Top 5 Best Amazon Prime Series

Hello everyone, sharing is caring, Right? Very well said. So today I will tell you about Top 5 best Amazon Prime series, As I said in my last article which was about Netflix that what type of series you should watch depends on what kind of genre you like the most. So without wasting a single second let us have a look at what is trending on top 5 positions on Amazon prime. here’s the list:

1. Patriot

Patriot Best Amazon Prime Series

It is a hard show to explain because it’s much more than the at least of its part. It is about a man called John Tavner (Michael Dorman), an N.O.C. (Non-official cover) for the CIA. His part is of an engineer for a pipe company, a type of job for which he has very little knowledge or experience about it, and yet, it’s also a sort of job he must and must maintain in order to complete his mission. To get a bag full of money from location A to B which just happens because of his job in pipe requires. To create a pipe to get a thing from location A to B. But of course, if this were so easy, neither an engineer (in the piping scenario) nor a CIA agent (in the scenario of the bag full of money) would ever be required for this. It is the Top 5 best Amazon Prime series.

Patriot is about the complexity that increases along with the way on. There are mishappenings too; a murder investigation; and human nature and Tavner’s relationships with his brother, with co-workers, and also with his own father gets across in the way. After every episode, the fierce intensity of this mission rises. The burden gets heavier. By the end, viewers will be left desperate to find a safety valve to unleash some pressure because Patriot does a number on its audience. It’s a black comedy you know, and surely not for everybody. Fortunately, Season 2 is as strange and hilarious as ever.

2. Bosch

Bosch Best Amazon Prime Series

Titus Welliver leads in this police story from Amazon about a rebel detective owed with solving some hauntingly frightful murders. Harry Bosch was a former military man with a decent respect for the rules and a shear thirst for the truth. Every season, he’s granted with a case that scares his precisely molded view about the world, often pushing him to uncover conspiracies, corrupt polices, and also his own mother’s murderer. The whole subject matter might be quite dark, but Welliver is undoubtedly having fun playing the cheeky, giving-no-f*cks whatsoever, which is the reason why you should give this worthy crime series atleast a watch.

3. Transparent

Transparent Best Amazon Prime Series

An innovative, original series direct from Amazon, It follows Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor), a transgender girl who comes out to her own family. Not content to merely present a novel premise, the show describes about the relationships and neuroses of Maura and her children. A show that never wavers in its attempt to mine the depths of the human condition, it’s a bold offering from Amazon. Transparent has also the honour of being the first show from a streaming service to get a Golden Globe award for Best Series, which likely bodes well for the future of Amazon’s original content.

Harassment allegations imposed against Tambor have put a damper on the future of show (and, for few, it’s very important), but if you can look beyond that, it’s at least series.

4. The Night Manager

The Night Manager Best Amazon Prime Series

This six-part miniseries was sprinkled with nominations at high-profile award shows during both 2016 and 2017, and for good reason. Tom Hiddleston (The Avenger-Loki) is absolutely great as hotel manager Jonathan Pine, whose military past comes back to haunt him when he’s recruited by an intelligence officer (Olivia Coleman) to infiltrate the operation of a chemical weapons dealer (Hugh Laurie).

You also might remember Laurie as the sarcastic Dr House — yes we all do? — but here he gets into a completely different character, one that is ruthless and fearless of getting his hands dirty. The BBC One series is the third attempt at adapting John le Carré’s novel at the same name, and, clearly, three is the magic number. The Night Manager is witty or suspenseful, charming, and well worth your time.

5. The Wire

The Wire Best Amazon Prime Series

It is one of the best-reviewed police shows in its time, The Wire casts an fearless gaze at the war on drugs and its effect on the society. Set in Baltimore, the “murder capital,” as many a character notes — the show begins as a police procedural following a bunch of detectives hoping to arrest the biggest drug smuggler in the city available. The show expands its outlook with every season, though, gradually revealing a city in which everything is interconnected and every action has far-reaching results.

The Wire is very unique among cop plots and has the extreme compelling power it pays to the lives and minds of its criminal element. Even the most minor street-level drug dealers seem complex. The show never loses sight of the fact that all of its characters — police or criminal, politician, or lawyer — are members of the society and are thus shaped by the world around them far more than they shape it.

So, that’s it for today. hope you guys got some information you wanted. Amazon Prime has many other series you could watch out for but these are some ‘don’t miss’ kind of stuff.

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