10 Best Free Messaging App For Android

10 Best Free Messaging App For Android

This list will show you a list of some awesome free messaging apps for your android smartphone.

The message has become part and partial of life. Everyone loves to text their loved ones, family or friends. Years ago an app was launched named AOL Instant Messenger and into a plethora of choices that all work indeed well. Now you have more choices than you would have ever imagined.  Which is the right messaging app for free messaging for androids

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Best Free Messaging apps for Android

1. Google Allo or Google Hangout-

This is both messenger and app. It has a wonderful feature like Integration with Google Assistant and the usual stuff like stickers. But this one is brand new with features like GIF support, multiple kinds of stickers and much more but the history of this app is quite long.

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2. Slack –

If your purpose is to find a text app for business then Slack is the one! When you will go through its look, it is highly clean and professional, so this is obvious you will get a professional look. It is quite supportive in third-party apps like Google drive, Giphy, Asana and other generating tools. It is just free like Discord with no In-app purchases.

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3. Discord –

Those who are game lover they must be searching two in one app. This one has come to fulfil your wishes. It advocates Voice chat, various text chats, GIF supports and much more. This is streaming on Play store absolutely free.

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4. Kik –

You must be aware of this app which is so popular in the market of messaging apps. It has some incredible features like you wanted to have such as it has freedom of picking up screen name instead of a real name or a phone number. You must go into past days but halt here and listen more about this awesome app. It advocates mobile games, random chats, stickers, emoji, group chats, themes, material design and video chats.

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5. Snapchat

Who does not know about Snapchat? Almost in every mobile, you will find this app. It has the same magical qualities like Harry Potter such as Voice calls, Video messages, photo messages and text messages. It has an automatic service of deleting messages after seeing.

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6. Facebook Messenger (Lite) –

It is a very popular messenger app in youngsters. Facebook has launched two chat apps. One is regular one which you are using since long the other one is Facebook messenger Lite which has features like chat heads, stickers and other features.  Facebook messenger let you get connected with the world in just a single click. The only thing with which you need to be careful about is, it does not have that much security which you might be searching in such a popular app.

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7. Skype

Skype has become favourite in the list of messenger app. It has facilities for texting messages for free or video calls and voice call other members. It has more features like GIFs, advocates various chats, and advocates for most file types. This is kind of app if someone is not using Snapchat then they must be using Skype. Everyone loves to Skype their loved one it lessens their distance through video calls.

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8. Telegram –

If your motto is maintaining privacy then you may go for Telegram. This app is streaming so many useful features such as file sharing, group chats, GIF support, Cross-platform support and much more. It gives you all the facilities which you find in Whatsapp, according to some people it is even better than Whatsapp.

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9. Whatsapp –

Who has not Whatsapp? Of course, you must be laughing after hearing my question. Yes everybody has Whatsapp in their phones. This is the most illustrious app in the universe. It has every feature which you want to have while going through such apps. If you want to voice call go for it for free or even if you are in long distance relationship Whatsapp bring you to close with your loved one, do video calls to them. It has features like text messages, group messages, and it advocates GIFs, documents, pictures, video, audio etc.

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10. Viber –

Many people are on Viber and they love to use its wonderful similar feature like Whatsapp, Skype. So if you use Viber you can go for video calls, voice calls, self- destruct chat, group chats, video chats and much more. If you are thinking that it will be not good with its quality, Viber is here to prove you wrong. Indeed it is incredible with its quality like Skype or Whatsapp.

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