7 Best Clock Widgets For Android

7 Best Clock Widgets For Android

This list of 7 Best Clock widgets for android will show you 7 top rated and highly downloaded clock widgets for your android smartphone.

If you will peep into technology world you will find changes every next hour. It is so quick and it is so advanced with its facilities. So currently the company has wrapped up the excellent iPhone launchers for Android and iOS to turn into your Android Smartphone’s interface to appear close to these recognisable to these iOS elements with an excellent Android Launchers accessible at Play store. So here is the best clock widget for Androids.

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Best Clock Widgets for Android

1. Pixel Art Clock

If you are Nyan Cat fan whose music still continues its viewer who stuck on for hours while they slink near YouTube, so Android Smartphone has brought up Nyan Cat for you. You just have to download the Pixel art Clock Widget. It has various customization choices with proper and pretty colours that cast spell on anyone.

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2. Craving Widgets

It gives a unique look to your Android Smartphone.  The one, who will be using their phones, will fall for their screen, guaranteed. You will have different types of widgets in five different sizes, this will let you fix screen real estate should be placed to this widget.  Or if you want to know the exact amplitude of the widget here it is; 1*1, 2*1, 4*1, 4*2, 4*4.

You will have complete choice to set your display by your choices. There is one more thing to take care is the larger the widget, the more info it will render you.  You will have the option of remodelling the shape of the clock which will alternate between 12 and 24-hour format.

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3. Minimalistic text – Best Android weather and clock widget

This widget takes care of your desire of having customized widgets in your Android. So the decision will be in your hand whether you want to set hours, date, time, battery life, or weather prediction because it gives you that choice.

For a language lover, a Minimalistic text is just angel because it supports 23 different dialects from the corners of the world, so you could easily switch to your favourite dialect anytime.

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I know this name will be sounding terrible and little awkward to you, but this is just opposite to its name. It is so unique with its feature.  It has a bucket full of your desired colours, you just have to pick one for you.

There is one more plus point of this widget is, the size of date and clock is changeable, including the lowercase and uppercase modes so that it matches the look of the home screen. Or if you are worried about paying them do not worry because it is completely free to download.

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5. One more Clock Widget (Includes weather widgets)

This is first such widget application which proposes in two versions; one is absolutely free and another one is paid worth $0.99. While you go through this app, you find a simplistic skin which only shows regular white text featuring a translucent background.

Even after having simplicity in this app, there is one thing which will charm you for its designs and templates and you will not be able to deny from trying this out. If you want to try more features then surely you may go for weather predictions, which has become an important aspect of your life if you are an avid traveller. Use various free themes given in this app which gives stylish look to your home screen.

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6. D – Clock widget

If you are hardcore time follower then I must say, do not dare to ditch this clock widget. You have choices of the setting format according to your comfort with more options like a choice between black and white wallpaper. On this app you will get a moving clock, you may change the position of clock anytime you want. One more thing this saves your space of storage and this one is also free to download.

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7. Chronus

Is it sounding interesting to you? Then I must say it is. It is a very regular kind of widget for your android but very brilliant in its given features. It is quite promising and lets you enjoy clock and alarm, time panel, calendar events and general look. 

The best part about this widget is, it is heart winning kind of clock widget as you can customize every given choice whenever you want and add it to your lock screen.  It compliments wonderfully with an Android device that runs version 4.1 or higher. 

The only thing you should be careful about this widget is if you are using a very old Android OS update, then recommend a cell phone upgraded very seriously future.

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