PUBG Ban in India: Rumor or Truth?

PUBG Ban in India: Rumor or Truth? – | Tricks Edge|

As we all must be aware of the fact that, PUBG (i.e. Player Unknown Battle Ground) mobile is the most downloaded gaming apps, till date. After seeing the very crazy response from the fan, PUBG launches his game on a mobile phone on 23 March 2017. PUBG mobile 0.10.0 update download size is 1.6GB on Android and 2.1GB on iOS. Few day earlier i.e. on 20th March 2019, PUBG mobile celebrated its 1st anniversary.

PUBG mobile has 200,000,000 total downloads in less than 8 months. Now PUBG has 30,000,000 daily active users globally – Can you believe that?

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How much popular is PUBG in India?

PUBG is not only of the most popular mobile games in India as well as the most playable game in world-wide. A recent survey shared by Quartz (in partnership with Jana) shows that 62 per cent of the respondents said they play this game.
In the Jana survey, most respondents who selected PUBG as their choice were males in the age group of 16 to 24. The very first question put in front of the users taking this survey was “Which online video games do they play”. Over approximately 62% of people selected PUBG, followed by Free Fire (21.7%) and Fortnite (8.5%), according to the report.
When they were asked why Indians do like playing PUBG, 46.2 % people responded that it was better than other online games, 24.5 % people said because everyone is talking about it, whereas 18.3% players play it for the experience. Only 10.9 per cent of people play it because of companion players.

                   Now let’s talk about how much popular PUBG is in the India YouTube community. CarryMinati and Ashish Chanchlani made a video on PUBG, title as “PUBG INDIA: LIFE BATTLE ROYALE” and “PUBG: Ek Game Katha | Ashish Chanchlani” respectively. Bhuvan Bam (i.e. India biggest YouTube Sensation) also mention PUBG in his one of the video. A few days earlier, i.e. on 22nd March 2019, Mumbaiker Nikhil also uploaded a video on her youtube channel regarding PUBG ban in India is good or bad.

Even the honourable Shri Narender Modi know the name of this game. We get the evidence from an incident in which he replied to an Indian mother whose son is addicted to the online multiplayer games. He replied,” Yeh PUBG wala ha kya?”, it means “Is it that PUBG?”. As soon as the whole audiences heard his reply, all started clapping loudly and laughing. This all incident happen in the event “Pariksha pe Charcha 2.0” i.e. discussion on exam part 2.

The shocking incident happened in India which appeals PUBG ban

We have heard about many shocking cases where teenagers of India are cheating, lying, stealing and even taking their own lives, just to play PUBG mobile game. While we agree to the fact that it is having an adverse effect on the minds of youngsters because banning the PUBG game just sounds illogical. In a country like India where every day, more kids are dying due to hunger, drugs, and illness, but the matter of PUBG has been taken to the highest priority.

Do you know you can get arrested if you play the popular game PUBG, in the Indian state of Gujarat? This is because the Gujarat police believe that the PUBG game can allegedly lead to violent behavior among youth and children, and adversely affect studies.
PUBG Mobile ban by Gujarat state government, the Rajkot police took 10 college students in custody for the violation on 15th March 2019. They were booked under the IPC (Indian Penal Code) – 188 and GPA (Gujarat Police Act) – 135 but were immediately granted bail. IPC 188 is a very minor offence, which is disobedience to any order declared by a public servant and punishable with a fine of ₹200 and one-month imprisonment. Section 135 GPA, is an offence when you actually violate an order which is given for prevention of action or riots that disrupt public peace. It is punishable with fine and 1-year imprisonment. Both are bailable offences, this is why the youngsters got bail immediately,
Eight more people were arrested in Ahmedabad and Himatnagar from Gujarat since then, according to the report of PTI. In India, PUBG ban is only limited to Gujarat. However, this game has faced a backlash from Indian parents for being addictive and its violent nature.

Play Time Restriction: Small step to PUBG Ban

PUBG mobile may come with an update of Play Time Restriction or Plat Time Duration of 6 Hours in India. It’s mean that you can’t play PUBG more than 6 hours and a (health) notification will pop up on your mobile screen and ask you to come back the next day to play again. PUBG’s players under the age of 18 will receive a reminder after 2 and 4 hours before they reach the 6-hour restriction.


This information is not official, but we have a screenshot from the PUBG mobile game confirming this progress. We have reached to PUBG Mobile India for a confirmation, but while they haven’t confirmed this improvement, they did say that something will be announced soon. If this happened then I think this is a better step than PUBG Ban. Let see what PUBG India do !

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Final Words:

Recently, Mumbai-based twins namely Amar and Ashish Vitthal decided to burn PUBG mobile effigy on Holika Dahan 2019. This type of things clearly reflects that Indian young youth are concentrating back on their career.


Playing video games in free time is good as because you can refresh your mind. But making it your addiction is not good for your studies, health, and relationship. I am not appealing you to don’t play PUBG, I am saying that play this game but only for a limited time period. PUBG mobile game is currently banned in the only one state of India i.e. Gujarat. If PUBG ban in all over India then PUBG mobile game will lose their huge fan base. Let see does PUBG mobile game get banned in other states of India or not? If any update or news will come regarding PUBG ban in India, then I will surely inform you.
By the way, this game was recently restricted for children under 13 years in China. It means if you are in China and PUBG lover then you can able to play PUBG only when you are 13+.

So what do you think Chicken Dinner lover? Is the decision taken by the Gujarat government to ban PUBG mobile game is good or bad? Comment down your view in the comment section given below because comment box is all yours.

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