Top 6 Best Download Manager for iPhone In 2020

Best Download Manager for iPhone, iPhone comes with a decent Downloader, which works pretty much good. In0built Downloader may not amaze you, but there are lots of Downloaders in the App Store which works far better than iOS Downloader. Such Apps are free, has very easy to use User-interface and you can download anything you wish.

Today we will see and review various apps which are the perfect alternative to your iOS Downloader. These apps are the perfect replacement for your File Manager too. The best part is these apps are very powerful as compared to iOS Downloader and just name the file it can download it. Be it Zip, Rar, Doc, MP3, mp4, MPEG, jpg and many others too.

Download Pro

Download Pro is developed by Kundan Jadhav. Along with Downloading Files, it has a Web Browser built along it. It can help you to visit sites and save the websites along with images and videos for Offline use. If we talk about the browser, it is pretty much productive too. Just like a PC or laptop you can switch tabs and save any images easily. There are some extraordinary features which let it be in 1st Position. Like it can scan a webpage for downloads available. If we talk about downloading, it can download almost all types of files, and you can pause them and resume them too. It can detect broken links and unstoppable downloads too. There are many other features which will make your life easy. You should give a try to it.

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eDl Pro

eDl Pro is like a perfect combination of Download Manager and File Manager. It is a complete solution if you are looking for an all-in-one download manager. Just like Download Pro, it can download most of the files for you. It has fast download feature which will let you download files with a higher speed than normal.

Along with downloading, it has audio and Video Player inside it too. This Player can play all types of files be like mp3, mp4, MPEG, and many others. If we talk about compressed files, it can compress and decompress both raw and zip files inside it.

Giving a tough competition to Download Pro. It has a browser inside it too, which can let you switch between the Web Browser Engines like Chromium, Firefox or Safari. People love private mode browser well, it has private mode browser too. It has more features too like an image viewer, documents Viewer and a tonne of other features too.

Files – File Manager & Browser

Earlier Files was known as Download Lite. Just like other too, it has a browser and document downloader too. It can’t download Music and Video content which is a very big disadvantage of this app. This app is mainly focused on Documents and you can view and download any document which is supported by iOS. Apart from Other apps in this list, you can integrate DropBox in this app too. Additionally, it has a lot more features which you can check in the app store. Not to mention it has compression file support and Html file support too.


Qwe is a very simplistic Download manager which will let you download any type of file you wish. Moreover, it has a cloud support too which can let you sync files to major cloud platforms. Similarly to other apps, it also supports compressed files and even has Wi-Fi file transfer option too. However, if you are insecure about your data, you can use the in-built PassCode to access the files.

iBrowser Plus – Cloud Storage

Brower Plus is very similar to other downloader apps in this list. Although it has all the major features like Web Brower, File Manager, Document Viewer and lot more. Still, unlike other apps, it has apps, it has adblocker and ringtones maker too which comparatively makes it powerful and likely to be popular in future.

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iDL is one of the oldest players in this Area. Earlier it uses to known as iDownload Plus. Don’t know why they changed the name, although it was good enough. It is regarded as the longest standing app in this segment. It has over 11 million downloads till now. Similar to other apps they have made things easy for you in the first place. Web browser, Download Manager, File Manager, and Video Player just name it. It will get your job done, be it browsing, and let me remind you. It has an Apple Safari Bookmark integration which lets you save bookmarks in your safari browser.

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