5 Ways to Automatically Repeat YouTube Videos

5 Ways to Automatically Repeat YouTube Videos

I hope, you play your favourite songs in repeat mode in your smartphone and fall into your dream which you like it. Isn’t it true? I hope it is. I know that you also watch the video of your favourite song on YouTube. By the way, what if I told you that you can play YouTube on repeat mode. Yeah! please don’t be surprised, if you don’t know this feature. YouTube repeat mode or in the loop can be done in many ways. In this article, I’ll try my level best to answer how to repeat YouTube videos or how to put a YouTube video on repeat.

How to repeat YouTube videos: 5 Methods

1. Loop a video within YouTube: YouTube Loop

You can call this step as the most organic way/step to play YouTube on repeat mode. In this method, you don’t have to use any third-party app to play repeat Youtube videos.

Step 01: Search your video which you want to put in repeat mode and then open that video.

Step 2: Right click on the video, then a dialog box will open up in which you have to click on ‘Loop’.

Repeat YouTube

That’s it. You are done.

Note: If you want to apply this feature in your smartphone, then open YouTube through Google Chrome in desktop mode.

2. Edit your URL : YouTube repeat URL

This is another method to repeat a YouTube video, which is known as YouTube repeat URL method. You will understand by yourself why this method is named as YouTube repeat URL Like the previous method, this method also doesn’t contain any third-party app to play repeat on YouTube Videos.

Step 01: Open your video which you want to play in repeat mode.

Step 02: Now you can see the URL of your video is present in the address bar. Now you have to do some editing in your address bar with your URL.

  • Editing Step 01: Delete everything whatever you see before ‘youtube.com’, i.e. remove “https://www.” from the URL.
  • Editing Step 02: Now write ‘repeat’ between “youtube” and “.com”. Then press ‘Enter Key’.
YouTube Repeat

Step 03: After clicking ‘Enter Key’, you’ll be landed on a website which URL starts with https://listenonrepeat.com. This link is also known as ‘YouTube Repeat URL‘. In this website, you can play repeat YouTube Video as this website is mainly made to play YouTube on repeat.

Note: There are some website through which we can watch YouTube video in repeat mode, like infiniteloop.com and endlessvideo.com

3. Browser Extensions for YouTube Repeat

You can use extension for chrome for YouTube loop. If you don’t know what is an extension, then don’t worry my reader, I’ll tell you. An extension is a part, that is added to something to prolong or enlarge it. Similarly, an extension for chrome is added to chrome prolong or enlarge chrome. There are 2 famous extensions for repeat YouTube videos i.e. YouTube Repeat and Looper for YouTube.

Step 01: Click here to add YouTube Repeat extension or click here to add Looper for YouTube extension.

Step 02: Now, click on ‘Add to Chrome‘ to add the extension to chrome.

how to repeat youtube videos
youtube loop

Step 03: Click on ‘Add extension‘.

youtube repeat

Step 04: Now wait for 2-3 seconds for the extension to be added.

youtube loop

How to use YouTube Repeat and Looper for YouTube extension?

Search and open your video in youtube and click on the ‘loop’ icon to play your youtube video in repeat mode.

youtube repeat

How to remove an YouTube repeat extension from Google Chrome?

First of all, you have to open your Chrome Browser. Now, right click on the extension which you want to remove.

repeat on youtube

Now, click on ‘Remove from Chrome‘ and then click on ‘Remove‘.

4. Create YouTube Playlist : Repeat on YouTube

You can add your video in the playlist to play repeat YouTube videos. According to me, this method is the smartest step to play YouTube videos in repeat mode. In this method, there is a feature of YouTube to play playlist video in repeat mode, that way you have to add a single video to a playlist to play only that video in repeat mode.

Step 01: Search and open your video which you want to repeat on YouTube.

Step 02: Click on ‘SAVE‘, which is present on the right side of the share button.

youtube repeat

Step 03: Click on ‘Create a new playlist‘.

repeat youtube

Step 04: Write the name of your playlist and then click on ‘Create‘.

YouTube repeat

Step 05: Click on ‘Library‘ and then click on the playlist which you made a few seconds earlier.

youtube on repeat

Step 06: Now click on the ‘Loop‘ icon to play YouTube on repeat.

youtube on repeat

5. Via Third-Party App: YouTube on Repeat

There are many third-party apps available on the google play store and apple store. But don’t worry my reader, I will tell you the best android app and best iPhone app for repeat YouTube.

For Android User

For Apple User


I research a lot on this topic i.e play YouTube on repeat mode to provide you with the maximum number of methods to answer the question – How to repeat YouTube videos? All these 5 methods which I explained to you are 100% working through which you can repeat on Youtube. If you know any other method to repeat youtube videos, besides these 5 methods then kindly comment down in the comment box.

I hope you love my hard work, and if so then kindly share this article among your friends and family, also comment down your view regarding this article.

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