10 Best Free VPN for Torrenting in 2020

Best free VPN for Torrenting:- Are you tired of being open on the internet prone to numerous threats and snooping sites and malware? This wired world is weird, isn’t it? You get what you want but at a price. This, my friends, is your identity. Do you know that your personality becomes more vulnerable to be misused or more technically, hacked into the device? Thanks to the VPNs that pretty balance the odds. Have you tried some VPNs? It is hard to get your pick where you have to choose out of so many, right. Here in this article, I’ll be assisting you in finding out the 10 Best free VPN for Torrenting that will also be a high hand to keep your online privacy uncompromised. Some of the VPNs may slow your net speed than normal, worry not, this is usual to face when you need a secure passage to surf amidst the numerously hustling online channels and superfluous website. Make sure you have reliable bandwidth before you start.

Best Free VPN for Torrenting

Keep in mind that some of the countries have banned the torrent sites recently. Many reasons had both privacy and national security concerns for some governments. Raising alarms and cares for the user who loves torrenting and gets most of their treats through other connected peers on torrents. The Reasons for using VPN’s are many depending on your security and interests. There are many regional policies that internet users are restricted. Let us roll that pointer and know more to keep your identity uncompromised. 


VYPR VPN is a robust and secure network channel provider that has more IPs you can pick. Widely chosen by professional users, guest users, it’s even preferred by the tech experts. Many IP addresses mean, about 200k+ to be specific, it has 700+ servers and comes with Chameleon 256-bit encryption. No matter you are surfing on Android, Windows PC, or MAC, or even iOS you have a lot to explore. You can also try it for free as VYPR gets you free daily internet surfing data up to 500 MB.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is the one that homes to many worldwide users’ earning the best ratings. TunnelBear works on keeping your location uncompromised giving you the list of proxy servers. It pretty much focuses on the technical features and employs the best encryption techniques. If you own a MAC, try it, if your platform is Windows, no worries either. It’s been quite a while TunnelBear is topping the charts. Go, add it to your cart.

OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect would be my third best choice to prefer you. With numerous servers from the list, it connects you to the best and readily available server. I had been doing most of my searches with the help of OpenVPN, and so far, it’s unbeatable in the list. What makes it unique even more impeccable, is the particular sort of use. Users are given with advanced settings to import there. 

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a masterpiece created by the team Anchor Free. It is the newest application of all. It is available free on the internet not only just iOS or Android users, if you prefer it try on Windows or iPhones, take your shot. Although the free version serves all your basic needs, if you seem to get interested more, go for its premium purchase at $2.08 per month. The pricing may differ as your server preference, or data consumption varies as per the need.

CyberGhost VPN

Lay your eyes here laddies,  CyberGhost VPN is still here on the list and earned most of the reviews ever since being public. The coding fellas concentrated more on privacy and securing the perimeters for the user’s cabin virtually. Unlike other VPNs, CyberGhost doesn’t flash those unwanted ads and commercials either. You can also keep a tab on the malicious websites that try to sneak into your channel or to pry on your data. To connect to a particular network, click to join. Security is triply assured when you unlock its features once you get it paid version at $3.79.   


DotVPN came to light back in 2014 that is now a solidly commended by users. Around the globe, round the clock, the user base has grown to 500k+, and the graph is still on the high. And the rest would be done when you see user ratings on the Google web store. More surprises include an unlimited bandwidth enabling users to access the servers based in France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, US, UK, and Canada. The security is taken care of by 4096-bit key encryption giving you the authority to switch between locations anytime and in any number.        

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Hola Free VPN

Firstly, you don’t need to have any paying account linked to this application. Hola Free VPN is widely accessible in the majorly dominating worlds. 190+ countries, the app gets you more comfortable and rapid access to the blocked websites and contents no disregarding your locations. Who cares? When you connect yourself via a VPN, shouldn’t raise any concern for users.

Speed VPNs

When you need a bigger server to access, you have to rely much on speed. And when it is a reliable application to speed up amplify the accessibility, Speed VPN is all you need: Surf the torrents sites and servers being protected with the secured layer of encryption and the top-notch speed. The system it works on is simple; it fetches the geoinformation and hands you a list of active servers you want. The impeccable bandwidth doesn’t let you worry much as the blocked content becomes more accessible to browse and access. Security assured when you connect to a different location after every 60 minutes of an active session. 

Super VPN

Want to try a torrent VPN with a simple to use interface? But what about the security? Super VPN has it all. Freeing from the complicated process technicality, it connects you to the internet work on the go.  Your activity goes safe and sound through the tunnels of multi-layered encryption. The process of getting registered is also smooth, and you can launch the application once you create a user account.   


IPVanish routinely stands out of the crowd as the best VPN providers, which is also never too late to mention rather. With a list of 850+ active servers and over 60 different locations, you have about 40k+ IP addresses to take. Download speed is alleviated to its best handling the P2P traffic smoothly and efficiently. You can connect a maximum of 5 devices at once and terminate any private session by the automatic kill switch. IPVanish doesn’t come with a free or trial version. However, it does come with different subscription plans. The plans go like this $4.87 a month for 1-year totaling $58.49, $6.74 a month for 3-month amounting $20.24, and $7.50 monthly plan.

More apps are inflating the market of Best Torrenting VPNs. I am keeping a watch, if you are also on the lookout for the Best VPNs for Torrenting, do share your thoughts on that too. The comments box is right below.    

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