Top 5 best fake gps free app for android

Top 5 best fake gps free app for Android: Full detailed explanation with pictures ( updated to Jan 2020)

Hello dear Readers, finally we met again. It’s always fun to write something new and informative to help others. Well, let me fast forward to the topic of the day. Today, I will be going to share with you a super interesting and hilarious topic of GPS spoofing. Technically speaking, it means a step to faux the GPS receiver with wrong broadcasting GPS signal being sent by the GPS sender. Though it may sound a bit sophisticated, you can bet that it’s not. It’s a very easy and fast method to be done by anyone, and worth trying, of course.

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Fake GPS free app for Android

 As we all can guess, it’s all about faking one’s GPS locations and sharing it with friends/family for the sake for prank. Who would ever mind sitting in their couch, swallowing popcorn with a bunch of Netflix movies ready to be played, while been seen as flying through different cities and wonders around the globe among your family/friends. Funny, right!

1. Fake GPS location – Hola: Fake gps free

fake gps free
Fake gps location spoofer free
Fake gps download

Developed by Hola, Fake GPS Location is one of the best apps that you can use to fake GPS location of your android smartphone. This app has earned a rating of 4.3 by more than 26,000 users in the Google Play Store. It is a small sized app of around 5 MB enabled with in-app purchase within the app. One of the benefits of this app is that it runs on Android versions of 4.0.3 and up. Alternatively, the given app also comes with an option that can be used to chat with strange people from a completely different location on the globe. Hola fake location.

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2. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

fake gps free
Fake gps location spoofer free

This GPS spoofer app comes second to our list. It’s one of the best Fake gps location spoofer free apps you can find on Google Play Store for GPS spoofing, created by IncorporatedApps. It is rated 4.0 by above 94,000 users in the Play Store. One of the best features is it works on almost all versions of Android till date. No root of the Android system is demanded Marshmellow and above versions. It is enpacked in Japanese as well as German languages along with English. With just a small size download of around 5MB, this app might just be what you are searching for. Given app also crossed over 10M+ downloads on Playstore. Fake gps location spoofer free.

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3. Fake GPS location: fake gps free

fake gps free
Fake gps location spoofer free

Fake GPS Location, this app earns the third place for our list of best GPS spoofing apps. Developed by Lexa, this app has an astounding rating of 4.5 by around 166000+ customers on the Google Play Store. This app has over 10 millions downloads and app works smoothly for any android version of Kitkat 4.3 and above versions. Fake gps location spoofer free best app.

4.  Fake GPS Run: fake gps free

fake gps free
Fake gps location spoofer free

Although this app has earned the fourth place of our list of best GPS spoofing app available in Google Play Store, this app has far more credibility. This app’s interface is quite smooth and intuitive. Combined with its small size of less than 7MB and its work capability in just couple of clicks makes it so desirable. Although this app version has ads, yet it’s unsophisticated and uncanny design is sure leave its mark on your mind. This app can function properly for all smart phones working on android version 4.0 or above. Though it is rated 3.9 on the Play Store by around 6000 users, this app is sure to be work smoothly as any other app mentioned in this list.

5. Fake GPS Location – Floater: fake gps free

fake gps free
Fake gps location spoofer free

Last but not least, the fifth option for the best GPS spoofer is secured by the app Fake GPS Location. Developed by Rapid Developers, though this app is not free from ads but, it’s the small size of just less than 2MB might be bliss for the users using older androids with small internal memory. It is rated 3.5 in the Google Play Store by more than 1700+ users. This app also comes with in-app purchases. The Google Play Store witness more than 5 lakhs downloads till the writing of the blog. This app though comes with additional features too, including

  • Having a history for all your previous locations used
  • Ability to save all your favourite locations in a separate space
  • Changing the look of the notification that appears
  • Using the gyro for the sake of moving the map
  • Adding all variety of map tiles
  • Creating or saving or importing or exporting through different/same device, and more.

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Well, that’s it, friends. I hope you can use these apps as per your desires and requirement, and these apps are sure to fulfill your purposes. Although there can be other great Android apps for such purposes but we did a job of deciding among the bests for you. A fake GPS location prank can be extremely funny at moments with friends.

Well, truth be told, I’ll be extremely delighted if I can receive words from my readers for any suggestion/tips/comments or your opinions on the list that I have prepared. I’ll be waiting to hear your favourite’s apps. Hit me with your comments if your favourite’s apps are included in your list, or what else you think of when it comes to GPS spoofing. It’s always been my pleasure to read your precious comments. If this post is helpful for you, do let me know. Sharing this article with friends/family just for fun would be extremely appreciated.

And you can be quite sure to listen to tones from me in the near future, so please stay connected.

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