides subbed as well as dubbed animes of completed, on-going series and movies. You can stream as well as download animes in high definition qualities like 720p HD as well as 1080p Full HD. I should also remind you that once I was willing to watch an anime which was not very popular, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find it on this website. Altogether Soul Anime is a great website with a compact database. I am sure you will this website quite useful.

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anime download sites

If you are an anime fan, I am quite sure you have already heard of this website called Crunchyroll. And I might say this that you must be quite surprised by the fact that Crunchyroll is noted so low on our list. The reason is simple. I wanted to put forward the websites that every single of my readers could use. Unfortunately this platform, Crunchyroll is not completely free to use, that means that you need to pay a good amount of price to watch animes on this platform. If you find the price appropriate, Crunchyroll is a dream come true for anime addicts as it’s database contains thousands and thousands of hours of episodes of your favourites animes. Although the price may vary according to the plan subscribed, by approximately it would could you about $6.95 as per the info on the website. The app can be found on iOS, and Android users can also find this website on the Google Play Store. Subscribers can watch the animes using this platform on the web as well.

Anime Heros

anime download sites

Another one of the great and useful websites for Android and web is, as you have guessed, it is Anime heros. Likewise, you can stream and download animes right away for completely no cost at all with this website. It might come handy to you if you most favourable website for animes downloading is slow or down. If you are a quality freak when it comes to anime, this website won’t disappoint you. There is availability for 720p HD and 1080 Full HD downloads and streams are available. The website is quite compatible with the web version as well as mobile and tablet-based versions. Your favourite anime is never out of reach for your hands.

Phantom Anime

Another website I can recall from my days of downloading animes. If you loved, by loved I mean literally loves shows like Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Psyco Pass etc and wanna rewatch the entire series once again(or for the tenth time, like me) then this website is a good call. With that being said, you can also search for your other favourites animes on the website’s database.

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Anime Simple

anime download sites

As the name suggests, these websites have quite a simple interface. The database of this website is good enough. Yeah well, the ads are quite annoying but still worth it. Search for your beloved anime series or movies, stream them and you can also download the streams both in subbed as well as dubbed versions.


Anime has a quite big fan base and there are tonnes of websites out there to download and stream these animes. We took this topic in hand to gather a list and remind you all of some of the great and most useful website I have personally used to watch or download animes. As I have told earlier that Anime Heaven is my most personally favourable site to download animes, but still you can try all the sites given in this list and find out your most favourite site to download animes.

Let it be this generation or older generation or the newer ones, everyone is just gonna loves animes for sure. Shows like Dragon Ball or Death Note are something no one can resist loving them on the first watch. So, sharing these sites with the people around you or your families or friend or coworkers can be quite helpful for them to discover these great shows. Remind me on the comment below, which one is your favourite sites. Like and please do share this articles, it means a lot to me.

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