How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp?

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp?
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Hello, my lovely readers. Welcome back again to TricksEdge. So today I am going to explain to you How to see deleted messages on
Whatsapp ?
I am pretty sure about you must have seen “This message was deleted” in your Whatsapp chat. Questions like “Can I get back deleted messages on Whatsapp”,” “How to read deleted message on WhatsApp” and “How to see deleted Whatsapp messages on android” may occur in your mind many times. Don’t worry, why I am here? To take out you from this problem.

       Whatsapp (owned by Facebook) is one of the leading apps for chatting with friends and sharing your photos and videos. Many times we send an incorrect message during chat which leads to many problems like a misunderstanding (which may lead to breaking up), confusion, problem, etc. When WhatsApp had announced that users can now erase or delete their sent message within a seven-minute window that bought smile on millions of WhatsApp user’s faces. Now, you shouldn’t think or review your message a lot before sending it through WhatsApp. You observed that when you delete your message then that message in your chat turns into “You deleted this message” and that message in your friend chat turns into “This message was deleted”. Now the question is “How to read deleted message on WhatsApp?“. We have to use Whatsapp deleted messages recovery app to recover deleted message. The deleted messages can be recovered via notification log and the method requires a third-party app or a widget.

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Let’s get started.

By using the third-party app – Notification History and Notif Log notification history

You have to download any one of them either Notification History or Notif Log notification history; because both apps are same just layout is different. So at first let me explain to you how these two app works. These apps keep the record of all the notification (which appeared in your notification bar) in it. Not only for making records of WhatsApp message, but these apps also make a record of every notification of every app. You just have to give it special access; special access to override other apps so that it can collect notification data. When you open either the two application you will be asked to grant them permission. After that, all you need to do is go to the log (of either of the apps) and check out the notifications (message) that were deleted on WhatsApp.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp
View of Notification Log

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp
View of Notif Log Notification History

Now, Step-by-Step Explanation to How to read deleted message on Whatsapp?

Step 01: First download and install Notification History or Notif Log notification history in your phone from Google play store. NN

Step 02: Open the app and then “allow” notification and administrator access.

Step 03: The app will automatically start recording all the notification history.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Step 04: Open the app and then “tap” on whatsapp to see all the notification (from whatsapp).

Step 05: Look for the number or contact name and tap on that to see that particular notification (message).

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

 Limitation: (of Notification history apps)

  1. The messages will be deleted once you’ll restart your phone.
  2. This app can only store the first 100 character of the message.
  3. This app can only retrieve those messages which have generated the notification on your device and have been interacted or seen.

Activities method (or Widget) to check how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp?

The notification log can be accessed without the need of a third-party-app or an additional app.

Long press the home screen, and then tap on Widgets -> Activities -> Settings -> Notification log. Then you can access the system’s notification log.

On stock Android, a Settings widget can give permission to the notification log as well.

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Now, Step-by-Step Explanation to How to read deleted message on WhatsApp? through Activities method (or Widget).

Step 01: Go to the Home Screen in your Android phone.

Step 02: Tap and hold somewhere in the free area on your phone’s screen.

Step 03: Tap on widgets, and find the Settings widget on the list.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Step 04: Now, tap and hold the Settings widget and place it on anywhere on the home screen. Next, a list of available options would appear.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Step 05: Scroll down and click on Notification Log.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Now, tap on that new Settings icon on the Home Screen of your phone would will show Android notifications from the past and also the deleted WhatsApp messages which were displayed as notifications.

Note: To use any one of the methods mentioned above, you have to give the permission of notification to your WhatsApp app. So that your WhatsApp message comes in your notification. 

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Additional: Read deleted messages using WhatsApp Chat Backup

If you have deleted a chat (accidently) that you want to recover that, you can recover that with the help of WhatsApp Chat backup which occurs every night at 2 am (by default). You can also change the frequency of backup to daily, weekly or monthly. However, choosing daily as the preferred backup frequency is best for you because it can restore chats before the next backup occurs at 2 am.

To restore deleted WhatsApp chats, follow the following steps:

Step 01: At first, uninstall WhatsApp and install it again from Google Play Store if you are using an Android device.

Step 02: Then, agree to Terms and Conditions and in next step enter your mobile number along with the country code.

Step 03: You will be presented with an option to restore your chats from a backup. Click on that restore option and your WhatsApp chats will be restored.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp


In this article, I answered this question “How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp?” I hope you read it throughly. Deleting your send message is which gone by mistake is good for you as it saves you time, as you don’t have to rewrite that with an edit. Reading a deleted message is something very beneficial for you as it may be a love proposal. Haha!

Now I am signing off with a request.

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