10 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android

10 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android

As and when you keep using Android, you will keep discovering more and more features for it. Certainly, the trend for screen recording is growing and becoming more popular day by day with the players who genuinely want to show off their skills. These kind of android apps are generally more useful for those who either YouTubers or Vloggers. Not just these reasons that you have decided to download these screen recording apps. Of course, there are more reasons where these apps act very useful.

There are many such apps which provide a great set of features and other facilities in the app itself. You can search for these apps in the Google Play store. You will find many such apps for screen recorder for your android phone. You have to really check up their ratings before you download them.

The below mentioned are apps are top rated ones. You can simply just download it from Google Play store or with some of the other apk. These apps are free ones with plenty of features. If you want more features, you can do your purchasing within the apps. You must try all these apps on your smartphone at least once. They are just super cool!

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Best Screen Recorder apps for Android

1. AZ screen recorder

The app is free to download, and it doesn’t require any root access. It has no time limit that applies. You can still choose some upgrades and benefit all the pro version features. There are some extras features to the app which includes a magic button, a front camera window, and drawing on the screen.

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2. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV screen recorder app has a neat, user-friendly interface and it waves off all the restrictions it has. You don’t have to root your Android device to run this app. There are several features in the basic version itself.

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3. Mobizen screen recorder

This app can be used on non-root devices. If your device is Android 4.0 or later version, you can easily access the app. The app interface is very user-friendly. It is very easy for you to start the video as quickly as possible. It is totally free to use. Of course, you can upgrade using the in-app purchases.

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4. DU Recorder– Screen Recorder

DU Recorder app has extremely high user ratings and is completely free to access. It has a great notification bar with which you can control screen recording. You can easily hide the app while recording. You can also share your recording with social networking apps.

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5. Google Play Games

Google Play Games is surely not the first app that bounces into your mind, but if you really require the gaming concerns, then it could really work better for you. It has a great user-friendly interface. You can use this very easily.

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6. Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder uses API’s due to which there is no rooted device required for your device. It surely doesn’t have plenty of features for free. You will have to go for in-app purchases. The app helps in recording at full-screen resolution with the great and an easiest option to set the resolution, quality, orientation, and bit-rate.

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7. ILOS Screen Recorder

It has the highest ratings in the Play store app. It is easy enough to use with a great interface. It supports multiple resolution recording which is available including both the HD qualities. You can also share videos through the app to your social media accounts.

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8. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder is an open source app using which you can voluntarily and freely contribute to the developers of the app if you wish to gain the code. To use this recorder app you do not need any root access. You can record audio along with the screen recorder.

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9. Screen Recorder

With this app, you can save your videos to any location of your android including your SD card, and the app easily supports various languages.

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10. Rec. Screen Recorder

The app is very popular, and the upgrade not just offers user-friendly interface but also offers a customizable/personalized countdown timer that will shake gesture to turn off the recording. It is the healthiest app. It doesn’t require any sort of root.

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The above listed are the best apps; you should try them simply and enjoy its benefits and features to the core.

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