How To Play YouTube Videos In Background Without Rooting Android

Everyone wants to multi-task and watch YouTube videos while they are working through other apps. It is super easy on a desktop or laptop as they have a larger screen real estate come with multiple processors powered with hyperthreading technology. But smartphones lack the screen size, computing power and memory capabilities to deliver a delightful experience with multiple apps playing. Playing YouTube videos in the background is best done using certain tools. And there is no requirement for your Android device to be rooted as it can expose your device to vulnerabilities and expose it to hackers. Let’s learn more about how to play YouTube videos in background….

A handy user guide to playing YouTube videos in the background!!! (No-Root) play YouTube videos in background.

Rooting if done through XPOSED Installer can help you make major customization to your phone but it carries the risk of the manufacturer or reseller canceling and nullifying or making void the warranty of your android device and you will lose your mental peace. Just follow the following steps to do it right.
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  • Download and install the awesome popup video app from the play store and see the list of videos it recommends for you.
Play YouTube Videos in Background In Android
  • Tap on the video you like, and a pop-up will appear loading the YouTube video. Now you can resume what you were doing, and the video will appear in the background.

Try other options like Flytube and New pipe


No more available from the Android store, you need to get it from here:
          Play YouTube Videos in                          Background In Android
Once downloaded to your android store, it will ask for some permissions that you need to grant and simultaneously remove all YouTube links. Make sure to disable the YouTube app before using Flytube.
Once installed, it will display a list of videos, you need to then search for your preferred video.
Play YouTube Videos in Background In Android
Once you tap on the video, it will ask you to select the app to open the video and at this juncture, you need to select Flytube. A small popup video bar will open that will allow you to play videos in the background while you work on other applications.
Play YouTube Videos in Background In Android


This app is available through F-DROID; something novice users may not know about. F-droid is an open source tool that offers an installable catalog of free and open source applications on the open source platform. It will help you to easily browse, install and monitor the updates on your device.
  • To get applications from F-droid you need to tweak your phone to download items from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable the option.
  • Once, this is done, install the F-droid app on your Android, open it and search for New Pipe and install it on your android phone.

play YouTube videos in background

  • While scrolling for your preferred video on Newpipe, open the app and browse to the video that you want to play in the background. Then tap on the headphone icon. In case you need to stop the video playback, you can drop down the notification shutter and pause or stop the video playback.
play YouTube videos in background
play YouTube videos in background

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