Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Best health and fitness app for androidWho doesn’t want to remain healthy? Yeah! Off course everyone.

Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope you all will be very good. In this article I wrote about Best health app for android. As I am also a fitness freak, that’s why I used many fitness app for android. You all are my lovely audience and I love you too, I care for you and I care for your health too. Health is more important than money and this is universal truth. I must say, you must use health and fitness app, so that you don’t need to pay doctor’s huge amount of fee.

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So let’s begin:-

Google Fit-Fitness Tracking:

The app includes all the features in the free version without any ads or in-app purchases.

Google Fit-Fitness tracking is a very excellent workout tracker app developed by a very well-known company, Google. It uses sensors in a user’s exercise tracker or Cell phone to record the fitness activities. It will mark your pace, speed, elevation, route, etc. and show you real-time stats of your walking, riding and running events. You can also set different goals for your time, distance, steps, and calorie burn. You even get support for some hardware like Xiaomi MI Bands and WEAR OS smartwatches.


This app is free and contains ads and in-app purchases. 

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness apps on android mobile phone user. It has a massive database of 6 million+ foods that include global cuisines and items. It does a drop of everything. You can say it as a calorie counter app. You can also compute the food that you eat either using the barcode scanner or manually. It consists of calorie counter, restaurant logging, recipe importer, food insights, etc. It depend on you, you can use any one of the 350 exercises or create your own workouts and activities.

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Nike Training Club- Workout and Fitness Plans:

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

It (Nike Training Club) is one of the best Android fitness apps; which is entirely free with no ads or any in-app purchases. It covers over 160 free workouts that focus on endurance, strength, and offer 3 levels of difficulty. The app provides accurate suggestions based on your own personal fitness goals. Users can stream the app onto a television using HDMI cable, Chrome cast, or an Apple TV. The app has a full range of focused exercises that target your triceps, shoulder, abs and other body parts. It also allows you to keep track of your fitness activities and record other activities like playing, spinning, running, etc.


Price: Premium (for 30 days only) 

Premium: $30 per month or $80 per year

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Sworkit is an excellent workout app, fitness tracker and exercise planner. It features a personalized workout schedule that works for most daily routines as well as a six week program for getting yourself started. You can do anything as simple as a 5 minute stretch in your office or a full-blown workout session at home on your weekend. You can also create characteristic workouts and even talk to personal trainers for help.

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Price: Free version

Premium Version: $7 per month or $40 per month

sworkit Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Initially, it is designed for the bodybuilder. It is also one of the best fitness apps in android. You can get access up to over 1,300 workouts (for beginners). They have beginner as well as advanced workout routines and more. It is a tracker app and workout trainer. 

Stronglifts 5×5:

Price: Freemium

Premium: $10 per month or $20 per year

sworkit Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

This app is designed for experienced lifters who want nothing more than to lost fat and gain muscle. Basically, you have to do 5 sets of 5 reps with weights heavy enough to where you’re yourself out by the end of the 5th set. It has a very specially designed schedule. You have to work out 45 minutes a day, 3 days a week. This app also comes with a variety of tracking features, graphs, and even Wear OS support. 

Strava GPS: Cycling, Running and Activity Tracker

It is free with no ads as well as contains in-app purchases.

 Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Strava is a one of the best tracking App that monitors your runs or cycling routes via Global Positioning System (GPS). This app permits you to map a cycling route, track your run and analyze your training with all the stats. This app also offers Wear OS support. It contains a leaderboard where you can challenge yourself or with other app users. It includes mile counter and GPS distance tracker. In the premium version, you can go for triathlon and marathon training.

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Runkeeper- GPS Track Run Walk

The app is free as well as ad-supported along with some in-app purchases.

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Runkeeper is a fully-featured fitness & tracker app for Android that has over 50 million+ users. It takes the use of GPS enabled mobile phones to track fitness activities and give comparable results. Runkeeper can calculate cycling speed, route distance, running pace, elevation, and calorie burn with high accuracy.

Sworkit Workouts & Fitness Plans

The app is free as well as ad-supported and has in-app purchases.

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

The app has a great collection of body weight exercises. It also allows you to download and watch videos of the workouts. You can create your own workout routine. You can get guided workout plans; customize exercise intervals, exclusive exercises, etc.

Home Workout – No Equipment

The app is free as well as contains ads and in-app purchases.

Top 10 Best health and fitness app for android

Home Workout can help you stay fit and build muscles at home without having to go to the gym. It contains over 100 detailed videos with animation guides. All the workouts are designed by experts and focused on specific parts such as chest, abs, legs and also full body workouts. Other features of this app include warm-up and stretching routines, customizable workout remainder, progress reports, and charts.

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I used many fitness apps for Android, as you know I am also a fitness freak. You should download at least 2-3 fitness app so that you can understand which will suit you the best. 

You can write your suggestion about this article, and what do you think about this article as well if you think I miss any one of the best Fitness apps for Android,  please tell us in the comment box given below, we would love to read your comment. The comment box is all yours 🙂 

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