Download Latest Windows 7 Launcher for Android

I really don’t know how do you feel when I tell you that you can use windows 7 in your android phone and you can do so by using android windows 7 launcher. In order to use launcher for windows 7, you have to download window 7 apk file. In this article, you can get the link to download windows 7 for android. Before reaching the link of android windows 7 apk file, it’s my prime duty to explain to you some basic things regarding Windows 7 android apk. I personally used this windows 7 launcher on my android phone, and it’s worked smoothly.

What is an Android launcher?

In simple language, Android launcher is part of an android which manages your phone’s home screen, launch the app, make the calls, and many others. In other words, we can say that an application which is designed to customize Android’s look and behaviour is called Launcher. There are many android launchers are present in the market and Window 7 launcher is one of them.
I hope you must hear the name of CM Launcher, it is one of the best and most popular launchers among all. CM launcher has 10000+ theme, 3d theme, 3d effect, HD wallpaper and many more feature.

CM Launcher is among the best 10 launcher for android.

How to download Window 7 launcher for Android

In this section, I will give you the link to download android Window 7 launcher and explain the procedure to install Windows 7 android apk.

So fasten your seat belt and let’s go for an amazing tour.

Step 01: Click on the link given below. This is the link to download launcher for windows 7.

Step 02: After that, select any Gmail account and then click on “ok”.

Window 7 launcher for android

Step 03: Now wait for few seconds for the download to be complete. The size of this download is just 7.54mb.

Android windows 7 launcher

Step 04: So you are downloading android window 7 apk outside from Play Store that’s why installation gets blocked if you turn ‘off’ the installation of apps from an unknown source. Click on ‘Setting’-> ‘Unknown Source’-> ‘Ok’.

Window 7 for android apk

Step 05: After that, this android windows 7 apk wants to get access to draw over other apps modify system, take picture and videos, find accounts on the device, modify your contacts, read your contacts, approximate location ( network-based), precise location (GPS and network-based), record audio, directly call phone numbers, read call log, read phone status and identity, write call log, read your text messages, receive text messages, send and view SMS messages, modify or delete the contents of your SD card and read the contents of your SD card.
If you want to grant all these permission then click on ‘Install’, to Install.

Android windows 7

Step 06: Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.

Windows 7 launcher

Step 07: After complete installation, click on ‘OPEN‘.

Windows 7 android apk

Step 08: Now you are ready to use this windows 7 launcher.

Android windows 7 apk

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How to use android windows 7 launcher?

📌 After complete installation of this Windows 7 launcher, you will be landed on the home screen with the window’s welcome sound.

📌 Swipe left and right from home screen to see more app which is not present in the home screen.

📌 Now if you want to access the app (which you downloaded from play store), then click on window icon which is present in the bottom right of the screen, then click on ‘Programes’, after that click on the app which you want to open.

📌 If you want to take a picture or see photos in the gallery, then the gallery and camera icon are also present in ‘programes’ section.

📌 Your contacts (phone number) are also present in programes section.

📌 If you want to rotate your screen then press on free space on homepage to open the dialog box. Click on ‘Screen Orientation’ and then click on ‘Horizontal’ or ‘Automatic’, a/c to your choice.

Why windows 7 launcher? Why not Windows 8 or 10?🤔

Well, I personally think to answer this question as this question comes in my mind while writing this article and I hope this question arises in your mind too while reading this article. I know Windows 10 and Windows 8 are upgraded version, but I will still recommend you to use ‘Window 7 launcher’ if you want to use any windows launcher. When Windows 7 came in the market then people went crazy towards its. Windows 7 is the most popular windows among all. If you ask anyone to name any windows operating system, then he/she must say Windows 7, without wasting any second.

Windows 7 has the perfect combination of style & performance. You’ll never get bored to ‘Start’ button and a user-friendly graphical interface.

Feature of Windows 7 launcher for Android

⭐️ Android window 7 launchers can work on android 2.2 or above.

⭐️ Light-weight and very Stable

⭐️ You will face no difficulty while installing this window 7 launchers.

⭐️ Start menu look like real Window 7

⭐️ User-Interference and Taskbar are also looked like real Window 7

⭐️ You will face no lag while using this android windows 7 launcher apk

Note: One thing I would like to say about this window 7 launchers is that only user-interface of home screen and Icon (on the home page and slide page) will look like windows 7. When you open an app ( Gallery, Instagram, etc.) then it will open as normal as it open earlier before installing this window launcher.

How to remove windows 7 launcher for android?

I read many articles related to android window 7 launchers. In every article, I found that everyone explains how to download android window 7 but no one explains how to remove window 7 launcher. I personally think that you just want to gain the experience to surf window 7 on your android phone. I don’t want that you become Abhimanyu of Mahabharata, who knows how to download window 7 launcher and how to use it but doesn’t know how to remove window 7 launcher.

Step 01: Go to setting and setting icon can be found in the next slide to the homepage or in the programers section.

Windows 7 android

Step 02: Now go to ‘Applications’.

Window 7 launcher for android

Step 03: Click on ‘Default applications’.

Android windows 7 launcher

Step 04: Click on ‘Home Screen’.

Window 7 for android apk

Step 05: (Click/Choose your previous default launcher if you want to use your previous launcher). If you want to delete android window 7 launchers, then click on the delete icon which presents beside the text – ‘Android Windows‘.

Android windows 7

Step 06: Click on ‘OK‘ to uninstall window 7 launcher form your android phone.

Windows 7 launcher

Note: If you want to shift to default launcher then press on the free space on the home page. Then a dialog box will open up in which you have to click on ‘Set default launcher‘.

Windows 7 android apk

After that choose your default launcher.

Android windows 7 apk


When I came to know about the fact that I can use window 7 on my android phone then the first word came up is ‘What?’. Then I downloaded that windows 7 android apk then use it. I really can’t believe that this would be possible. Then I think to write an article on this so that my audience will also get the knowledge of these things.
When I give my phone (which has android window 7 launchers in it) then he said ‘Wow’ and then started using my phone. Thatswhy I am leaving you with some screenshot of the launcher for window 7. Enjoy!

Launcher for windows 7
Windows 7 android
Window 7 launcher for android
Window 7 for android apk
Launcher for windows 7

If you think this article is helpful and informative for you then do share it among your family, friend and foe. If you have any other queries then please comment down as comment box is made only for you.

If you are reading this line then thanks you for reading till the last.


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