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Let me guess the real purpose of why are you reading this article? I know, you are reading this article to make a Prank call to your friends, then you must have many prank call ideas. I know prank call is always a Fun call for sure.

There is numerous free prank calling app are available in the google play store. Besides Prank Call App, there is also some Prank Call Website, like Prank Dial. Don’t worry, I’ll cover both topics i.e. Free prank calls app for Android and Free Prank Call Website.

Before beginning the article, I want to play my welcome song i.e. “Hello guys! Welcome back to Tricks Edge. Today, we again reunite for a new topic i.e Free Calling App for Android.”

Prank Call Ideas: Top 10 Best Prank Calling Apps

Now you guys may be thinking about why we need Prank phone call app? Through prank call or fake call, you can escape from the awkward moment or you can prank your friends for fun. I know now a lot of Prank Call ideas are coming in your mind. Kindly, let me know your creative prank ideas so that I will also try on my friends.

Now let’s talk about the best prank call app for android.

1. Fake Call Prank

By GameAndro: 
Free prank calls

You might be wondering about why this app stands first in my list of Calling App list. The answer to your question is that this app has a 4.6-star rating in Google play store and many users of this Fun Call App purchase upgraded version in which they can use this app without ads. The things which will break your expectation is that there is no-one on the other side to play prank call ideas, but for video editing, this seems to be funny. In this app, you can set caller name and number, choose caller picture, choose a character such as pizza and police, set a voice for the caller, set a voice for the caller and record a voice for the caller.

2. Fake Call Prank

By Photo Collage, Voice Recorder, Call Recorder:
Prank call ideas

This prank call app is totally free prank calling app. The achievement of this fun calling app is that this app was awarded as the best app of 2016 by Google Play, 10+ million users worldwide, new content every week and 3+ million active users every day. This Fun call app have a lots of feature in it, such as to create fake SMS for incoming or outgoing call, schedule multi fake calls, Fake SMS and call log, choose fake call from your contacts, customize fake call id, picture, number, in-call voice and ringtone for each fake call, and many more. The user interface of this prank app is very simple and untestable to all age group.

Download Fake Call Prank

3. Prank Call & Prank SMS

By Tiny Mobile Games:
Prank call app

This is another best free prank app for free prank calls. This is the second part of the Prank Call & prank SMS series. The key feature of this prank calling app changes name of the caller, fake call with the picture, select calling prank themes, fake caller id number, pretend your boss calling, make a prank call with your own ringtone, and many more. The main feature of this free prank calling app is that you can trick your friends that a celebrity is calling you and fake call that actually has a fake person talking with you. So what are you waiting for go and us this fun call app!

4. VIP Call Prank

By QBE Soft
Numbers to Prank call

As the name suggests that you will get a (prank) call from VIP (Very Important Person). You can fool your friends with this Fun call app by fake VIP incoming call. Your fake VIP incoming call will ring with displaying images, name and mobile number. When you pick up the fake incoming call, then you can hear the voice which you have selected earlier. The procedure to play your prank call ideas is very simple. First, select a photo of your own choice, and then enter the name and mobile number, and then record voice which you want to hear after picking up the call, then set the timer, and then Pick up the call.

5. Fake Call, Call Prank, Fake Caller ID

By Splaish
Prank Phone Calls

The fake call is a prank call app through that simulates a fake incoming call with customizable caller number and name. Besides fake incoming call, you can also simulate a celebrity call and a Funny Call. This app is totally free prank calling app, i.e. you don’t have to pay for an upgraded version to get more feature or ads removal. You can set a character for fake incoming call i.e. mom, boss, dad, and many more character according to your choice. Set name, number, timer, photo and character for your fake incoming call or prank call and then enjoy with your friends.

6. Voice Changer For Prank

By Luxury Photo Studio
Prank calling app

As the name suggests, this prank app changes the voice to play the prank. This prank call app with voice changer is really a great fun call app. This voice changer app has a cool voice changer with voice effect which will make your prank realistic and amazing. Just imagine! How funny it could be to use this voice changer prank call app. If you are looking for the best voice change prank call app with an amusing voice effect, my reader you just found that. This prank calling app has a helium voice effect. If you don’t know how helium voice effect sound? Then I’ll don’t tell you, go and download to gain the real experience of Helium sound effect and tell me in the comment box to share your experience of using helium sound effect.

Download Voice Changer For Prank

7. Fake Call Girlfriend Prank

By GameAndro
Prank Call website

In this prank app, you can receive a fake call from the girlfriend. You just have to set a fake incoming call form a girlfriend. In this app you will only get a fake call from a girlfriend, i.e. you will not receive any fake call from dad, mom, boss, etc. To get a fake call from a girlfriend, you just have to tap on call now. To get more advanced prank, you can schedule a time for a fake incoming call from a girlfriend. In this fun call app, you can choose the picture of your fake girlfriend from the gallery as well as you can also set the ringtone of your fake call.

8. Voice Fun- Prank Calls, Voice Changer, Greetings

By Voxomos Systems
Prank Dial

Through this voice fun call app, you can make your boring conversation entertaining and super fun with its background music on call and real-time voice changer. When you call someone, you can actually change your voice (in kids, robot and male voice) and can add background music (romantic, sad, Love, Funny, Birthday, etc.) to set the mood of your conversation. Its sound amazing nah! Besides all these features, there is another feature named as personalized wishes for WhatsApp through which you can add personally recorded message & background music, and create a personalized message with a beautiful image.

9. Fake Call (Prank Call)

By AppFactoryKim
Fun Call

The process to get a fake call through this fun app is very clear cut. You just have to write the name (like Mom, Dad, Boss, John, Police, Doctor, etc.), number (i.e. phone number from which you want an incoming call), Time (at what time you want a fake incoming call), Call Time (in second), Hang Up (in second) and Voice (which will play when picking up the fake incoming call). You can try this app to get out from a boring situation, pretend to make the appointment or to move out from an awkward situation. Your default ringtone will play when you receive a fake incoming call or prank call.

10. Fun Calls – Best Voice Changer & Call Recording

By Fun Calls
Fun Call App

This app is a prank call app with voice changer as well as recorder. To make a Fun Call, first you have to press on keypad then choose your voice (Scary, Man, Regular, Funny and Helium) which your friend will hear, then your friend number (with country code) or choose from contacts, then click on record call ( if you want to) and then click on Dial button. During the call, you can change your voice in Scary, Man, Regular, Funny & Helium and you can also add a sound effect like a cat, dog, moo, fart, etc. There is Demo mode in this app, you can use this demo to know how this Fun Call App work.


In almost every prank phone calls app, you can simulate a fake incoming call. You think that prank call app is just to prank your friends and family but that not true. Besides pranking your friends by prank calling app, you can come out from a boring meeting, meaningless interview, annoying conversation, etc. One more thing I would like to say that, I don’t know it is rumours or truth that there is some number to prank call to play prank call ideas. If you have any knowledge about this thing then kindly let me know in the comment section as I will enhance my knowledge.

If you have any queries or suggestion then kindly comment it down in the comment box. I will try my best to solve your queries by answering (reply).

Thank you so much for giving me your 5 minutes of your life. Take care of your health. Good Bye!

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