10 Best Action Games for Android 

10 best action games for android 

Playing games on your smartphone in your spare time is very enjoyable. In Android, there are a lot of gaming options like the fun game, racing game, action game etc. But in all these games, playing an action game is like everyone, especially children and young people. So, On this list, we have brought you 10 best action games. Who will be more thrilled to experience your action game on the smartphone?

If you open the Google play store, there would be a number of action games for android. It’s really tuff to sort out some from the store. Yet the possibilities are made with selecting 10 best action games for android. From the list of games, there are some which are paid apps which you can pause. 

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Checking out the list of some of the 10 best action games for android. Install in your android device and enjoy these best action games in your smartphone.

Battle lands royale

The one is made for the mobile battle which combines cartoon based graphics and even a top-down perspective with a simplistic last man standing with a gameplay format which truly works well. The game offers with fairly unique that takes on the battle royale formula that works best. This is the game offering with the unique take on the battle royale formula that is absolutely for casual gaming sessions as like match takes only a few minutes to complete and like PUBG or Fortnite and you can slow down onto the bunch of other players.

Suzy cube

This is the game which has been into work since long. This is developed by an indie game developer and this action-packed platform is considered as a must play game on the mobile with touch controls which have no right being a good as they are and its easiest to compare the graphics and gameplay to Super Mario 3D land for the Nintendo 3DS which is far more superior to new Mario debut.


This is the name to its app icon and is the rather unassuming entry into the google play store which is easy to overlook. The one is a 2D side-scrolling action game where you can play as a titular character with a mysterious cybernetic warrior which is kick ass. This is a flawless game with tight controls and new skills to be unlocked and upgraded as with the progress through the game.

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Death road to Canada

With dropping money on a game you are going to be sure with providing a good replay value. In that regard, death road to Canada is an awesome choice. Facing the zombie apocalypse is must in this and there is even a protection like that to the deadly mission. Along the way, you can explore and loot places for supplies while taking a chance to manage team health and morale.

Stranger things – the games

One of the most popular actions and adventure android game ever on google play store. Being a true fan of the game you have already binge-watched the entire season but the truest of stranger things have to be beaten with the stranger things. This game is a surprisingly solid game released by the Netflix which has no right being as good as it is. 

Death point

This is a polished game and you can best get it on android. Rather it’s a top-down stealth shooter in which you play a captured spy in a post-apocalyptic world. Here you must sneak through enemy compounds which would be taking out guards and sabotaging their systems. The app is a hardcore single player top-down shooter, stealth game with dual stick control that will test your reaction and cunning and plunge you into a post-apocalyptic future. One of the best super spy adventure experience.

Island delta

This is another action android game that has complete fun and challenging puzzles. This is being published by the fine folks at the noodle cake studios which alone make it worth. The one is being developed by mantis bite out of Finland and released for iOS in late 2016. The one brings on with a unique top-down action adventure and puzzles fun to the android. The app has 3 unique chapters that more than 30 levels.

Down well

This is a retro style roguelike game which is fairly simple and you can jump down the well and see how far you can fall. This is easy and the wells are filled with enemies.  The game is all about a young boy venturing down a well in search of untold treasures with his Gunboots to protect him and enjoy.

Injustice 2

The one is considered as a sequel to the award-winning game injustice: gods among us. This is amazing being the best fighting game for Android. If you have played and enjoyed the first game then the sequel will obviously more interesting. Join your favourite DC superheroes and villains in the game on your Android device. Assemble a team of superheroes like Batman, Flash and wonder woman to combat the forces against you.


This is tough as nails platformer being created by the team 17 which is mostly remembered as best for the worm franchise. These are a slow-paced strategy game and on opposite end of the spectrum feature the fast-paced action and requires quick reflexes to survive.

In conclusion

In this list, we have selected all the best and most preferred android action games. How do you feel about our article? Tell us your question and suggestions in the comment box. If we have missed any action game which should be in this list, then please let us know.

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