How to Safely Download and Install Software from the Internet

Download and Install Software from the Internet

In a sense, downloading anything from the Internet is a lottery. You can come across a cool website hosting high-quality software and avail yourself of a vast array of useful programs, or, to the contrary, catch a virus when installing an infected file from a scam resource. Still, even our negative experience cannot stop us from downloading software from the Internet. We cannot imagine our life without movies that most users download wherewith torrent programs. 

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We also rely on download sites to update our drivers, get an improved version of our favorite antivirus program, or install a PDF reader on our device. Yes, downloads are ubiquitous and omnipresent, and you’re unlikely to make it in the Digital Age without downloading anything from the web. Still, there are useful tips and tricks that can help you secure your computer and your privacy from cyber invaders. 

Think Twice, Double-Check… 

Though our first piece of advice may seem too banal and obvious, you’d better heed it. At times, out hunch is the best advisor that can point you in the right direction. If you happen to land on a website you’re planning on using to download a file, listen to your gut. If you have a sudden feeling of premonition of what this particular site make bring along with the files you’re intending to download, leave without hesitation. There’s nothing supernatural about the whole thing. The truth is that fraudulent or scam websites look suspicious. Everything from their interface to downloads offered  usually reek of scamming and swindling. 

The surest way to avoid malware and associated problems is to refrain from downloading any software apps or programs from unsolicited links. We suggest that you ignore all links you receive through email or any other source, including social media, unless you’re 100% sure that the site the link redirects you to is trustworthy. 

Furthermore, it’s crucial that you update your antivirus program regularly and don’t forget to run the scan across the obtained software. 

Avail Yourself of Reviewed Software Lists 

There are websites whose reputation speaks for itself. Such resources often put together the lists of ranked and reviewed software that may come in handy when you need to decide whether or not to download a particular program. Such lists may spare you hassle or checking software by yourself. Someone has already done this time-consuming and tedious work for you. 

Free Downloads are not Tantamount Free Software 

There’s nothing more pleasing to our eye that word “free.” No wonder we tend to lose our vigilance when tempted by free downloads. You need to keep in mind that a Free Download is not the same as free software. The internet is replete with ads that offer free downloads to all users. And hordes of all users visit such website in hopes of acquiring free programs. Still, oftentimes, things get more complicated as soon as you try to download a desired program.  The truth is that some software developers deliberately confuse potential customers and manipulate them into visiting their websites that allegedly distribute free software. The tick is that the download process itself is free indeed. Nonetheless, software offered required payment for use, either immediately or after the trial period elapses. Thus, before you download something labeled as “free” check a programs’ description. Note that only freeware can be acquired free of charge.

Don’t Use installers and Download Managers

A good many full-time download websites that host freeware rely heavily on what they call installers or download managers. In fact, such installers have nothing to do with the program you’re planning to download. They are programs made by third-party developers that pay download websites for distributing their products. Thus, you may end up owning two programs after downloading only one. We highly recommend that you refrain from installing programs that come wrapped in other unsolicited programs.  In case you cannot find desired software elsewhere except for a website that imposes installers, ascertains to take all possible precautions prior to downloading the required file. Never ignore reading the screens that appear during the installation process. You need to know what you’re consenting to. We also recommend that you opt for the Custom Installation method if given the option.

Below you can find the websites you can rely on to download safe and no-strings-attached software:







Of course, you’re not limited to the aforementioned list. You can opt to trust other software download sites. Still, make it a rule to vet each resource you use. Trust but verify. 

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