How to earn money from Tik Tok (Musically).

How to earn money from Tik Tok (Musically)? Step-by-step explanation with appropriate pictures (updated – 2020)

Hello readers! Welcome Back again. We reunite again with our new & interesting topic which is on how to earn money by Tik Tok. As many of you must curious about, that can we earn money from Tik Tok? What is the use of coins in Tik Tok or How to earn money from musically? Can you earn money from Tik Tok? How Tik Tok makes money? etc.

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We can earn money from Tik Tok and it is very easy. How doesn’t love to earn money, I guess everyone. Nowadays we can earn money from online as it is comparatively easy from the offline method. How will you feel if a 15 seconds video can earn you up to 5 figures!! Yes, it is true… Tik-Tok (formerly, a global short video community app can make your dream come true.

What is Tik Tok?

earn money from tik tok
How to earn money from tik tok?

Tik-Tok formerly name is Tik-Tok is a global short video community app through which anyone can make a 15-second video. Users of Tik-Tok are known as “muser”. Lip- sync videos, as well as short videos of original content, are famous in this app.

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Can we earn money from Tik Tok?

This is of the frequent question, you people asked. Like youtube, you can earn money by making videos. In youtube, your subscriber and watch-time hour are important whereas in Tik Tok your creativity matters. Now come to the main question, i.e. can we earn money from Tik-Tok? And the answer is YES! My READER, you can earn money from Tik-Tok.

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How to earn money from Tik-Tok?

earn money from tik tok
How to earn money from Tik Tok?

At first, I want to tell you that, if you want to earn money from Tik-Tok you must have a huge fan following because huge fan base can be made by making an awesome Tik-Tok video.

Live Streaming:  Tik-Tok (earlier has added a wonderful functionality i.e. live streaming. Its share similarity with other popular apps, such as Facecast, Bigo lives, Liveme and so on. You can show your talent and creativity and can make real money from this app.

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Promote your own products and service: It is possible to make a (short) video to demonstrate your products or service, and thus you can start traffic to the page of your store. This process is better than the traditional way of promoting (i.e. poster, etc.) as it starts showing effects instantly.

Advertisers: When you create a huge fan base, you can start searching for soft or hard advertisements in your video or self-introduction. And the best part of this is that many times advertisers will find you out before you start finding out them. 

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Upload your video to a different platform: By uploading your video on multiple platforms, you can increase your fan base. It is recommended to use a platform like FACECAST or Cheez for video uploading.

Challenge Activity: Tik-Tok (formerly arranges a different type of challenge activity but not on a constant interval.  It is in your hand to participate in those activities or not. There is a possibility of winning money if you take part in tik-tok activities. 

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How to increase your follower in Tik-Tok?

Increase your follower in Tik-Tok
How to increase your follower in Tik-Tok?

This topic is really important that’s why I want to describe this topic in this article. It is true that you can’t you can’t earn money if you don’t have a huge fan base. 

Attractive name: By attractive name, many people get attracted to your Tik-Tok profile. You have to make an attractive name to increase traffic in your profile.

Information about yourself: Includes your personal data as much you can, and thus people can be informed about you.

Never stop Uploading: You have to upload video and your video must be interesting, creative and encouraging. Also, remember about ranking or recommendation of Tik Tok changes.

Giveaway: Through giveaway, traffic will increase in your profile, and this will also increase your fan following or fan base.

Interact with your fan: Many people just upload video and never interact with his/her fan. Interaction with your fan is really very important. You have to interact with your fan on a regular basis and answer some of their queries and question. It will make a bond between you and your fan and thus increase your fan following.


Always remember, Consistency will give you experience, the experience will give bad experience and bad experiences will give good experience. And these also apply here. A basic thing in this type of market is that you must upload your video.

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