Top 10 Best Stranger Chat Apps for Android to Chat Online with Strangers

Top 10 Best Stranger Chat Apps for Android to Chat Online with Strangers

Everyone likes to make friends with like-minded people, but as the generations passed so the way to make friends. Earlier we use to make friends at school, collages, Offices, and Neighborhood too. Those days are gone, and people love making friends through social media. Here in social media too, there is an issue, we can’t connect to strangers. Such Issue gave rise to Stranger apps, where people can talk to each other. Not only apps there are some good sites to which allow the same. Irrespective of social media, such sites and apps allow you to talk with strangers.  Social Media sites are only for those if you already know them but not if you don’t. While in stranger app, things are different.

Let’s not waste time and see some of the best Stranger chat apps for both Android and iOS. Here we discuss all the goods and bad of those apps. Along with it, we will see previously available records of those apps also what people need to say over reviews in stores.


Qeep is one of the most popular stranger chat apps right now. Right now, it is available for both Android and iOS apps. As per Play store record, it has got 100 million downloads till date with 4.4 Average rating. We dived more into the reviews, and they are excellent. Most reviews suggest that people love the easy User-interface the most about this app.

As per the claims made by the app developer, they have a strong 20 million user’s base. Like Social Media sites, you can share your photos here and also check out the photos shared by other strangers you never heard about. It needs GPS Access, and in turn, it will help you find people around so you can befriend them.

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Badoo is one of the big players in the arena of Stranger chatting apps. We placed it next to Qeep because it got something which is not available in much of the apps. Let us say; you meet someone on the person, this app will help you find them if they are too part of it. This app is really helpful if you want someone new in face to face. Apart from this feature, you got to give a suggestion for friends based on comment interests and people near to you.

If we talk about Downloads, it has over 500,000+ Downloads from both the Play Store and App store. About 3,000,000 have left reviews and rating for this app. It has an average rating of 4.3 and guesses what? It will make a hole in the pocket. We aren’t lying; It has in-app purchases from 1$ to 300$. Rest decision we left to you.


Beetalk is one of the most used stranger chat apps which can help you hang around with new peoples. The best part of this app is that it is free both in Android and iOS. Along with meeting new friends, you can send the doodles and wide of range of stickers too.

Let ding into what people like most this app. Well, it offers a feature called, Whisper which lets to send self-destruct texts which will extinguish once it is seen by the receiver. Just like Groups in Facebook, it offers the club. You will be suggested to such groups as per your interests and meet with others with similar interests. If you like, you can create one club and let others chat with you.

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Nimbuzz is the giant among all other stranger chat apps. It existed when there was no Android or iOS was much not developed. Earlier it was mandatory to attach your Gmail and Facebook with this app. Now, it offers you to chat with strangers without many efforts. It will help you find other members near to you, and you can chat with them. It also asks for Interests these days also it offers a free call to other users over Nimbuzz. Right now it has over 100,000,000 downloads, and it seems like it will be back as it is used to be in the 2000’s.


WeChat is one the most feature-rich Messenger app in this segment. What makes it more popular is the feature which lets you meet new people near to you. Just like other apps, it also offers you free calls and lots of free stickers to use in chat. This app was the first to use Qr-Code, to add each other in respective lists. Like Badoo, it can also let you create group chats over it. This app is widely used in Chine, and there it also acts like an ID Pass, Wallet and lots more.

As we dig more, we got a few criticisms about this app. It is believed, this app is managed by the state. All the data in this phone is closely monitored by the Chinese Communist party. This came to light after some researches were made public. Right now, the Indian Government has issued a Warning to not use this app for the people who are working in Defence. Although it is not banned in India, it is advised not to use this app. While this app has some in-app purchases, but in India, it gives free bucks to use it which again which is suspicious too.

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Chat for Strangers by FunPokes

Chat for Strangers is one of the top editor’s choice app for making friends online. Like other Apps in this segment, you will be able to talk and even call them. It also offers a very smooth Video chatting feature. This app uses a very smart technique of grouping people by age and interest to find the best choice for people. Unlike other apps, it will let you chat with people all over the world and start a conversation with them at other moments.


MeetMe is another popular and free stranger chat app for Android and iOS users. This application helps you find stranger people near you in order to chat, meet with new and unknown friends. It is considered to be full of fun, user-friendly and also free application to meet with any unknown friends. Also, you can use this application in English, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish and different languages. It also has an option for a subscription which provides some extra feature so that you can chat with a stranger with a stranger.

MeetMe is one of the special Apps in this list. It is widely adopted stranger chat app as it is multilingual. Just like Interests it also offers you to choose the language in which you are interested in. It supports languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish and many others too. If you are serious for new friends, then you should try its premium features. These Features are greatly useful for meeting new strangers.


Waplog offers easy sign-up and ready to go chat feature. It will help you chat, meet even flirt with strangers. It has over 60 million users base from all around the world. Along with making friends you can even date with them.

It also has the option to search new people with their photos or even based on location. Like Facebook, it also makes it easy to share your photo with people who are your friend. This app is very easy and reliable as compared to all others. You should give a try if you are interested in making new friends. It can act as a dating app too, if you are that good to use it, mark my words.

Stranger by Brainsoft

Stranger by Brainsoft is another better choice to chat with strangers. It has an astounding calculation which enables you to effectively discover new companions. Obscure or stranger individuals from more than 200 unique nations. Utilizing this application, you will have the capacity to chat with strangers from the entire world.

Outstanding amongst another component of this application is to enable you to include newly discovered individuals as your new companion with the goal. You can without much of a stretch begin discussion later. Alongside chatting it additionally enables you to dating administrations in private chat room choice.


Skout is another great stranger chat app for both Android and iOS clients. It offers you to the opportunity to moment chat and meet individuals close you or around the globe. A huge number of clients utilize this application over the world you can without much of a stretch pursuit a people coordinating you.

Protection is a standout amongst the most imperative of this application. Its control is on you; you can without much of a stretch stow away or share your own n data as area, name, age and different subtle elements with strangers or your companions.


Azar is another better alternative to chat with a few strangers on your Android or iOS gadget. It has in excess of 10 a huge number of clients enrolled. You can without much of a stretch to find and chat with strangers everywhere throughout the world. It additionally enables you to choose the sexual orientation and district inclinations.

This application likewise offers you to an alternative for video chat more than 3G/4G and furthermore Wi-Fi. A standout amongst another element of this chat with strangers apps is capacity to include your new companions amid coordinating to your companion list. It is free and secure free video, text and in addition voice chat application.

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