10 Best Free Calling Apps For Android

10 Best Free Calling Apps For Android

In this list, we are sharing Best free calling apps for android to make a free call from your Android smartphone using the internet.

We are in an era where we can see people even we are not close to them. You can easily listen to their voice and see their face, and the best part is you do not need to pay for that. It does not matter how far is your close ones or you are in a different country, you cannot pay long bills, it is possible you can do it without worrying so much. You just have to install these apps on your android for free calling and maintaining closeness. So here are these apps streaming on Play Store and are absolutely free of cost with so many loving features. Take a look if you are searching these apps since long –

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Best Free Calling Apps for Android

1. GrooVeIP –

Even if you have not heard about GrooVeIP, then this article will be helpful for your information about this app. This app is completely free for calls it gives original US phone number that you actually employ for your cell phone. It is quite pretty in advocating texts and calls it has one of feature like earning credits for free which help to uplift your quality of calling for that you will have to go for ads which it gives. Although it is limited in giving you free calls but indeed a great app for Androids.

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2. Skype –

The craze of Skype in youngsters is so much you may ask every youngster about the best app for free calls their answer will be Skype. So it has some more features like free texting, stickers and video calls. It does not cost you a single penny, and you can easily get connected with your loved ones. Or if you want to have an actual phone number on Skype, then you will have to pay for credits.

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3. Slack –

It let you enjoy free calls to whomever you feel like to get connected.  It is getting illustrious among people these days due to its good quality of providing video calls or voice calls. It has features like advocating text channels, message people on a personal basis.

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4. Viber Messenger –

Yes, it is too in this list, that too with quality which some people tend to misunderstand.  If you were looking for free calls, video calls rather than Skype, Whatsapp or Snapchat then this can be the choice to make without giving it a second thought. But if you want to make a call to more numbers who are not part of Viber then for that you will have to pay.

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5. Google Duo –

Google Duo has specially designed for making calls for free and provides kind of quality you want to have in such apps.  Google company has launched this app for people’s comfort and so that they do not have to wander hither and thither. It has both the features of making free video calls or voice calls. It works on both IOS and Android.

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6. Hangouts –

Hangout is also streaming in this list. It has become one of the best messaging apps with features like calling. You can do voice calls, video calls or messages for free or if you want to send stickers or emoji, then that too is there. It has one of the awesome features, and you will fall for that you can download Hangouts Dialler app for making a call to most of US and Canadian numbers for free.  The only thing which you need here is having a Google account.

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7. Signal Private Messenger –

If you just have got engaged to an NRI and now you are worrying about how to make a call to him then girl you do not need to be worried on this note. What you have to download Signal private messenger on your android and just go for free voice calls, text messages and everything between.

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8. Whatsapp –

In the world of full texting and messaging, there is an angel app which will win your heart. It has features like free voice calls or video calls, texts etc. It has more features which truly take care of your needs and you valuable stuff.

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9. TextNow –

This app lets you call or text for free, free! Yes, every feature which is streaming on TextNow is for free. If your best friend is in the US or Canada, then do not waste your time to make them call, download this app. But if you call on International numbers, then you will have to pay for it.

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10. Facebook Messenger –

Are you shocked? The friend’s book give such a wonderful facility, yes it does that is why it has given name face/ friends book to let you connected to them wherever you are, or you go. You are allowed to make free calls through this app. It has also featured like free video chats or texts. So enjoy your free call journey.

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In Conclusion

How do you like our article of best free calling apps for Android smartphone? Share with us your query and suggestions in the comment box and stay with us for more interesting tech tips and tricks.

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