7 Best Android Apps To Listen Music For Free

7 Best Android Apps To Listen Music For Free

Gone those days when we used to listen to music on radios and tapes, and we could not carry tapes along with us. But now as we have androids so we could listen to music at any time, we want that too is free.  We have so many such choices to pick up, whatever matches your taste or choice. Here the post is talking about the best music player apps on Androids!

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Best Android Apps To Listen Music For Free

1. MediaMonkey

It has a unique name with the unique feature just like Victorian novelist rendered completely different works. But it is quite similar to that because you will definitely be going to fall for MediaMonkey. Along with music it provides you audiobooks, podcasts and to sort songs by things like composer (rather than just artists). The feature of syncing your music library from your system to your phone (and back) over Wi-Fi makes it unique and loveable.

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2. PlayerPro Music Player

Hardly people know about this app. This app advocates the video, a rare ten band equalizer like the ability to shake the phone to get it to switch the tracks. There is nothing to bother about when you are a PlayerPro user because it even advocates HI-FI music (Up to 32- bit, 384kHz).

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3. Pulsar Music Player

It can be a good choice because it has features like giving you an album, artist, genre or folders which is damn good for sorting you different lists. So you could easily pick up your choice. The best part about this music player is that it is ad-free which every user look when they install any app. You will have a choice of customizing the interface with different colour themes. These are some of the reason why people love this app so much.

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4. Musicolet

Have you heard about this app? If you have not heard about this app, then you must know about this app. It has some charming features like it is ad-free, lightweight music player with more features. It is proven that Musicolet is the only app for the music player for android that advocates various playing queues. It has an intuitive GUI with easy to use tabs for folders, albums, artists and playlists.  If you are looking for more, then it is ready to give you more features such as, equalizer, tag editor, lyrics support, widgets, sleep timer and more.

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5. Musixmatch

If you are that kind of person who loves the sing along with music, then your hunt is over with Musixmatch. There is a lot more to discover in this app, such as it renders lyrics with music that is quietly loveable, even you may see lyrics when employing Spotify, Youtube, Apple music, Sound cloud, Google Play Music etc.  It gives you freedom of searching song by typing its title, artist or just as single lyrics. If you love to keep your stuff organised then do not dare of leaving this app, it has arranged album, artists, genre and folders.

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6. N7player Music Player

There is everything available if you will search. N7player has fresh surface search and a chic user interface where you just have to simply zoom- in and out to see any music file you crave for.

It has ten – band equalizer where you can made-to-order music according to your taste. It has an exciting experience for you such as seamless playback, bass boost and sound virtualization effects, tag editor, eye-catching widgets, sleeper mode, wonderful themes and much more.

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7. Pi Music player

If you are peeping on Google for an excellent music player, so halt your search, it is right in front of you, Pi music player. It is filled with all the important features that a user will definitely like to use. When you will go through this app at first you will have to select the theme at very. First, you will have four different varieties which are changeable. It too is in the organised form such as tracks, genres, artists, albums, playlists, folders etc.

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So here you have list full of suggestions and choices. Now it depends upon you which music player do you use for yourself. Plug in your earplug to your ears and listen to your favourite artist or songs or genres.

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