How to Choose UK’s Best WordPress Hosting Provider in 2019

Best WordPress Hosting Provider in 2019

It’s already 2019, and you might have thought of doing something for yourself this year, isn’t it? Do you like to write or wish to start your own business? Do you want to take a step forward by showing people what your inner strength and creativity is? Then you are at the right place. I will tell you a secret to start living your life your way. That is nothing difficult because all you have to do is just get online. Yes, you read it right. If you like to do pottery or make some jewellery designs, then why not sell those online. Your business can be anything creative, all you should consider is get it in front of more number of people. But to do this, you will require a website that can explain to your audience what you do, and show them some real piece of information. Now, you make think that the process of designing and developing a website is difficult and you cannot afford to do it. For that also, I have a solution – just choose WordPress.

WordPress may be difficult to manage as it is free and has many users, but if you get it from the genuine Managed WordPress Hosting UK provider then all your problems get solved there only. With hundreds of  WordPress providers available in the UK, I’ll guide you on how to choose the best WordPress hosting provider.

First of all to start (host) any kind of website or blog, you will need a domain name. 

Domain name: Domain name is a unique name that differs your network from others. It can accommodate your business name or maybe some other meaningful information. 

UK's Best WordPress Hosting Provider

E.g: If you want to start a website for your cake shop and the name of your shop is XYZ then you can have a domain name ‘‘. From this example you see, the domain name itself tells that you sell cakes.

But, while choosing a domain name, just make sure that you don’t confuse people by choosing the complicated names.

You can use some of the free tools or services from Cheap Web Hosting UKproviders that allow you to check the availability of your domain name. You can also check the cost that you will have to pay for the domain name. Yes, you will need to register the domain name, so that no-one can use it in the future and you are its sole owner.

After registering the domain name, you will have to select one WordPress hosting provider that can satisfy all your hosting needs. For this, I would say, you should make a list of your requirements and start searching.

Instead of looking out for foreign companies, it is better to choose the local hosting provider. This will reduce your currency exchange rate issues, and the main thing is you will get the local servers that will increase your local visibility.

Do you want to create your own website, rather than depending on the third party?
This is really a good choice, as you get the freedom to develop your website, of your choice. 
Then, add a point called ‘ free website builder’ in your checking list. This WordPress tool allows you to create a website by just dragging and dropping your contents into the theme selected by you. Doesn’t that sound great?
This easy DIY site building tool makes your work easy and this tool comes free with some of the WordPress hosting packages.

Some of the hosting features that your WordPress must have are:

1) Speed :

The speed for any website should be fast. People are not patient enough to wait for a minute or two to get your website loaded. They will immediately switch to another website that gives them better user experience through accessibility, navigation, etc. To identify which hosting plan can give your website a high-speed performance, note that the hosting provider gives you pure SSD storage. The SSD storage helps your website to perform 200% faster as compared to other drives.

2) Uptime :

Uptime is given in terms of percentage. It tells you for how much time your blog or website will remain visible on the internet in a day. In general, you should select the service that offers you at least 99% of uptime. This ensures that your website will be down for just a few minutes in a day. Anything above 99% is always better.

3) Support :

To have any kind of website hosted, the support from the hosting provider is the most important parameter. This is because not everyone knows how to handle the technical issues related to WordPress hosting. To get them solved, you will need a strong 24/7 technical support.

4) Malware Scan and Removal :

As WordPress is free and has many users, the risk of getting it affected by the virus is also high.
So, make sure that your hosting provider keeps a close eye on your website and keep it safe from all types of malware. 

Don’t forget to ask your provider, if their WordPress hosting plan comes with technical features like :

(1) Cloudflare Railgun

(2) HTTPS by default

(3) GZIP/Brotli Compression

(4) SFTP Acccess

(5) WP – CLI

(6) Dedicated WordPress support

(7) Daily backups

(8) CDN

(9) Cloning

(10) Server – side Optimizations

(11) Caching

Conclusion –

WordPress site is useful for bloggers, e-commerce business or online stores. All you need to get is a genuine hosting provider that could take the responsibility of all your hosting requirements. The provider should support you 24/7/365 days of the year.

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