8 Best Android Apps To Save Money

8 Best Android Apps To Save Money

We all are looking for such apps which could help us in saving some amount of our hard earned money. But many of us tend to confuse because of half of the information that such apps do not exist. The technology world has transformed much in every facility; I think you just have to name for amenities and it will be just in front of you. There are such pretty awesome apps which will definitely be going to save your money –

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1. Best App for Busy Online Shoppers: Honey

Honey can be indeed melodious and beneficial in your life, if you were hinting an app for saving your money it is the best! You will have to apply coupon codes at the checkout stage of online shopping. It really works great with Chrome.

When you install this app there you will get a popup in the checkout phase; you need to click on that pop up then you will get all the awesome coupons. If you are lucky, you could get bumper coupon – Honey gold!

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2. Best App for Online Cash Back: Ebates

Ebate is topping the list of most illustrious shopping site on the web and the best part it offers 40% cash back on purchases at above 2,000 partner stores. So if you have to shop so many things, this can be a great idea.  It is great in many ways such as it gives you a choice of browsing extension as well as you do not forget which stores work for savings.  If you go for online shopping or such apps, you must know stores give only one cash back or reward program per purchase, so you do not need to pick up programs like Ebates, Honey, WiKibuy and others.

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3. Best App for Amazon: CamelCamelCamel

No, if you are thinking you will find online animals, then it is absolutely not! Here you get a camel ride of splendid shopping just give the feel of the uniqueness of desert.  This CamelCamel money saving app is price tracking app on Amazon.  Here you get all the collective information from price history to listed sale products. So this will give you good deals, or you will be able in deciding which one to pick as the price of Amazon’s product keep on changing. For regular users, this is a great help.

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4. Best App before Online Shopping: Cashback Monitor

This app lets you use one cash back program per shopping. It has more functions like tracking of cash back prices and miles and points of earning rates for a wide range of cash back programs. It will be a good guide on the way of shopping which will be the best portal to employ to save your savings and rewards. You might not find it that attractive in other ways, but it really works in saving hard earned money.

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5. Best app for Groceries: IBOTTA

Housewives have only one complaint; they are not able to save money on grocery items. The ladies do not worry about your savings now; you just need to download this app and crack good deals online. This is ‘the best while it comes to saving money on grocery items’, the name truly justifies it. It gives wonderful discounts on beer, wine, and spirits, do not you think you will not find an app like this? I am sure this will be a life changer in your life.

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6. Best App for online Deals: Shopkick

If you want to save money online as well as with offline then without giving it a thought you should jump on this app. This really works well in that case. Here you will be able to earn rewards points, called kicks on a wide range of activities. Sit at home just replace your order and enjoy both your time and shopping because it saves both your money and time.

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7. Best App for Rewards: Swagbucks

It is pretty similar like Google with diverse ads just look Google it helps you quickly find products for online shopping. It really saves your money. This app works pretty simply you just have to earn points from online surveys, and shopping partners stores products are all yours! You can add up those free gift cards in stores like Amazon or cash back in your PayPal account. If you want you could move that cash back in your bank and get real cash back or employ it for saving.

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8. Best App for your web browser: WiKibuy

This is much similar to Honey app it is too accessible for Chrome and Firefox users. But it is more influential with its features; the only thing you need to be careful is, it is not always active in reliable work.

But if it will work on your browser very well, then this will be the good help for you as it will provide you points if you want you could redeem for your gift cards or a big list of products anytime.

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