7 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

7 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android 

If you are a bibliophile and looking for the best reading app then you should be thankful, there are so many such options which let you do that. This contemporary world is serving everything in a small pocket (cell-phones, you just have to look for your taste and comfort. Such apps are being made especially for you in the form of e-book android apps. Name anything it will be in your hand or collection, be it magazines, textbooks, child books or comics etc.  You know what is a good part about android apps is that just like hard copies you can bookmark, highlights across multiple devices and platforms.  So here is a bucket full of list and editor’s choices

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Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

1. Kindle

Kindle is a personal favourite of everyone bibliophile and everyone owns this. Kindle permits you to read free books on some special offer or purchased e-books. Once you can download samples on kindle then you can decide whether you want to download or buy that book or not. There is an option of customizing the e-book and you will have an option of reading magazines and textbooks in high resolution. This app only needs Amazon Account to buy ebooks. You may download this app on play store.

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2. Cool reader

the Cool reader is one of amazing an ebook reader which advocates many ebook formats including the most famous epub format. This app is supportive in both book formats OPDS and LitRes. The cool reader has charming UI which offers a feature named ‘aged paper’ with cool page animations.

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3. Google play books

Yes, it is one of the excellent app for exploring books. Google play has given books on a large basis from where you can download free e-books for Android and purchase the premium books. You can pick up books according to your taste, browse and download or let your friends know about this.

It could be synced with all the devices whether be, it system, phone, tablet or any other reading app. So you can read books on your favourite devices. Google play books advocate illustrious e-book formats.

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4. Aldiko Book Reader

It is vintage e-book reading app on Android. It advocates epub, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted ebooks. It is considered to be one of greatest PDF reader, also allow you to purchase books at the cheapest price. EPUB or Adobe PDF books can easily be transferred from your SD card which gives you a choice of downloading e- books of your taste.

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5. Nook by B&N

Nook is the app which has a big collection of books. It is one of an amazing book store on Androids, it is similar to Amazon which allows you to purchase or download books from this famous app. It let you experience customize form of reading which makes your experience more wonderful.

Barnes and Noble have followed the paths of Amazon in a more creative way. This company is ruling in the markets of Tablet, you must have heard about the Nook Tablet. So flood your phone with books downloading this app.

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6. Kobo

­­Whether be it series of Harry potter or twilight saga, you can easily read your favourite collection by downloading Kobo. More than 3.5 million free and paid e-books, comics, magazines are available. It is so easy to bookmark to all your notes. The best part about this app is it authorizes you to add books from web, email or Dropbox account and post your activity on Facebook. If you want to custom – made your reading experience, you have the option of that.

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7. FB reader

It must be sounding interesting to you or this might happen when you wanted to have the best. So this app is saying you, go on, you are right there close to your dream or desired reading app. This app will definitely share lots of profit and will let you grown with reading. It also reads PDF stuffs and DjVu files, read comics or if you are busy in doing stuffs in your kitchen then you have even option of audio books on FB reader. Wait, Wait there is more in it; it let you send documents for printing directly.

This also advocates all the formats of reading. It has themes or 12 fonts, 5 dialects (Russian, English, German, French and Ukrainian) advocate with built in translator. Celebrate your reading journey with FB reader for free.

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In Conclusion

How do you like our list of best eBook reader apps for the Android device? Share with us your query and suggestions in the comment box and stay with us for more interesting tech tips and tricks.


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