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So Hello guys, welcome back again. Today we again reunite for a very interesting topic which is “How to create a Youtube channel?”. I know many of you have some common question like ” how to create youtube channel ?”,”how to become a youtuber?”, and “how to start your youtube channel?”. Don’t worry my reader I am here for what? To answer all your queries and question.

I know that you have seen videos on YouTube and sometime you may think to wish you also have a channel through which you can also upload videos in YouTube and entertain and informed people. You might also notice that youtuber ( who make videos in youtube) gain popularity and money through youtube. Creating a YouTube channel is really a very easy task. You just have to follow these simple to create your own YouTube channel.

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So let’s Start.

Register with your Google account

How to create a YouTube channel?

To watch videos, like, create, share and comment on the video (on YouTube) you need a google account. First create your Google accounts, to create your account on YouTube. Without Google account, you can’t create your YouTube accounts and without YouTube accounts, you can’t create your Youtube Channel. In short, I want to say that without Google account you can’t create your Youtube channel. Google account is mandatory for creating a Youtube channel.

Create your Youtube channel

If you have created your Google Account, then open YouTube in your personal computer or on your mobile phone and enter your email address (or phone number) and password.

  1. Click on profile icon which is present at the top right of your mobile or PC screen.
  2. Then, click on “Setting” icon which is the symbol of the YouTube setting.
  3. Click on “Create a Channel“.

Create Youtube Channel

Create a name for your YouTube channel

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Write your “first name” and “last name”: You can use your business name or other names in your YouTube channel name, which suits you best.

Use business name or other name

Now, it’s time to select a category for your Youtube channel. The channel options available are listed below:

  • Product or Brand
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Company Institution or Organization
  • Other

After that write your band name and click on create. Brand Account can have a different name than your personal account, for example a business name or another name that of your choice.

Congratulation! You just created your own YouTube Channel.

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Optimize your channel for discover-ability

Now, We’ll start with the fundamental details about your YouTube channel. From your YouTube channel dashboard, click “customize channel.”

Customize youtube channel

After you click on “customize channel,” you will be taken to your basic channel page, where you will see a cogwheel on the right, as shown below.

Click on that cogwheel icon, then click on the section that says “advanced settings.”

Here’s where you will enter some basic information about your YouTube channel, like the country where your YouTube channel based, as well as keywords that help it people discover your YouTube channel when they enter search terms (keyword) that describe what videos they are looking for. These keywords can include what your channel is for, the problems it helps solve, the people and products featured, your industry, and more.

From the page shown above, you can then select whether or not you want to show up as a recommended channel on other account pages. It’s also within these settings that you can also link a Google Ads account, and make various advertising selections for your YouTube channel when you’re ready to encourage certain videos across the YouTube platform.

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Click on the “Below Episodes Link Wise” To Download

You have to wait for  10 seconds here to let us generate links.


Add descriptive and link details to your channel.

There are two elements of customization for a new channel: visuals, and descriptive details. Descriptive details, tell your channel visitors (and, later, subscribers) what purpose your channel serves and the type of video content they should expect to see published by you. Let’s add those details now.

To describe your channel for your viewers, you will want to add a link to other web pages associated with your brand and channel description. Back on your (youtube) channel customization dashboard, click on the “About” tab.

There, you will be asked to fill in such details as a Youtube channel description which you can optimize with keywords for more discoverability as well as links and contact information to your social media channels and website.

Up to 5 links, you can overlay your channel art, meaning that the banner on your YouTube profile page will contain icons for the links you choose to overlay on this list. To add these links, first, navigate to the about section of your channel and click “+ Links.” This button will inform a space where you can add branded links directing users to various social networks and websites where they can learn about and consume more content from you.

For eg, if you wanted to overlay your banner with a link to your Facebook Page, it might look like this as a shown below:

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Upload a profile photo to your channel.

When it comes to creating and adding Youtube channel art, Google has plenty of resources for content owners, from a gallery of images to image editing tools.

If your channel is linked to a Brand Account, you’ll need to update this image in the “About” section of your Google account. Note that this rule also applies to your Youtube channel name when using a Brand Account. When you click on “change” under your profile icon, you may see this message:

Click on “edit,”(which is on blue box) and you will be taken to the page shown below, where you can edit your Brand Account information (including your profile photo – which will be displayed on your channel).

We recommend choosing an image with a dimension of 800 x 800 pixels for this profile photo.

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Now, Just start uploading videos.

You are now ready to upload your video. So what’s the matter, go to YouTube, and start filming video.

Conclusion :

As you can see that how it is easy to start your YouTube channel. So what you are waiting for. GO! Now and start your YouTube channel and become a YouTuber.

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