Top 10 best movie downloading websites

Best website from where you can download movie for free without any time any big effort: step by step explanation with picture (2020 updated)

Hello reader! Welcome back. This is your Sourav again. We reunite again with our new & interesting topic which is on how we can download movies for free, free movie download site for mobile, movie download app, best site to download Bollywood movies in HD, best site to download Hollywood movies in HD, and new movie download. 

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                       Everyone loves to watch movies because we can decrease our stress level by watching movies. Movies are of different types: horror, biopic, romantic, action, thriller, etc. My personal favourite movies are horror and romantic. Many people don’t want to watch movies in theaters, as they don’t like to leave the comfort of a couch or bed. Finding a free and safe website to download is a difficult task with full of risk. Many times, Google landed you on a very unsafe site from where you can lose your personal data. To be in safe hands, I research a lot to find the list of best movies downloading site and that research is here.

 So reader, let’s start the article.

Best movie downloading websites

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1. YouTube:

best movie downloading websites
download movie from youtube

I know you must be aware of this name. Youtube movies are safe to watch movies. Now a day youtube offer 100+ complete feature-length films. This makes YouTube a perfect free movie website for those who can’t afford to spend a premium for accessing Hulu and Netflix content. There are many multiple channels that lets you watch movies without any cost and that are in the public domain. There are some specific TV shows and movies that are youtube original and you can enjoy them without paying a penny. 

2. The Internet Archive:

I know, you will be surprised to find The Internet Archive sitting at the next to the top of our free movie download websites. This site is like a goldmine for fans of music, books, and movie. Now you can easily enjoy hundreds of movies without spending money, thanks to the torrent links. The overall catalogues found on this website is growing day by day and new content is added on every day. The website also allows creating a free virtual library card which grants you access to forums, the ability to upload content, videos, bookmark favourite etc.

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3. My Download Tube:

You might notice that whenever you searched about download movies in a phone, my download tube must come in number one spot in your searched list; this is because of how the interface and sophisticated its design as compared to rest of site. This site also offer best overall UX in terms of minimum bugs, smooth downloading process, video quality, and fast loading speeds. You can download Bollywood, Hollywood, and other genres movies. This site also offers to download many games.

4. 300MBMovies4u :

Its domain is saying the truth i.e. this site contains movies which are of 300mb. This site has an eye-catching design with a crisp-thumbnails, black background, and titles written in white using a simple font. Many people are domain this site i.e. 300MBMovies4u features a lot of content including Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, and Selected TV show.

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5. IOMovies :

As per rating, this site i.e. IOMovies is one of the top-ranked websites to download movies for free. Along with the movies, you can also watch some famous TV Series on this website. This includes some famous titles like Forgotten, Suits, Trust, and many others. IOMovies doesn’t store any data on their own website and this third-party servers and video hosting services to do that. Movies inside this site are very well organized in different genres. This includes Adventure, Action, Documentaries, War, Comedy and others. IOMovies also allows registering on it. After registering on this site, you can make your own watch list, as well as many others, feature. IOMovies is an amazing movie downloader website.

6. MoviesCounter:

MoviesCounter is a wonderful site for entertainment stuff who are more inclined towards watching Hindi and regional movies. Apart from that, it also featured a decent sized library of English movies. This site has very easy accessibility through which a person of any age group can easily use it. Movies which are listed on this site are listed with their download quality i.e. video resolution. You just have to hit the title and then on the download button to download.

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7. Pluto TV:

Pluto TV tries to copy traditional TV layout and it’s one of my favourite services on this list. This service to watch free movies online offers more than 75 TV channels from different categories. All these channels are divided into TV, news, movies, sports, tech, and other popular sections. Pluto TV also offers its official application for approximately all popular platforms and you can enjoy the content on the go. They also have their individual dedicated movie channel. This is available worldwide but more are available in the United States of America.

8. MoviesFoundOnline:

MoviesFoundOnline curates, independent films, free movies, TV shows, and stand-up comedy video. The website hosts free movies ranging from short films and cult classics to documentaries and comedy movies. MoviesFoundOnline curates lots of public domain movies and serves them to you. As this website doesn’t host or upload any media on its own, it works actively to delete the movies if there’s some copyright infringement.

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9. Open Culture:

This offers high-quality videos from all across the world. It’s home to free online courses, free movies, and free language lessons. Founded in 2006, it has 6 main sections: Movies, Online courses, e-Books, Language lessons, Textbooks, Audiobooks. Movies section consists of a wonderful collection. Currently, it hosts 1,150 free movies online that includes a special collection of Charlie Chaplin movies and Oscar Winning Movies.

10. Vimeo:

Free movie downloading site
download movie from youtube

Just like YouTube, This also has a good collection of free movies. It goes without saying that the site offers a clean layout that makes it a great place for movie lovers who wish to enjoy free independent movies documentaries and movies online. There are lots of short movies available in this for your entertainment. You might not know but this also offers an On-Demand content section where you can pay for TV shows and movies.

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Most of the site which is mentioned above doesn’t require you to register an account. Just keep in mind that you don’t enter any payment detail such as your credit card information and other. 

Note:  Free movie downloading site works better on android as compare to iPhone. 

If you think we miss any other best website to download movies, then you can write us in comment box. Also, you can write you review and suggestion about this article as comment box is all yours.

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