Best Free Android apps you can get now

Best Free Android apps: the most useful and essential app which you must download for free

Best Android Apps 2020

In this list, you will find apps that are free for good once you install them. Typically certain functions are locked till you make a payment, however with those below we’ve ensured that the free functions and options are the best, and may be used to a decent extent. 

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Best Android Apps All Time

Best free android Launcher: Nova Launcher

best android apps
Best free android Launcher

One of the classics among the launchers is also out there for free: Nova Launcher. For a few functions, you have got to buy the prime-unlocker for a fee; however, the fundamental functions can even be used like this. Above all, the high performance includes a positive impact on many a manufacturer’s UI attachment.

Best free grocery shopping app: Bring!

best android apps
Best free grocery shopping app

Bring! Is essentially a digital shopping list with an appealing style and help with finding out individual product? Recipes can assist you with analysis and add the ingredients you wish to the list tired one go. The brochures together with special offers at your supermarkets can assist you to save lots of cash, and you’ll be able to got wind of many completely different lists and invite your friends or family to your individual shopping list.

Best free file manager: Amaze

best android apps
Best free file manager

Open source fans should be pleased with Amaze File Manager: The file manager is free and provides full access to native files on your phone or tablet. Of course, you’ll manage your memory card with Amaze. 

Best free antivirus app: Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

Best Android Apps 2019
Best free antivirus app

When it involves security for your precious device, you’ll be able to get top-notch protection without spending a penny. Sophos includes a nice record from independent watchdogs like AV-Test. There are not even any ads to bother you, as a result of Sophos makes cash from B2B sales instead. 

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Sophos offers a variety of options however does not overload your device. 

Sophos includes a varied feature set, incorporating kid protection filters, call blockers and device encryption and more. It additionally includes anti-theft options that permit you to remotely manage your smartphone via SMS from different phone numbers you have previously given. 

Best free image editing app: Snapseed

Best free image editing app

It’s a tough call between two full-fledged apps for the best free image editor, however, Snapseed by Google simply beats VSCO Cam. 

As well as long-standing android app pedigree, 25 different filters, support for JPG and RAW DNG files, image tuning controls and a bunch of different tools (like Bokeh blurs, glow effects, etc.) that are really easy to use, it is also entirely free, that is wherever it beat VSCO, as that app charges for a few filters. 

Best free video editing app: KineMaster

Best free video editing app

Video editing may be a tough category if you are looking for a fully-featured app with a full bunch of different options, however still don’t need to pay any cash. Kinemaster may be a smart compromise for this, if not the one with the foremost options. 

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For free, you get a super-easy video editor that supports pictures, clips, music tracks, screenshots and different sorts of content. Quickly throwing along a video may be a fast task, along with editing it and setting it to at least one of the pre-installed themes. The drawback, however, is that you will have little watermark unless you select to purchase a subscription to the service. 

For anyone willing to pay a little money to get loads additional manual management over the ensuing videos, PowerDirector is worth finding out, or if you would like a good less complicated video maker, there is Quik, that is liberated to use for brief videos. 

Kinemaster may be a sensible balance of simplicity and practicality, as long as you’ll be able to tolerate the watermark – or will pay to get rid of it. 

Best free camera app: Open Camera

Best free android apps
Best free camera app

If you would like a colossal quantity of options for capturing your photos, and a full heap of manual management over the settings, AND you would like all that while not ever paying any cash, then Open Camera is well worth a glance. 

Is it the simplest designed UI? Nope. Is it the simplest to use? Not even close (it’s not arduous either, though). However what it does is provide most of the common tools you may need once taking snaps on your phone, together with things like time and site stamps, a burst mode, and a very handy widget for the home screen that opens the app and captures an image with one press.

There is other camera apps with additional options offered, however, you’ll need to purchase several of them, whereas Open Camera is completely free. There is a donation version of the app if you would like to show your appreciation to the developer though.

Open Camera offers the foremost common camera options you may need, and a handy home screen convenience. 

Best free e-reader: ReadEra

Best free android apps
Best free e-reader

ReadEra may be a quick and versatile document reader that is nice for eBook fans. It can open and read EPUB, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, DJVU, FB2, MOBI and CHM file formats. The app automatically recognizes these sorts of files on your device and saves your home thus it is easy to select up wherever you left off ensuing time you open the app.

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Overall we tend to found the presentation to be simple on the eyes, and better of all, there are not even any ads to get within the way of your reading!

Get paid apps for free with App Hoarder

Best free android apps
Get paid apps for free

Sometimes a developer can provide their premium (paid) app at no cost on the Play Store for a quick time. Great, however, the Play Store is such a jammed marketplace that you are not likely to note. That is wherever AppHoarder comes in. Primarily; these apps keep an inventory of paid apps that are briefly free on Google Play.

The app does not control for quality, and whereas you are not likely to seek out something you want every day, sometimes a true steal can ensue and you may be glad AppHoarder brought it to your attention.


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