How to earn money from WhatsApp in the easy method

How to earn money from WhatsApp in the easy method in no time and without any big effort: step by step explanation with picture (2019 updated)

Hello reader! Welcome Back. We reunite again with our new & interesting topic which is on WhatsApp earning method or how to earn money from WhatsApp share. Many of you must think about does WhatsApp give money for sharing? And the answer is yes, yes my reader you can earn money online. In this article, I will also answer the question How to earn money from WhatsApp video? 

It is known by everyone that WhatsApp is more familiar and closer to everyone than Youtube and Facebook video creator earn from ads or commercial transactions. While in WhatsApp it doesn’t allow commercial or ads transaction. Whatsapp doesn’t give you money, but it can boost your online source of income. Below, I explained in detail about how anyone can earn money from WhatsApp

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1. Marketing Your Business:

Marketing Your Business - How to earn money from WhatsApp

As I already said before that WhatsApp can boost your online source of income. If you have a business then WhatsApp can give a boost to your business. Firstly, you can do some basic things like:-

Expand your reach: By expanding your reach, you not only boost your business as well as you also promote other business (to take commission from that). Now the question is how you can expand your reach? There are many ways to expand your reach like: By adding another WhatsApp number in your contact, by putting business related profile picture and about, by putting your profile picture and about in everyone, by getting a WhatsApp group which have a large number of participant, etc. 

Live chat with the customer: Through WhatsApp, your customer can talk (chat) with you in real-time. You can send photos and videos of your product to your customer. 

Taking orders through WhatsApp: Many businesses take their order through WhatsApp because WhatsApp is more familiar and easy to use (than Facebook and Instagram) to all age group.

2. Making use of link shortening services:

Making use of link shortening services - How to earn money from WhatsApp

This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money from WhatsApp. At first, you have known about what is Short-Link? Short links are shortened links to their respected website. A typical link to the story will usually look long, the short link simply shortens it. Both links will lead to the same place but one is longer and one is shorter.

             Now the question is how we can use this? First, you have to search for video, news, tips, or any information which your WhatsApp group member or contacts will love to read. Copy the link of that, go to a URL shorten, login (through email or Facebook), past that link and shorten it. After getting that shorten the link, open your WhatsApp and share it with your family, friend, and in groups. When your contacts click on the shortened link, it will show them some advertisement before showing them the information, this is how you make money. If everything is done in the right way then for each click then you can earn 0.01 to 5 $ and it depends on place/territory/country from when clicks were recorded. 

                                   Some of the popular link shorten app are which actually pay you are: Link Shrink, ADF, OUO, Shortest, etc. Just share information and earn money.

             By the way, you can also shorten the link of this article and send it to your family, friends and group.

3. By Affiliate System (Selling your Product or that of Third Parties):

By Affiliate System (Selling your Product or that of Third Parties)  - How to earn money from WhatsApp

Another way to earn good amount of money is through the affiliate link. This method can give you a good amount of money if you belong to high-end groups or have high-end contacts. Don’t judge by its name, actually, it is very easy. At first, I will explain you about Affiliate System, What is Affiliate system? Basically, Affiliate System is a platform where you have to promote the specific product on behalf of the company. Just promote services and products of brands/companies etc. and get a commission or cut for each sale. 

Now the question is how to use an affiliate system? Before answering this question I want to inform you that Amazon is the best example of this market. Now come to that question, let explain that with the help of Amazon, so that you easily relate. First, you have to sign up with their affiliate program (you’ll find the option to sign up as an affiliate on their official site). After that, you have to choose the product which you want to promote. Next, gather your unique affiliate URL and start promoting it through WhatsApp. 

Tip: Try to promote an item that comes with huge discounts, this will increase the chances of getting you a commission

4. Using Pay Per Download:

PPD stands for Pay per download. I already wrote an article on How to make money from pay per download? You can also check it out.

        I explaining you in short about PPD as already wrote an article on that. A PPD site (such as FileIce, CleanFiles etc.) allows users to host files on servers. Users may then promote those files, using custom links that will be generated. When someone clicks on that link to get the file then she/he will have to go through a survey before downloading that file. After completing the survey he or she can download that file. After completing both, Survey and Download, the publisher will give you money.

       So, how to get started? First, find the good PPD network (FileIce, CleanFiles, etc.) register and upload a good file that people are willing to download that at any cost. Your work is just to obtain the URL and start promoting it through you WhatsApp contact and group. If your file is good enough and is shared with the right audience, you will get some downloads and thus money! The earning differs from region to region. 


REFER FRIENDS TO APPS - How earn money from whatsapp

There are many apps on the Play store that will pay you a small offer or token recharge cards and different rewards if you refer a family and friend to use it. This is very passive, as incomes are not so big but who does not like coke as long as they don’t pay for it? All you need is get the app, and then refer it to your family and friends and earn. List of that app is not consistent/constant that’s why I didn’t list them here, but you can search on Google for “apps that pay to refer a friend”.


Always remember, Consistency will give you experience, and experiences will give money. And this also applies here. A basic thing in the type of market is that you must have a huge number of contacts and a WhatsApp group which have an endless number of participant.

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