How to earn money from Instagram

Hello guys, how are you? I know you will be fantastic. Today in this article I am going to talk about How to make money on Instagram. I know, I know guys who don’t love to earn money. Many people do hard work (in a physically way) to earn money, but they don’t know that they can also earn money through/ online. Yes, guys it is 100% true that you can also earn money through online. There are lots of different online methods to earn money, but in this article I will cover on How to make money on Instagram.

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Before starting the article, keep in mind that any kind online income takes time (i.e. patience) and dedication; for e.g. if anyone is working in an IT company then he or she must get knowledge about everything i.e. U.K.G to Graduation.

How to earn money from Instagram

(2020 updated)

Also, you must also have some followers, and you don’t many followers then you have to do some things to get, follower, i.e. make awesome display picture, write an extraordinary bio, make your account public, etc. If you want to read in full detail, then you can read my article which is on How to gain followers on Instagram.

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Why huge follower is necessary?

Ordinary people along with celebrity are earning very big amount of money from Instagram. Without a huge follower base, you can’t promote any product on Instagram. Your market is your follower. Without follower (or visitor) nothing is possible.

Different Way to make money on Instagram –

Become an influencer and earn money from sponsored posts: 

How to earn money from Instagram

With your influencer status, you can propose to brands to help to promote them through your posts. An influencer is someone who has built a reputation by doing and sharing things online. They have a good number of followers (audience) and they are able to convince their followers about trends because of the level of trust they have built with their online presence.

A typical influencer post includes the creation of content (Instagram post or an Instagram story) that will include the promotion of the brand or their products. As an influencer, that’s why it is very important for you to know your audience.

This is also a way to earn money. In a survey of 5,000 influencers, around 40% said they charged $200 to $400 per post.

Become an affiliate and earn money selling other people’s products:

How to earn money from Instagram

 You can sell other people’s products and take commission.                                  Many brands sell their products through this way. You have to create engaging posts to promote the products. The thing is, since you can only have one link on your bio, you might have to include a landing page to your affiliate link; and in each post, you have to include a caption that the product can be purchased via the link on the bio.

I know guys, it sound like a challenging, but affiliate marketing has a variety of expansion possibilities if you plan on growing. 

What are the difference between and an affiliate an influencer?

Answer: The difference between an influencer and an affiliate is that an affiliate is working towards making sales for the partnering brand in exchange he get a commission. On the other hand, the main aim of influencer is to create awareness.

Sell your photos:

How to earn money from Instagram

As we all know that Instagram is what for? For (posting mainly) photos. If you take HD-quality photos, then there is a chance that people may be willing to pay for your best images. Think about how many people do willingly purchase images online.

To a large extent, this totally depends on your photography skills. The more you work on these, along with editing and composition, the greater the chance that you will be able to earn some money from your images.

Your photos will look good when your photos aren’t in the shape of a square. Post photos in horizontal or vertical. You can also promote your photography portfolio on Instagram using suitable hashtags.

Sell your Instagram account:

As I also mention earlier that a huge follower base is really very important for you. It takes a lot of time, patience and hard-working. You can sell your Instagram account to those who are impatience, lazy and have no time to build a follower base on their own. If you are selling an account which has followers in million then you will get a really huge amount of money, but getting a follower in million is not a baby’s game.

Use Instagram to develop your YouTube income:

You can also provide your YouTube channel link or your YouTube video to your Instagram bio, so that your Instagram audience can also become your YouTube audience by subscribing and watching your YouTube video. In this, you can also earn from Instagram and many successful YouTubers are using the reverse process i.e. at first getting an audience on YouTube, and then getting audiences on Instagram.

Some Interesting Instagram Statistics:

  • 80 percent of Instagram account follows at least one business account.
  • Photos with human faces get 38 percent more likes.
  • Instagram users by gender:
  • Male: 26 percent   Female: 38 percent    Other: 36 percent
  • Instagram users by age:
  • 18 to 29 years old: 59 percent
  • 30 to 49 years old: 33 percent
  • 50 to 64 years old: 18 percent
  • 64+ years old: 8 percent
  • Instagram posts with location and tags get 79 % more engagement.
  • 300 million Instagram user use Instagram Stories every day.
  • Time spent on Instagram increases by 80% every year.
  • There are more than 2 million Instagram advertisers every month.
  • User-generated content has a 4.5 % higher conversion rate.
  • 10. Half billion users are active every day. That’s almost double from the US population.


Many people aren’t known about the fact that they can also earn money from Instagram, that why I decided to write an article on this. Just follow these above instructions with patiently after building a huge fan base. Like YouTube and Facebook, Instagram can also become your source of online income. Yes, it takes time (only in building your follower base) to earn money. After getting huge followers you can sleep on the bed of money.

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