10 Best Video Chatting Apps For android

10 Best Video Chatting Apps For Android

In the modern era, a video call is not a big thing it has become very easy. So you can video call wherever you want whatever device you feel comfortable with such as mobile, tab, computer etc. So you are free to pick up your comfort zone for video calling. Even if your fiancée is in another country you may easily get connected, so pick up any your comfortable app and chat for hours. The list of video chatting apps for Android will be helpful.

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Best Video Chatting Apps For Android

1. Google Duo

If you are looking for the easiest and comfortable app for video chatting then Google is the right destination. It is very easy, the only thing the other person needs is Google Duo app on their device, both; receiver and caller should have this app on their respective device. Plus you do not need to spend a single penny.

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2. IMO

It is also a very illustrious app for video calling, free of cost. It too has very comfy video chatting and supportive compatibility for 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE networks and it is accessible in both the device iOS and Android. Only ads will trouble you otherwise this app is awesome.

3. Hangout 

It has been tied up to your Google account, when you invite your friends by email, from there you become able to video call, text and video chat, although hangout is much popular using from business purpose.

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4. Facebook messenger

It is in trend and so many people have become its regular users. It is accessible at both the devices iOS and Android. Along with free call, it has free video calling or chatting. You just need to have your account on Facebook that is it!

5. Just Talk 

People do not much about Just Talk but it is indeed a great app for video calling. The app has earned a faith in its users and this app is full of fun and good functions like doodling while doing a video call, group video chats with various persons at one time, musical ringtones and games. The best part about this app is it has very high-quality video and voice calls on every network.

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6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is indeed very illustrious among all the apps for texting, free calling and video calling. It supports both the devices of iOS and androids and window devices. It has a very simple process of calling and very comfy to use. You just need to have the number of the person and there you will be able to make a video call. The best part about this app is that even after having so many features it is absolutely free.

7. Line

Everyone knows about this app how good it is for messaging so it gives you freedom of free calling and video calling along with texts. Being on Line you will be able to make a video call to your loved ones, there is a lot of apps in the market where you will get confused for picking up right apps so this one is also good you just need to take your decision for video call app.

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8. ICQ

It is an old app and was a tough competition of AOL which was a quick messenger it is still counted as one of best video calling app with so much faith since long. It is supportive for both uses whether be it messaging or calling, you just have to make a call that is it. ICQ promises that it really works with 3G networks very well and even comes with a password lock for security.

9. Skype

Everyone knows about Skype and it is an absolutely free app. It works well on Android apps. It has some faithful features with 250 million people which is pretty good. As Skype has also long history so with time it went through so many changes.

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10. BBM

Although BBM has seen many sunrises as well as many sunsets but now it has brought some stability into its feature for all its users such as facility of the video call. One thing is very sure about BBM that it will give you a kind of facility which you need in your life. Gradually it has built confidence in its users.

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