Awesome Tips for Making Travel Videos That You Need to Know

Have you ever needed to create a travel video but didn’t know where to start? If you have worked in the domain of video creation, it is quite possible. To make a travel video, you need to approach the task in a particular way.

Making a travel video isn’t easy. You will find yourself on the move at different locations frequently. Every new site brings on new challenges, and you need to prepare yourself to deal with this changing scenario.

The Secret to Captivating Travel Videos

Well then, how do we go about creating compelling travel videos? The first thing you ought to do is to download an online video maker. It will help you to seamlessly edit your footage once you are done with the shooting.

Here are a few handy tips for setting out on the right foot for making great travel videos:

Define Your Style

You should be consistent with how you shoot your video. For instance, if you use a gimbal to shoot a 360° selfie by rotating it around, use that technique throughout the video.

Or, you may want to adopt a more emotional theme with close-ups and slow-motion Whatever style you choose, try to maintain it throughout your video. You may need to exclude footage that doesn’t fall in line with the style of the video.

Select Your Shots

Once you have decided on your video’s particular style, you need to select your shots according to the theme. What you shoot should be relevant to the theme. A useful way of shooting is to listen to music tracks for a better vision.

You can do practical video shooting if you keep editing in mind when you shoot and the original plan when editing. That way, you don’t film everything – you are selective in what you shoot, which will prove to be helpful in the editing stage.

What’s Your Story?

Put your footage in chronological order. Your video needs to tell a story. Before you start shooting, you have to decide what your story is going to be. Is it a day in your life? Street food of Hanoi? The latest high-end cars on the market?

Once you have a story in place, you can shoot according to your narration. It provides the viewers with a perspective, motivating them to watch the video till the end.

How You Move

There’s nothing more annoying than a video shot with a shaky hand, even a family video. It would be best if you used smooth and consistent movement while shooting. Practice moving your camera by looking through the lens before you start shooting.

Know Your Equipment

Jumpin into a swimming pool with your smartphone is not a brilliant move. On the other hand, GoPro cameras are waterproof, and you can get some fantastic underwater shots. You can interchange lenses for different effects.

Become acquainted with the different functions of your equipment. Every piece of equipment has advantages and limitations. There is even a lot you can do with a smartphone. Fiddle around with your gadgets until you are aware of their potential.

Use Special Effects Judiciously

The way you use special effects like, say, slow motion, and fast motion helps you emphasize your story. For example, drone shots taken at high speed can appear unnatural. Crossfades and drizzle effects can look great, but don’t overdo it.

If you are making a fun home video, then everything goes. But when you want to create a professional YouTube video, you need to exercise a certain degree of finesse. If you are unsure of what specific special effects do, don’t use them.

Try Different Angles

Good video shooting isn’t always about shooting from a particular altitude. You will need to get into some awkward positions to get the perfect shot. Lie on the ground to shoot a dog. Climb a tree. Don’t endanger yourself, but try to get the best angle.

The Importance of Music

Music can evoke emotion with your audience. It must complement the scene and the story you are trying to tell. Your video has to move around the song. Find music that has the right mood and tempo.

Another good tip is to cut on the beat. You might need a bit of practice, but you will find it worthwhile. If you listen to soundtracks carefully, you will notice how the beat goes and when it changes. Follow the rhythm and cut the shot on the beat.

Stabilizing Your Footage

Here is something that you can do in addition to what your video editing footage does for you. It refers to using what is called a “stabilizer,” which minimizes jerkiness. It could be a gimbal or a Steadicam, or even a rolly chair or skateboard.

Another great idea is to use your video camera strap to stabilize your shot. Put the strap around your neck and extend it until it is taut. You will be surprised at how it reduces shakiness at different angles.

Working with Colors

There is much you can do with colors at the editing stage. You can try using different filters, tints, and hues for setting the mood and feel of the shots. Color grading is a critical part of how you can tell your story. The more you try, the better you become.

Take time to learn how to use color grading in your videos. It can take years to get it right. But the results of your efforts will make it worth the while. You can also enhance the effectiveness of your videos by using an image to video software.

Use a Timer

This is a productivity hack. If you are faced with tons of footage, put a time limit on your editing time. Set your timer for, say half an hour. Then if you have to do more editing do, split it into manageable bits. It improves your efficiency while editing.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way!

The tips we have provided here are surprisingly simple. However, the key to doing an adequate job on your travel videos is to be prepared and take appropriate measures, as we have highlighted here.

Make a bit of effort to prepare your shoot in advance and be well-equipped for any eventuality. You will be surprised at how far a bit of advance planning can take you. From now on, you can make captivating travel videos that you will make you proud!

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