How to Recover Deleted Files From Pen Drive

How to Recover Deleted Files From Pen Drive

Pen drive, also known as, Jump drive or thumb drive is generally used to store and back up the data which you already have it in your computer. The pen drives are mostly used for data transfers and storage purpose only. Pen drive can be used to save or transfer data and information like photos, videos and other confidential information. You can use it anywhere and everywhere without facing any issues with it. All thanks to its durability, portability and fast transfers.

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However, the vital data stored in pen drive is always easier to lose for different reasons such as accidental or deliberate deletion, formatting, or malware formatting, corrupted files-media-documents, virus hacks or human errors. You don’t have to worry if you follow these methods below to recover deleted or lost files or documents from formatted, crashed, inaccessible or unreadable pen drive. Data lost or deleted data from PEN drive is a common issue. PEN flash drive is frequently used by all of us and around the universe if it gets damaged or corrupted you can still recover those data and files.

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However, PEN drives the most popular data storage device to store all your important files, photos, media and others. The deletion of these files can be caused by accidentally formatting, system failure, device corruption, inaccessible device and virus troubles.

But there are many methods by using which you can easily recover all your deleted or lost files from your laptop, or desktop system. These methods are very simple.

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How to Recover Deleted files from Pen Drive

Problem 1: Corrupted/Unreadable Pen Drive Recovery with the help of CMD

When your pen drive becomes corrupted or unreadable, there are more chances that other Windows pop-ups, and that means that the pen drive is corrupted by shortcut virus or the files that are hidden, and so on.

Just follow these below-listed steps to recover deleted files from pen drive with the help of CMD:

  • You have to connect the corrupted pen drive to your computer or your laptop.
  • Now, go to the Start button and then right click.
  • Now, you should click Command Prompt (Admin). Or the CMD option. The CMD will open.
  • You should now type the pen drive name.
  • After enter, Now type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, again press Enter and hold for minutes.
  • There you go, check the pen drive, and you have already recovered your favourite files.

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Recover Deleted Files Using Pen Drive Recovery Software available on the internet.

As the CMD method is unable to solve all data loss issues, there are many data recovery software available on the internet. These data recovery software is specially created to recover deleted files and documents from any laptop or computer system, pen drive, memory card, HHD, SSD, etc. This software also offers Photo, Video, Audio, and All File and document Recovery modules to restore any data you need from formatting, corrupted or virus-infected pen drive. You just have to download and install Pen Drive Recovery software and give it a try.

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Just follow these steps to recover deleted/formatted documents or media from any pen drive:

  • First, you have to connect the Pen Drive to Your Computer system.
  • (Insert pen drive into the USB space of the computer. Then launch the pen drive Recovery Software and now select “All File Types” module.
  • Next, scan your Pen Drive for Deleted/Lost Files.
  • When pen drive recovery software detects the pen drive, it will reflect in “Removable disk” with the pen drive brand name. Click the pen drive disk and select “Advanced Settings” to filter file formats. Now start scanning the pen drive and then check the lost files.
  • Restoring deleted files and then saving them.
  • Choose those documents (pictures, videos, audio) that you want to recover and save them onto some other folder.

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What If Pen Drive is inaccessible or undetected?

If your Pen Drive File Recovery software is unable to recognize the pen drive you have inserted, you may have to check it out one by one:

  • Insert another pen drive to check if the USB port is normal. And also make sure it plugs in completely as some connectors are tight.
  • Now connect your pen drive to the right USB port to check the problem of pen drive itself.
  • Go bios to examine the permission of pen drive.
  • Remount USB in the system device manager. Now you need to restart your computer.
  • Run an anti-virus program and scan your pen drive.

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