Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, 2020 Updated

Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, 2020 Updated,Hello, everyone, this is Sourav again. So, how are you guys? I know you guys will be fine. As I am also a iPhone user, so I searched and read many article on best health apps for iPhone or best fitness apps for iPhone. But I didn’t get any good article on this so I decided to researched on it and write an article on it.

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If your iPhone is an essential part of your workout, then probably scrolled through the endless list of fitness apps and wondering which one will save your time and money. Pairing your iPhone with the best fitness app is not a game of children. Mine focus here is on the workout apps designed to get you moving and keep you active, whether it’s hitting the treadmill, pumping iron, or enjoying some healthful yoga. The right fitness app can give you the lift you need to get through your workouts, but the wrong one can give you nothing else than frustration. Do I only focus on running? No, dear. Along with best running apps I also focused on many others like best fitness tracker, gym workout app and many more.

So my lovely readers let’s begin.

Nike Training Club :

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Nike training club is 100% free app from Nike. It includes about 180 workouts, covering a range of workout types. It has a library of 30-45 minute workouts that are based on your fitness level and goals. This app explain how-to- execute each exercise with how-to-video and you can share your result on your social networking site i.e. Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. 


Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Through this app, you can track the run. Like Runkeeper, Strava plots and tracks your workout on a map, including important information like speed, elevation, and comparisons with other who have taken the same route with you. This app pairs with a vast number of cycle computers, GPS watches, and activity trackers for added accuracy. Basic (tracking) feature are free and on up gradation to premium for $8 per month, you will get customized workout and training, live feedback on your recent activity and detailed analysis of your data.

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Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

RunKeeper, as the name suggests, provides a very simple way to make a routine and stick to it by tracking your progress. This app can even work on Cycling, walking, hiking, and in even skating. Through the access to your mobile data and location, RunKeeper can track and plot your progress on a map. It has a free version and In-app purchases with premium tools. In the premium version, you can listen to music from your phone’s internal memory or from Spotify. 

My Fitness Pal:

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

It has a free version and in-app purchases, you will get an ad-free experience with nutrition information, better analysis tools, and many more. It has a database of millions of branded and non-branded food and drinks; means it know food health information. If you carry your mobile phone all day (who doesn’t?) then it will record, much accurately, your exact calorie-count for the day. It’s great!


Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, 2019 Updated

Fitocracy makes fitness as fun and this is inspired by World of Worldcraft. Believe me, this gamification is a great way to keep people motivated. You can for each successful workout, and you can unlock goals and raise your level. It is free along with premium version; in premium version (which is $5 per month) you can get access to the private message, detailed analysis or insight, virtual “duel” with other bonus. 

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Fit Bit:

Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, 2019 Updated

Through this app, you can record your workouts manually, log your meals, monitor hydration, and set your own goals to motivate yourself too. There is no in-app purchase. This app offers the very easiest way to track daily exercises, log food intake, and even compete with friends for the ultimate in fitness gamification. This app functions as a basic activity and sleep tracker, with walking, running, and hiking monitoring included.

PumpOne Fitness Builder:

PumpOne Fitness Builder Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, 2019 Updated

It is free. It is compatible not only with iPhone and even with iPod and iPad touch. PumpOne’s Fitness Builder is one of the best fitness apps out there with thousands of exercises and workouts to fit any equipment, budget, fitness level, and goals. It also has a video of each exercise. You can pay $7 per month to get access to more workouts, printing abilities, videos, and to receive workouts.

Fit Bit Coach:

Fit Bit Coach was previously known as FitStar. Fitbit Coach is a personalized training app that lets you work out wherever you are at any time. Pick out your desired workout, from short 7-minute bursts to hour-long slogs. The basic version of this app is free with a limited number of workouts available. Premium version (at $13 per month) has a huge range of video coaching, high-intensity activities and lots more.

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Daily Workout Apps:

Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, 2019 Updated

It has a free version of itself, and the price of the premium version is $5. This is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and even with Android. The workouts include classic moves – lunges, squats, crunches, overhead presses, etc. You can listen to own music while using this app. It integrates with the Apple HealthKit. 

Fitness Buddy:

Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, 2019 Updated

It has both versions: free as well as premium. Cost of premium version is $4.99. The free version offers over 400 exercises with descriptions and animations as well as with few workouts. You can also add your own custom moves and favourite exercises. There are more than 75 routines targeting specific goals like building muscle, losing weight, etc. You can build your own ability to build your own workouts and track your vital statistics.


Everyone loves to be fit with less money and in no time. Well, I think that taking the help of fitness app would the best for everyone because we use a mobile phone for playing games and for social media; so why don’t we use a mobile phone in a positive way.

You can write your suggestion about this article if we miss any one of the best fitness apps for iPhone and what do you think about this article, tell us in the comment box, we would love to read your comment. The comment box is all yours 🙂 

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