Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android In 2020

Best Camera Apps for Android :- The camera is one of the important function or hardware which attract a lot of people because it allows them to take different kinds of images for various reasons easily. The modern-day Technology has provided an easy way for manufacturers to develop better quality camera without compromising on the budget from time to time. There are various third-party camera applications available for both Android and iPhone which can be utilized to enhance the image quality without affecting the budget on a regular basis.

Best Camera Apps for Android

In this article of cool camera apps for Android will show you only most loved and highly rated android camera apps. You only need to download in your android smartphone and enjoy a great still.

Camera FV 5

The camera offers DSLR features which play a crucial role for any user to capture effective images with the help of a decent camera easily. The app has been used for a long time from different parts of the world because it supports over 30 languages without compromising on the features from time to time. Some of the camera’s features you would like are DSLR viewfinder display, full flagged exposure bracketing, pre-installed templates etc.

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Camera MX

Camera MX is one of the oldest applications, already 20,000,000 installed on the Android device which has been upgraded depending on the camera technology from time to time. The app allows people to convert images to GIF format instantly which plays a vital role for people to play along with images and save it easily. The app also able to enhance your phone’s camera features with picture capturing timer, grid lines, selfie display flash etc.

Camera Zoom FX

Zooming the camera is an important element to consider for every camera logo because it helps them to take quality images from longer distances effectively. Camera ZOOM FX provides an easy way for people to enjoy extra zoom which helps people to take better quality images compared to default camera on a regular basis. Some impressive features are speed burst mode, RAW capture, different photo mode, timer, voice-activated, action set on hardware buttons, collage maker, grid overlays, HDR mode, multiple flash modes, live effect, Spy camera, selfie flash and much more.

Candy Camera

I think most of you here this camera name because this is one of the most popular Android camera apps. Candy camera is designed for people to use while taking selfies because it offers a wide range of options to decorate depending on the necessity easily. It is important to have an effective selfie in order to enjoy the image and that provide sufficient amount of features to enjoy from time to time. I love some of the features like a number of filters for selfie photos, beauty functions, hundreds of stickers, silent camera, collage etc.


BeautyPlus is another of my favorite android camera app which has almost all camera features in any other camera app, There is also a lot of fun and more fun camera features. The focuses on professional elements and offers an easy way for people to edit the images depending on the requirement on a regular basis. There are various streams and college options available in the app which can be utilized to beautify the image without compromising on the budget effectively. Some awesome features of the BeautyPlus app are Skin editor, Perfect eyes, create perfect smile, live auto-retouch, magic brush etc.

DSLR Camera

It is a known fact that a professional DSLR camera will have multiple options to capture the image depending on the necessity from time to time. The application offers a wide range of features and options available in the DSLR camera which helps people to capture images in the DSLR style without facing hassles on a regular basis.

Footej camera

Manual control has been a popular element to consider for most of the people because it helps them to enjoy the activity for a long span of time. It is highly recommended for people to use footage camera in order to enjoy professional and mainstream features to capture images effectively. Its free version have also great which comes with some great features like burst mode, animated GIFs, slow-motion video recording, selfie light, panorama mode, HDR+ etc.

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Google Camera

Google camera is one of the popular pictures in the market because of it office equality output without affecting the image gravity on a regular basis. It is highly recommended for people to explore various options available in Google camera because it helps them to capture images with enhanced features from time to time. It is evident that most of the people would prefer to buy the dual rear camera in order to enjoy images with better clarity. Google camera offers an extension option for people to blur the background with Limited features easily.

Manual Camera

Most of the professional photographer would prefer to use the manual camera instead of automatic so because it helps them to you the specific portion of the image depending on the necessity in an easy way. The manual camera disabled all the automatic option in the camera which helps the user to have better control while capturing images from time to time.

Motion Stills

The motion still app is an effect which offers a different feature compared to all the mainstream camera applications in the market. It is important for people to have a better image with motion in order to enjoy for a long time. The application provides an easy to use interface to capture motion still moments effectively.


It is important for every professional to understand the extensive features of the camera in the current market because it helps them to get the maximum mileage of the technology from time to time. There are tons and tons of camera applications available in the market that can be used in order to increase the features while capturing images and video on a regular basis. Most of the fee application provides a wide range of feature in order to help users to capture an effective image.

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