10 Best Widgets For Android

10 Best Widgets For Android

If you are on a journey of widget app then now you should stop at the station of android apps. Here you will find the best out of best. This post will help you in finding widgets for your android. Let’s check out the list of best widgets for android.

Best Widgets For Android

1. Battery Widget Reborn

The battery widgets offer you a single, circular battery gauge widget. If you want to change the colour and size for matching up your theme and home screen layout, then you are allowed to do. This app has battery information some shortcut for using android facilities such as WiFi and Bluetooth settings, and it provides you charts for rendering more detailed battery activity.

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2. Calendar Widget 

It has been brought in the market for android widgets users with awesome functions. If you want to keep yourself updated, then it will give you the calendar for the entire month. It is being synced with Google Calendar which advocates the lunar calendar in a quick moment you will be able to browse your agenda and to do list from the widget. It has so much variety in themes like 80 with free to download and check out.

3. Google App

Everyone uses Google app, so it is natural they will get Google facilities free of cost. Google App authorizes you with quick searches and finding things easier. It is very comfy and has a combination of different widgets that you may employ. Here on this widget, you will get the option of Google Assistant which will guide you with burning happening around you. So it is a multi-talented app because here you also get information about the weather.    

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4. Chronus 

All the apps have been designed in a simple way so that you could take the profit out of it. Chronus has these facilities of clock and alarm, time panel, calendar events and general appearance. If you want you may personalize every option and add it to your lock screen.

5. Tasker

There are many people who do not know about Tasker it has a tremendous quality of providing something of your interest such as it lets you automate your phone completely although it is one of the puzzled app available on Play store.  It has more than 200 actions which you may employ.

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6. Grumpy weather

So here it is, ‘your wish is my command’! You do not need to go anywhere in search of good weather app; this post is going to help you completely through it, you just need to have Grumpy weather, for knowing weather information better. Grumpy weather just gives you the right information about temperature in the form of some angry phrases.

7. Flipboard

If you are a gadget buff, then you must consider this widget. It will always keep you up to date with all the current news and information it easily gets set on your home screen and lets you know the news whenever you feel like to know.

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8. APW widgets

Those who are gadgets lover would definitely know about it, and many among them will be using this widget or if some people are not using it then try it once you will build up a never-ending relationship with APW widgets. With the help of APW widget you will be able to take facility of so many things at one time so if you want you are allowed to bookmarks, contacts, messages and Twitter employing the APW Widget app. Here you will find everything already arranged for your betterment.

9. DashClock Widget

If your motto is getting best, then halt here and take sometimes for DashClock to know. It is considered one of the best enduring Android widget those who do not use widget they still are using DashClock.  It has so much to offer you, information like weather, your unread Gmail account, your alarm and other data.

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10. Beautiful widget

It is since long in the history of widgets, if you want to see the clock, it is there for you if you want to have information about battery gauge it is there for you. It has pro- version which is inexpensive.  It has a single problem which you have to deal with it is, battery issue while using Beautiful Widgets.

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