10 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows

10 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows

When there is software there must be protected but if you lost hope how you will be able to recover software for windows then you must be free from this thought

Whenever we use any storage device like a smartphone, SD card, Hard Drive, Pan Drive etc, we are afraid of losing data. Whatever the reason for the loss of data, we can recover it to a great extent. For this, we need good data recovery software. That’s why we are writing the article of 10 best data recovery software here. Using these tools OR software you can easily recover your lost data.

Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

We used Some of listed data recovery software to recover our lost data, but not used all. We listed top recovery software according to user reviews.

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1. TestDisk –

TestDisk is topping the list of your research content it has some very faithful functions which are quite promising for permitting users to recover/rebuild the boot sector. If you are looking for the fix or recover deleted part table instead of being able to keep faith in the undeleted files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2 file systems. This is accessible in all the pivotal platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X etc. and it is indeed pretty illustrious as it can be found on various Linux Live CDs. It takes time on an intense scan on the deleted/ damaged parts.

2. Undelete 360 –

It has some typically styled toolbar and blue colour theme with various considerable features. Undelete 360 works on various devices such as Memory card, computer hard drives, Digital cameras, Smartphones, USBs etc.  It adds up a data- wiping tool, a Hex Viewer along with the strength to preview files before recovery. It does some good work in the recovery section as if you got a problem by losing the current deleted files as compared to the other free data recovery software. It can easily recover files of different category like HTML, MP3, AVI, DOC etc.

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3. Recuva –

About Recuva, you will have a facility like superior file recovery with advance intense scanning version. You could save overwrite functions that employ Industry and military standard deletion techniques and keeps the power of recovering the files from spoiled or freshly formatted files.  Recuva has an easy user interface which is pretty appreciative.

4. Stellar Data Recovery –

Stellar data recovery recovers data from different types of storage devices such as Smartphones, hard disks, memory card and USB drives etc. Employing the Stellar Data Recovery program is very easy and simple, you could download it, embark on the scan and you will be able to recover from the past data disasters.

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5. Pandora Recovery –

It could recover deleted files from the NTFS and FAT – formatted volumes. It previews those deleted files of particular types (image and text files) without performing recovery.

6. Wise Data Recovery –

It is very easy and an intuitive interface which could recover deleted files from local drives, Memory card, Cameras, USB drives, removable media devices etc. It has faster search filter by hand- picking inbuilt file extension groups employing the file’s type and compatible from Windows XP to Windows 8.

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7. PC Inspector File Recovery –

It has a simple and easy dialogue which could help you out situated files by name. The recovered files can be easily restored to a local hard disk or network drives. PC Inspector can recover images, songs and video or other types of files in various formats like HTML, MP3, PDF, JPG, ZIP, AVI, LZH.

8. Restoration –

If you will consider top 15 best data recovery software then this on 10th number. Restoration has very simple and easy to employ without perplexing and no cryptic buttons or any intricate files recovery process. Restoration software allows recovering data and files from memory cards, USB drives, Hard drives and other external drives as well as.

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9. Puran file recovery –

Puran Quick Scan this is one of quality which the software must have. So it easily reads the FAT or NTFS file system for deleted files from the recycle bin etc. This allows you to scan deeply with all accessible free space and full scan. It does support Windows XP to Windows 8.

10. Mini Tool Partition recovery –

If talking, about Mini tool partition recovery has an easy and simple wizard-based interface with specially designed for data recovery on an entire partition. The only thing you need to deal with Mini tool is that it will not be able to recover on a bootable disc. But it is able to recover at the problematic drive, and it does a scan for the remaining or missing parts. It helps you in generating a recovery report which will let you know what the program has found in helping you in data recovery.

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