10 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

 10 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

In this article, we will share some top rated and best battery saver and manager for your android device to save OR manager your battery performance to increase battery backup and also increase your phones battery life.

The battery is something which is must thing.  When you go out if your battery gets on the last leg, then it can become a big problem for you. But if you are tired of your battery, then you here are some Android apps which will help you in saving your battery.

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Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

1. Battery Doctor

This app is indeed great because it advocates 28 different dialects as it is user- friendly interface. It has been designed for both Android as well as iOS. Through this app, you could save the battery from battery consuming applications.

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2. Power Clean (optimize cleaner)

It comes under professional power cleaner, and it is quite illustrious among people because of its service, more than 100 million users employ this application. It is more than you are thinking because it helps in enhancing device with the battery. Power clean works automatic and detects battery-draining apps, allows you to take care of your battery.

3. Battery HD

This battery saver has wonderful user- interface. Battery HD looks after according to the device type. If you want to personalize the set up that include widgets, notifications bar, charge alerts and usage chart. It has the feature of knowing the number of hours left for a particular app.  It is an absolutely free app with rigorous battery monitoring. It has earned a good rating.

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4. Battery Optimizer and cleaner

Battery optimizer belongs to Intel security. This app helps in boosting the Smartphone’s act by disabling the background apps, freeing up the memory and storage. It protects your battery from getting drained by the draining apps and configured the required setups. It scans your external storage and helps in detecting blurred photos and double photos further space intensification. This app is different from other apps as it also gives you internet data pack manager and on-screen data usage which are quite helpful in important actions.

5. Vast Battery Saver

This app has features like a master switch to turn on/ off the battery saving app. It let you know about remaining battery and notify you to take important action. But before you download this app consider users feedback. It gives you choices as if you do not feel like setting up manual then you could go for pre- battery saving profiles which is rely on the environment.

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6. 60 Battery Saver Plus

If you are office goer or you are 17 hours busy person battery will be an important thing for you in your cell phone, so you just need the details of using your battery 24/7. So this app is just right for you in that case. If you will be using idle apps, it will tell you. One of feature which everyone loves about this app is it automatically cuts down battery charging time to a great extent. It also gives the record of those apps which gets active when your android gets active, so if you want, you could save.

7. Accu Battery

This app would be completely your choice whether you would like to go for a paid version or FREE version because both are available according to the choice of the different person. If you pick up free version then it will let you monitor the battery health, or if you go for PRO version it will be full of ads and provides battery statistics in detail, choices of multiple themes and real-time CPU usage overlay.

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8. DU Battery Saver

More than 400 million people prefer using this app for saving their battery on androids. DU battery is promising in many features as it is freely accessible for both Android and iOS. Second, it is great tracking down apps which drains your battery. The best part about this app DU battery saver app cools the option which shuts down the non-active CPU intensive applications.

9. Battery Saver 2018

This is topping the list of best 5 battery saver on android. So, battery saver is one among them. If you are good at managing everything but you got annoyed in saving your battery then this app could be a great help to you.  It has features like turning off consuming devices like Bluetooth, Wi- Fi, display, sound and much more. It has offered such as sleep mode, work mode and class modes, for keeping your battery save.

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10. Greenify

As the data is rendering the demand of this battery saver and faith which it has built among people. This one is also free to both Android and iOS. Greenify notifies you if it finds unusable apps which eat your battery.  But with Greenify your personal information could not be saved.

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