Top 10 Movie Streaming Apps For Android

Top 10 Movie Streaming Apps For Android

Now you can simply download your favourite movie apps and watch your close to heart movies anytime and every time. To watch movies on your Android smartphone devices or tablet devices on the go, you simply have to save some movies first or stream movies through different services. In case of storing video files or movies, due to its large size or the memory space of the movies we first have to convert them to a suitable format and decrease the size, so that we can be able to store many movies on the device. But this is not an easy or simple task; the process is very time-consuming. The process is basically known as video-compressing.

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Wouldn’t that be better to stream movies or to download movies which are already optimized for mobile devices, especially the Android ones?

There are not too many options available for downloading movies from different webs or apps, and it is not legal to do that, and you also won’t find the new movies or the recent releases you want.

Some of the best movie streaming apps, which are already available on the play store are:

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1. Crackle

If you want to watch movies or shows on your Android smartphone for free, then this is the most popular and a wonderful app available on play store. Crackle – Movies & TV allows its users to watch and stream the full-length shows and movies and of course Hollywood movies and shows too. 

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2. Showbox

Showbox is one of the best movie streaming apps for the Android smart device, and it has a user-friendly interface. You can simply stream in some of the best movies, TV series and other spicy reality shows. Show Box lets you navigate quickly and very easily. It also lets you watch movies and videos from any third party websites without any hassles or troubles. It also supports the HD part.

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3. Mega-Box HD

As the name itself tells you what is it? It supports HD for giving you the best experience of any show or movie. It is one of the best mobile streaming movie app you will ever find on Google Play Store. It supports HD and with high-quality display and audio.

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4. Cinema Box

Cinema Box is one of the best movie apps with extraordinary features and characteristics like offline mode, chrome support, kid’s mode and subtitle or captions support. The app is unfortunately not available on the play store, but you can still download it from various trusted websites and pages.

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5. Newest Movie HD

This app has a lot of variety of movies; I bet you will surely get confused about choosing the best movie. You don’t have to subscribe to the app to watch movies or shows in the Newest Movie HD. You can simply download the mentioned movies for free on your Android device and can use this app for watching them. The app is quite basic and understandable, but you can download movies in different categories.

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6. Flipps

Flipps HD is an Android device movie app which enables you to watch movies on your android smartphone. Flipps not only allows you to watch movies but also lets you download them. It is the best android movie app available on the Google Play Store.

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7. Viewster

Viewster app is another best movie streaming app that you will find on Playstore. This app is hugely a popular movie streaming app which you can easily stream in movies online. You don’t have to register an account or sign up to stream movies on your smartphone, and also the navigation is quite simple.

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8. Hubi

Hubi is still the best movie streaming app for your android smartphone devices. It lets you watch online movies and shows. You can download your favourite movie without any charges or fees to be paid. Hubi collects and downloads providing you with their server links, which makes the downloading faster.

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9. YouTube

YouTube- I don’t have to say about it. You already know what YouTube does. It can still be of very much help when nothing works. It makes the downloading and streaming very easy on any Android phone.

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10. TubiTv

TubiTv has various categories like Drama, Action, Thrillers, comedy and other such varieties. Hollywood movies are also available in a wide collection. The collections of movies are regularly updated in their database.

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There are still more streaming apps for your android device, download and watch your beloved movies. It is fun!

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