Top 5 Best Password Manager for Mac

Top 5 Best Password Manager for Mac

Hello everyone, this is Sourav again. In the last article, I wrote about the top 10 best photo editing app for Android; you can also check it out. Link to that article is here:-  Click Here

So, how are you guys; I hope you guys will be very good. Today’s time, a common man’s life has become very easy. However, it has also created some complications. To manage password is one of them. Password managers for Mac are apps which help the user to store and organize as well as design to reduce this burden.

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Best Password Manager for Mac:

1.  Dashlane:-

 Best Password Manager for Mac

Dashlane has made its place on number one in our list. Dashlane is a secure digital wallet and a password manager app. Use of Dashlane is efficient because it is done by a single master password, which is neither transmitted nor recorded. Data is stored by AES-256 encryption. Some other features include two-factor authentication, automatic password generation, security breach alerts a dashboard, and secure backup. It has an excellent user interface (simply UI) that displays your passwords with large icons in a tile formation. As soon as you put your password in it, it starts tracking the security trade and notifies you that you have to change the password immediately. Besides storing passwords, Dashlane also supports storage for personal info, PayPal accounts, credit cards, notes, IDs and receipts. It also allows you to set up an emergency contact who’ll receive notes, medical information, passwords etc.

Strengths of Dashlane is that it is an extremely secure, mobile and desktop apps, have automatic password changer, security analysis, easy to use and multiple support options; and Weakness is that there is no multi-device sync on free plans and it is difficult to set and manage categories.

The recently launched (in July), version 6 is what has come with even more money but has come up with new and good features. It’s come as a Freemium and Premium. Freemium is basically a free password manager app for Mac, which can be upgraded to a Premium version. Premium version is very high standard as it allows the user to handle a larger number of devices, supported by different stage, in a sync manner.

Lastly, Dashlane is an excellent option as a Mac password manager. Yes, it is costly but it will worth it.

The strength of Dashlane is excellent security, Password changer and Dark web monitoring; and weakness is expensive and limited free plan.

Download Dashlane

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2. 1Password:-

 Best Password Manager for Mac

As its name says, the idea behind this password manager for Mac is for the user to remember (only) one password, known as the master password. Like Dashlane, 1Password also use (top-level) AES-256 encryption used to store password. The database can be accessed through fingerprints, mobile devices, PIN codes and using fingerprints. 

In short, 1Password is a very complete Mac password manager app, which helps the user in decreasing the burden created by having to deal with so many passwords.

The strength of 1Password is that it is inexpensive, have travel mode and password backup, and weakness is that it has no free plan.

Download 1Password

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3. LastPass: –

 Best Password Manager for Mac

Last Pass is one of the best free password manager app. LastPass is a browser-based extension so you can use it while being disconnected from the internet. LastPass offers 5 licenses for the price of 2. After upgrading to premium, you will some more additional feature including LastPass for the application. In Premium, you can share anything in your vault including Wi-Fi logins, passwords, and many people as you wish.

The strength of LastPass is an excellent free plan, support for multiple data types and offline support; and weakness is a mediocre premium offering.

Download LastPass

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4. Sticky Password:-

 Best Password Manager for Mac

Like other free plans, It gives you unlimited item storage for one device. It doesn’t loosen in the security department, though. You still use the same top-level AES-256 encryption, verification via biometrics, and multi-factor authentication options. Multi-device sync is important which come with upgrades. You can sync manually, too.

The strength of a Sticky password is offline access, USB export and Manual sync; whereas weakness is dated interface.

Download Sticky Password

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5. Keeper:-

 Best Password Manager for Mac

Keeper’s focus is also on business and even on the personal thing. Keeper’s price is almost same as LastPass. Its price (very low price) will give you unlimited password storage and sync, unlimited secure record sharing and secure cloud backup. It also supports biometric authentication and can be used only in your browser.

Like LastPass, it (family plan) offers 5 licenses for the price of 2 and also comes with 10GB of secure cloud storage. Keeper uses a zero-knowledge model (it never sees your master password or vault data).

If you forget your master password, the only way to restore your account is through emergency access.

The strength of Keeper is an excellent mobile application, Keeper Chat and Cloud backup; and weakness is a Mediocre desktop application.

Download Keeper

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Our first choice is Dashlane (for excellent security and a large set of the feature), followed by 1Password. But don’t go with my choice, i.e. DashLane, it’s my personal choice. You should try at least 2-3 password managers so that you can understand which app will best suit you.

You can write your suggestion about this article, and what do you think about this article as well if you think I miss any one of the best Password Manager for Mac tell us in the comment box given below, we would love to read your comment. The comment box is all yours 🙂

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