Top 5 Best Manga Reader App 2019

Top 5 Best Manga Reader App 2019

These days manga is on trend. Being a weeb, me and Most of my friends are a big fan of manga culture. We have our own world for manga. Generally, we read mangas on our smartphones because as we know manga books are really not affordable. There is some manga reader app on play store and app store as well. Most of them are the most popular manga reader app. So in this article, I am going to tell you about the top 5 Best Manga Readers Apps. And I’ll also share some of most trending manga reading apk link. Some of them are the best free manga reader app.
Let’s talk about what actually manga is. For those who already know what manga is can skip this part.

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What is Manga?

Basically, the manga is the Japanese version of the comic. Or we can say it is kind of novels with graphic pictures or drawings. As a novel, they are consist of chapters and also a different number of further volumes. Manga has its own genres as same as novels include comedy, supernatural, romance, thriller, sci-fi, adventure, drama, food, historical, mystery, arts, music,parody, seinen, webtoons, horror, gender blender, demons,yuri, magic,sports, harems, shonen, shoujo, josei, yaoi, and many more. According to the survey most of the boys like to read seinen, shonen, sci-fi, sports, etc. When we talk about girls, they generally like romance and supernatural manga. shoujo and josei are their best priority. Shoujo is like a teenage love story or school romance, whereas josei is highly preferred by 18+ or graduated/working girls.

manga reader apps
Most trending manga reading apk link

Typically all the manga are printed in black and white, but sometimes it may be in colored version too. The traditional manga stories flow from top to bottom and from left to right. The artists who draw these graphics or manga art are known as a mangaka. It is really tough work for them. A survey says a mangaka takes a minimum of 30 days to draw a single chapter. That is the reason why it is costly than other simple novels.

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According to my experience, here are the list of top 5 best manga reader apps.

Web Novel

Rating: 4.5

One of the first rating manga reader app for reading good manga is Web Novel. If you are looking for great stories, Then this app will go according to your choice of the storyline. Web Novel is an excellent platform for people who wants to read the high quality of manga. This app is a reading app, but there is a vast range of manga too. The UI of this is eye-catching also. This app is suitable for beginners who just started manga reading. It won’t cost them because it is an unpaid app.


✔️Easy to handle.
✔️ Keep you updated for upcoming chapters.


❌ We can’t spam the comments, so we get the spoilers before.
❌ These paid apps are a little expensive.

Price: 💲1💲82

Best manga reading app

Verdict: According to my experience this manga reading app is really user-friendly but require enough expenses.

Manga rock

Rating: 4.4

I highly recommend this manga app, in fact, I really use this app most frequently. The collection of the manga is really good with specific storyline and characters. They are categorized and organized in a really good manner. Manga rock provides the different suggestions of other manga related to the current manga that you reading. This app also includes the “recent” and “last read” for your convenience.


✔️ We can jump to any chapter as we desire.
✔️ Good UI.
✔️ Good for iOS users.
✔️ All genres are perfectly categories which makes it more convenient.
✔️ We can search both by the manga or the author name.


❌ We have to download additional software to access the vast library of manga.
❌ Sometimes it takes a few minutes to open or load.
❌ This app is not available in a few countries.
❌ Not too much good for Android users.

Price: Free (add-supported), Premium-💲3.99

Verdict: As I mentioned before I really recommend this app because it is personally the most frequent manga app for manga reading.

popular manga reading app

Shonen Jump Manga And Comic

Rating: 4.3

Shonen Jump Manga And Comic app only consist of Shounen manga and comics. Shounen manga aimed at the teen male target-demographic relationship. The age group varies with the individual reader and different magazine but is primarily intended for boys between the age of 12 to 18. where the main character works hard and all the storyline is based on how he achieved his goals. If you are looking for best shonen manga this the best platform to read those. This app is good for beginners who just started manga reading. It won’t cost them because it is an unpaid app.


✔️ If you looking for shounen manga, this is the platform to read those.
✔️ Subscription is really cheaper than other paid apps.


❌ The UI is not much attractive.
❌ No bookmark option.
❌ No last read.
❌ No favourite list.

Price: NA

Verdict: It is a great app for you if you like shounen manga but this app really needs to work on those points to add bookmarks, last read, and favourite lists.

shonen manga reading app

Super Manga

Rating: 4.3

Super Manga is another highly recommended app for manga reading and the main thing which makes it unique is it’s free, we don’t need to pay or any subscription to read manga here. In the super manga, you can go directly to the genre and pick any manga that you desire to read. And according to the google play store, this is really good in terms of customers comments. If you are looking for an unpaid manga reading app, then this app is best for manga reading for beginners.


✔️ This app is totally free to read we don’t need to pay for that.
✔️ User-Friendly.


❌ Unlike other manga reader apps we can’t jump on the required or desired page directly, we have scroll the whole chapter to read that page.

Price: Free (add-supported may be).

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Verdict: This app is good for beginners who just started manga reading. It won’t cost them because it is an unpaid app.

Crunchy Roll Manga

Rating: 3.2

Crunchy Roll Manga is a part of famous anime site crunchy roll. Crunchy roll manga has a huge collection of manga. Especially best source for vintage and classic manga. Works faster and easy to handle. This one of the most popular manga reading app because of its popularity in the anime industry of Japan.


✔️ Easy to handle
✔️ Good collection of manga


❌ Need to update the app and add some of the more famous manga like Naruto and Jojo’s and bizarre adventure.
❌ Need to add bookmarks and last seen.

Price: 💲6.95

Verdict: Crunchy roll basically focuses on their animes that’s why the manga app holds them down somewhere but we can’t deny it the most updated Japanese manga reader app.

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After going through all the top five apps, we came on a conclusion that these mangas are highly recommended. And according to me, my most favourite is manga rock. Because I found it’s UI so attractive and easy to use. We can’t say another 4 apps are no good they all are equally good in terms of a good number of manga, new updations, easy to handle.

These apps are really good if you are new in manga reading. It will provide you with a good and convenient platform. We should give them a try, and trust me once you get used to it, you’ll like to read more and more new mangas. And if you are a weeb like me then it’s like a heaven for you. Also, you can read that anime episode if you missed and don’t have enough time to watch the whole thing.

Thank you so much for reading this article (arigato Minna). If you really like our content then please like, share and give your feedback in our comment section. What according to you is the best manga reading app? or which another app you want to include in this top list. Which app do you think that they don’t deserve to be in top according to your opinion?

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