How to get paid apps for free on Android- 2020

Get paid apps for free on Android

We love apps. We have a tendency to love free apps. And that we love paid apps being given away for complimentary most of all. However, we do not like pirates and that we do not like stealing. There are lots of legal ways to get paid apps for free on Android – as well as within the Play Store – and we’re progressing to share many with you. 

Before we tend to continue, it’s worth stating that free apps might cost in alternative ways: as one study discovered, ad-funded apps will use an average of 79% additional mobile data than the ad-free equivalents. If you are on a restricted monthly mobile data set up, choosing the “free” version of an app may be a false economy.

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Download paid apps for free

FreApp of the Day

paid apps for free

Freapp is one of my favourite apps as a result of every morning I am greeted by another new app for free of charge. It isn’t always one I need however saves me having to seek through a lot of lists that alternative sales apps have. 

As with any deals program, the offers vary: some apps will not be eligible for updates, and a few of the free apps in all probability do not cost anything, to begin with. Yet, the deals simply keep coming back and there are usually some real gems in there. 

Freapp – Free Apps Daily

 Simply Ask the Internet 

On the internet, no power is more exceptional than swarm intelligence. A decent place to seek once researching for exciting deals is Reddit. Especially, the subedits goggle play deals and AndroidGameDeals

The games release there are sorted by popularity and evaluated on the website. very often the app developers themselves can answer your queries.

Google Play surveys

paid apps for free
Download paid apps for free

We’ve written regarding Google’s free Play Store credit in exchange for taking surveys before. If you are not known of it yet, Google offers its very own rewards program because, well, it needs even more information regarding you and your habits.

All you need to do is to install the Google Opinion Rewards app, then complete a  short survey and secure your coinage instantly. you are restricted to one survey per week (so you will not exactly be able to retire early), and you do not always get paid for each survey, however, you’ll earn up to a dollar per survey. great for a little number minutes of your time.

Google likes to know things regarding you, and it’s willing to pay you for it. 

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Discounted apps and sales

Download paid apps for free

Some apps, like AppSales, let you feature apps you are interested in a watch list, therefore you’ll be notified once they go on sale. it is not precisely free, however, it’s still better than full value. Plus, AppSales will often post free apps.

Appsales tracks each discount and freebies.

Google Play return policy

download paid apps for free
Download paid apps for free

Be warned: doing this too usually may lead to Google tired you as a suspect and refusing to refund paid apps.

If you are inquisitive about a game and do not mind spending a number of bucks on that — however don’t desire to commit unless you recognize it’s really worth it — then you’ll cash in of Google’s returns policy for apps. after you purchase an associate app you’ve got two hours to check it out before you’re stuck with the purchase.

A couple of hours might not seem to be a long time, however, it’s positively long enough to get a feel for a game and apprehend if you really need to purchase it or not. And if you are extremely, extremely poor you may manufacture a night’s amusement out of simply your phone and a timer. 

Google permits you to refund an app with two hours of the initial purchase, no queries asked. 

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Use the Troubleshoot: “Can’t offer you a refund at this moment” 

It may happen that you simply try to refund an app you just purchased only to be greeted by the message “Can’t give you a refund at this point. attempt uninstalling later.” after all, the refund clock is probably going still ticking whereas you are barricaded by the Play Store and it’s possible the refund window can close before the Play Store permits you to with success uninstall and refund the unwanted app.

In this case, there is not much you’ll be able to do. however, one thing we’d suggest is that you simply take a screenshot of the error message that clearly shows when you installed the app and after you were making an attempt to refund it. This provides proof that you simply were encountering errors on Google’s end within the refund timeframe.

If you cannot refund the app in Google Play, ensure you get a screenshot of the try

You can then email the screenshot (make certain you get the date in there too) to the developer requesting a refund. The developer’s contact details are currently needed at the bottom of each app description in Google Play.

If the developer is unresponsive, you can also attempt contacting Google via the Google Play help page for returns and refunds and striking the Contact us button within the top right-hand corner. there isn’t any guarantee Google can refund your app purchase price, however, the very fact that you simply have proof you tried to refund it among the returns window should be enough to get you a refund.

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