Top 10 Best Free WhatsApp Lock Apps for Android In 2020

10 Best free WhatsApp lock apps for android

Whatsapp Has was a popular and common application which has been utilized on a regular basis for various reasons. It is evident that most of the corporate organizations were prefer to use WhatsApp because it allows sending various media files in a quick span of time. It is important for every user to protect the application with the help of various third-party apps in the market because it allows them to enjoy the maximum amount of security easily. Best free WhatsApp lock apps for android

Best free WhatsApp lock apps for android

Here the list of most secure and highly rated WhatsApp lock app for your android smartphone. So, select one app and download to use in your phone.

Locker for WhatsApp – Locker for WhatsApp is one of the highly used applications which have a great number of features for youngsters to use it easily. The app provides multiple options for people to lock certain chat in order to have better control of every element effectively. You have to download and install to your phone, enter your email address, set your pattern. That’s it. Your app lock for WhatsApp locked your WhatsApp in the phone.

Lockdown PRO

Lockdown Pro has gained a lot of reputation in the market because it provides an effective security gateway while accessing them on a regular basis. The accurate and effective fingerprint facility provides an easy way for people to unlock the application without compromising the timeline effectively. This is one of the useful apps to hide images, videos in folders to create a private gallery.

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Tools for WhatsApp

It is important for every user to save space by using an effective set of applications in the phone from time to time. Tools for WhatsApp servers a lot of benefits for people by offering various features apart from security on a regular basis.

Messenger lock

Messenger lock is carefully designed with the help of a great idea by offering security elements for all kinds of chat applications effectively. The Messenger lock can be used to lock various chat applications with multiple features suitable in various ways from time to time. This app is able to lock most of the popular chat apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat, Kik, Tango, Hangout, SMS etc.


Whatslock offers an extra feature by capturing images during an unsuccessful attempt to log in from time to time. It is important to have the image capture because it allows them to figure out the actual culprit without effect personal elements on a regular basis.

Applock Fingerprint

The fingerprint scanner in the App Lock Fingerprint has attracted a lot of people we can we prevent and easy to use interface toward various print to use on a regular basis. AppLock fingerprint offers and easy to use interface for people to add various fingerprints at any given point of time to use it with the maximum amount of security effectively. Effective fingerprint lock which has attracted a lot of people in the correct market because it helps to open the application with a specific print from the user.

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Private App Lock

The private app now is a popular app which consumes very less space on the phone and attracted a lot of people in the market. The private app is a simple application of common elements of the security in order to utilize the best in a quick span of time. The private app lock has been used why a lot of people because it offers a sufficient amount of features for free of cost easily.

App Lock

It is evident that people would prefer to use the elegant application in order to have a better mood and higher productivity in an easy way. The AppLock offers various things and background option which allows people to play along with features in order to enjoy the earth to the maximum accident on a daily basis. Most of the people would prefer to use a convenient application with a better background in order to enjoy maximum features effectively.

App lock by Do Mobile Lab

That is one of the oldest in the market which has a million downloads because of extensive security elements in an easy way. The application offers a sensitive password to users in order to use while uninstalling any of the applications from the phone on a regular basis. Do not allow users to uninstall the application without using the admin code which helps hackers to use application from time to time.

Lock for WhatsApp

Patterns are one of the important elements to consider while locking the application because it allows them to save without compromising the security in an effective way. It is highly recommended for people to explore with various security patterns and log properties available in the application because it helps up to take maximum mileage and allows you to remember in an easy way.


Security is one of the important elements to consider for every user while using various applications because it helps them to secure the information and data in an easy way. It is a reminder for people to explore various WhatsApp lock applications available in the market in order to utilize it to the maximum extent on a regular basis.

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