Apple to unveil its new iPhone models on September 12 , 2018

Apple to unveil its new iPhone models on September 12, 2018

If you are reading this, chances are you are planning to buy an Apple product in your portfolio by saving some more money or getting your credit limit enhanced. Either way, get set for an enhanced user experience as three iPhone variants are to be launched this year. Two of them are known to sport OLED displays while the third one comes with an LCD screen. Let’s know about new iPhone models.
Pre-orders begin from September 14 and devices go on sale from September 21. Expectations are high this time as the previous editions of iPhone did not do well as they used to hang very frequently and had battery draining issues. Apple is expected to rectify these issues and present a better user interface.
While the other iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X plus featured 5.8 inch and 6.5inch OLED displays. The latter two are known to be premium devices which come with 4GB ram and face id feature. The previous one i.e. iPhone 9 with LCD screen has 3GB ram, face id, and dual sim functionality. It will continue to have a single rear camera.
Also Adding music to iPhone without iTunes now made simpler!
 iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X plus are expected to be launched in the 64gb, 256gb, 512gb and they will be the first ones to natively support a stylus or apple pencil. Pricing will vary from one region to another based on the tax structure, but the base price of these newly launched phones is expected to be in the range of $699 to $999.
Moreover, users in the previous years complained of discomfort in holding a very large phone. This year, iPhones are expected to be more ergonomically designed so that users feel better as iPhone 9 is expected to come with a 6.1inch display and has an LCD screen. The notification screen will get smarter as twenty notifications from one source will count as one while group notifications will be separate. Do not disturb functionality which was manual will now get automatic

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