10 Best Apps like Showbox in 2018

10 Best Apps like Showbox in 2018

In earlier days there was only one TV for a village and later on for each house TV was there, but now all the movies telecasted on TV can be viewed in SmartPhones itself. Technology has been improved a lot. If you are a huge movie buff, then you will be familiar with Showbox app. This app engages you in streaming movies and TV shows in your Smartphone’s, desktops and tablets. There is no doubt that the official site of this app will be provided with unlimited free movies. Let us discuss some of the apps

Play box HD (Android, iOS)

This app is similar to Showbox the only difference has tons of HD contents which are free to use. It can be used in mobile phones and tablets. This app provides with additional features, and the quality of the picture is excellent. Sometimes it might end up if it does not work in fine mode.

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Terrarium TV

It works same as the Showbox just if you were searching for an alternative then this app is best to use. This app works only with the help of the internet, the contents of the device can be viewed only through the internet. This app is available only for Android users. The quality of the video is excellent.

Movie box

Here all new recent movies release very quickly in movie box. This app is very simple to use. The tools used here is easily understandable. Another interesting factor here is before watching a movie trailer can be watched every time which is an annoying factor.

Popcorn time (Android, iOS & Linux)

The name here indicates the uniqueness of the program itself. The movies can be downloaded easily, and this can be easily supported to smart TV connection.  There are plenty of subtitles available which can be chosen if the verbal parts of the scene are not understandable.

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Crackle (Android)

More than millions of users use this app, it is a more popular one for SmartPhones and tablets. Here the movies can be watched continuously without any disturbances and roadblocks in between. It is updated for every month so you could not be able to enjoy your favourites for a minimum of 30 days. Quality is excellent it is beyond satisfying. Saving movies option is available.

Hub streaming

More features are available in Android device than iOS. Movies available here is in a wide range you can choose accordingly, if not satisfied you download movies only on Android devices. Bad luck for iOS users. Here sharing movies can also be done. Downloading films and switching between video players are also possible. Video quality is lesser, since due to streaming servers.

Sky HD

The picture quality is very excellent compared to other competitors. List of movies is more. It is not free to use. The new sky HD Homepage makes exploring an entertainment world experience very easier and faster with all of your TV & Movies options in one place. You can record your current and future video series, Find the video shows you have missed at no any extra cost and download them on your device.


Regular updating is available. With a single click, you can start the movie streaming, but one thing here is it is a web-based service only available. The available features here are more compatible. Here users are less since it is web-based.


It is absolutely free to use. Mostly HD quality is available. Movies can be downloaded, and a wide range of subtitles is available. Kid’s mode option is available. With this app, you can easily watch the latest movies and TV shows, listen to your loved music, download apps and wallpapers and more.


This interface is easy to use. The video streaming application is very responsive, but this works well only on iPad devices. The content is aggregated by an add-on system providing streams from best video streaming services like Netflix, iTunes, HBO, YouTube, Twitch and more.

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