Top 10 Best Photo Editing App for Android

Top 10 Best Photo Editing App for Android

Hello everyone, this is Sourav again. In the last article, I wrote about the top 10 best multiplayer games in android, you can also check it out. Link to that article is here:- Click Here

So, how are you guys; I hope you guys will be very good. Nowadays, many people have been using photo editing apps. I know some of you people have used photo editing app. If you are an Android user then have noticed that there are so many photo editing app on Google Play Store. So, Today I have come to say this about the top 10 photo editing app for Android in this article. So this is the name of the top 10 best editing app for android:-

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Best Photo Editing App for Android

1. Snapseed

Best Photo Editing App for Android

It is what is considered the best photo editing app for the phone. Its feature itself makes it different from others. For those people who have just started their career in photography, this photo editing app is the best one for them. In this photo editing app, you have to go to two places, the first one is style and the other one is tools. Style can also be understood in terms of the filter (You must have heard the name on Instagram). The tool is the masterpiece of this app in which you can get lots of things like Tune image, White balance, Crop, Rotate, Expand, Selective (where you can select a point for brightness, contrast, saturation and structure), Brush, Healing, Glamour glow, Grunge, Noir, Head Pose, Lens Blur, double exposure, tonal contrast, Drama, Vintage and many more. If you want to speak privately, then I would like to say I like the head pose feature of this app because you can move your face in 4 major directions.

Download Snapseed

2. B612 –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Beauty & filter Camera: – B612- Beauty & filter camera is commonly known as B612. It is the best photo editing apps for selfies. I can hope for you that you have been some photos of people who have a mark of B612. Literally, you can do anything with your face with this app. In it, you can do anything with your jaw, eye, nose and lips, meaning that the long, wide, thick and even a lots more. The best feature of this app is its sticker, but you have to download it through the internet and it will worth it. You can also make boomerang and video (plus music). My personal favourite filter of this magical app is Clean.

Download B612

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3. Prisma: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

This photo editing app makes any photos so different from its original form that you are not sure how the photos became so good. You have to resort to the internet to run this app. Its filter is very awesome. In this app, I find these two filter the best: Mosaic and Tokyo.

Download Prisma

4. Instagram: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

As we all know, Instagram is a very popular social networking site of today’s time. As people would know that the Instagram filter is very popular because it is very satisfactory and fun loving. Along with the filter, it has a lot of features such as brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, fade, highlight, shadow, vignette and others. A filter like a lark and Juno, I love the most.

Download Instagram

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5. Lightroom CC: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Lightroom CC is commonly known as Lightroom. From the LightRoom Photo Editing app, if you have to edit photos, you will first have to create an account through Facebook, Adobe ID or Google. It is one of the best photo editing apps in android. Some feature of this app changes the size and position of a picture, a huge array of filters, add metadata in a simple way, change the lighting values, adjust the white balance in various ways, modify the color strokes, see a before and after of the image, add curious effects, undo and redo changes in a snap, and can edit with the screen in horizontal or vertical mode.

Download Lightroom CC

6. Adobe Photoshop Express: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Like Lightroom CC, You have to make your ID in it before using it. Adobe Photoshop is commonly known as Photoshop. Unnecessarily grain & Speckling in night photos can be reduced by a feature called Noise Reduction. In Adobe Photoshop express support many settings are available and support most formats. Adobe Photoshop Express listed in Photography category of the app store.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express

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7. Pixlr: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

In simple terms, it can also be said that he himself is the younger brother of Snapseed. The appearance of this app is somewhat look-like/matchable to Snapseed, so we can say that if Pixlr is Pikachu then Snapseed is Raichu. This editing app has a lot of effects, overlay and stylize. It is very easy to use this app and if a new person who has just taken a smartphone, can use smoothly.

Download Pixlr

8. Retrica: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Retrica is one of the best photo editing apps for android users. His speciality is that you can see the real-time edited photo (mainly selfie) while taking, which make it different from editing app like Instagram. Retrica has lots of filter in it so that you will go crazy. “SUJI” filter is mine favourite.

Download Retrica

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9. Photo Editor by Aviary: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Photo editor by aviary is commonly known as Aviary. You can enhance your photo according to your types like Hi-Def, Scenery, Food, Portrait, and Night. I’m pretty sure that its effects will affect your photo to a very large extent. Besides this, Aviary has  Frames, Sticker, Overlays, Crop, Adjust, Dehaze, Noise Reduction, sharpness, Focus (radially & linearly), Vintage, Orientation (Rotate & Flip), Transform (horizontal, straighten & vertical), Splash, Draw, Text, Meme, Blemish, Blur, Red Eye, and Whiten.

Download Aviary

10. Photo Director: –

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Photo director is one of the best photo editing app in the android phone. In this photo editing app, you can crop & rotate (in any direction) your photo. This editing app also has Transform (Fisheye & Perspective), Adjust (Tone, Curve, Saturation, Sharpness, and Dehaze), Clone, Splash, Cutout, Mirror, Blur tool, Portrait tools, Insta fill, Pen Tools, Text Tools, Sticker, Frame, and Scene option. Its blender and effect feature are freaky crazy.

Download Photo Director

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Photo editing apps are used by children to youth; even old people also use it. An edited photo looks very extravagant in view. We do the edit photos so that it is fine and looks very beautiful. Every person wants his/her photo was very good to show it to others. Just the last thing I want to say is that photo editor app does not only enhance your photo as well as you will be mad in its love.

You can write your suggestion about this article, and what do you think about this article as well if you think I miss any one of the best photo editing app for Android, tell us in the comment box given below, we would love to read your comment. The comment box is all yours 🙂

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