10 Best Android Apps Which Monitor Mobile Data Usage

10 Best Android Apps Which Monitor Mobile Data Usage, The modern world completely supports the Internet. But the world is unimaginable without the Internet. For almost everything, we need internet whether be it communication via chat, video and audio calls with friends and family or relatives all over the world. But every step you need to spy on your data.

But to avoid this irritation, you can take shelter of these android apps which monitors mobile data usage. You can easily record track of your data usage. Here is the list full of good suggestions for having the best facilities.

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1. Check data usage 

Check data usage app helps you in porting data monitoring app that secures your track on where and how much mobile and Wi-Fi internet data is spent. It has some excellent features of keeping good track

Characteristics of Check Data Usage

It polishes cache and manages your RAM to boost your device’s performance.

It stipulates the apps controlling memory on your phone, and you can employ recuperate internet option to free up the memory and save your data.

There is an option of setting data plan easily with the app. You just need to do a valve set Data plan option and insert your plan.

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2. Traffic Monitor

It is one of best data monitoring apps for Android device. It is good in giving speed test, checks signal quality and provides network info.

Characteristics of Check Data Usage

Traffic Monitor provides desegregated task manager which permits you for all the working apps in a list which also enables you to end memory- consuming apps.

The speed test characteristic renders the speed and discontinuation of your UMTS, Wifi network and LTE and on an indicator, separated into upload, downloads.

The coverage map shows the network accessibility hanging on your current position.

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3. My Data Manager 

This app gives you multiple goals of tracking a good record of your data but also you’re exceeding data limit, making it highly useful.

Attributes of Data Manager

It authorizes you to organize alarms to ignore the overage charges and bills.

It keeps evidence of your recording and monitors your data on mobile, Wifi and roaming.

It keeps a record of left call minutes and number of text messages left.

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4. Data Usage Monitor 

It is a user-friendly app with an elementary interface; Data Monitor is one of the excellent free data monitoring apps for Android.

Characteristics of Data Usage Monitor

It is pretty awesome in preserving the history of data used throughout the day.

You can easily figure out your regular usage of data. It warns you with notification of extreme employing data.

It records the usage of data via WiFi and mobile renders in graphs.

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5. Opera Max

It is topping the list of securing your data in best ways. You can easily secure your data by managing apps.

Characteristic of Opera Max

It employs security and encrypted connections while you come into contact of public Wifi. So you will be able to protect your personal information and data.

Opera max permits your app for tracking data usage.

Through this app, you will be able to figure out the percentage of spent data on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.

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6. Network Connections

It is an excellent free data monitoring app for Android. It has some great feature which will compel you to fall for it 

Characteristics of Network Connections

It will notify you earlier while it will automatically connect to remote servers.

It renders intense information for every connection – IP address, Reverse resolving (PTR), Abuse RBL data, AS numbers and administrative information, etc.

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7. Data Usage

It supplies you multiple stages for having a good record of your data. It has a plain feature of monitoring app such as tracking internet usage.

Characteristics of Data usage

You will have an entire history of usage and has the strength to fix the portal and receive notifications for exceeded limits.

It detects Mobile data and Wifi in exact time.

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8. 3G Watchdog

The name is sounding so cool, so it is alike its name. It has been considered as one of best data monitoring application.

Characteristics of 3G Watchdog 

It sanctions to find a record of your data for hatching plan or the day usage with CSV/ Export/ Import.

Track your mobile (4G/ 3G/ Edge/ GPRS) and WiFi usage. You can see through graphs, text or table.

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9. Onavo

Wait – wait if you are annoyed from your big data bills then Onavo is giving you best opportunity to control over on your usage of data.

Characteristic of Onavo

It tells users about their download and has been monopolizing your data.

It has plain set up and simple interface with push – button blocking tools.

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10. Internet Speed Meter Lite

It renders Internet speed in status bar and gives you an account of data used in the notification panel.

Characteristics of Internet Speed Meter Lite 

You will be able to monitor traffic data for the entire 30 days.

It allows you for securing battery as it does not consume much that.

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